2014Q1 Reports: Conference Officer

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-1- Being an acl corporate memory of conference related issues, I've been providing inputs / explanations on established practices / guidelines of ACL conferences to ACL 2014 organizers.

I've been updating my files on discussions of conference related issues. I'll pass on the conclusive portions to the organizers of next acl conference, acl-ijcnlp 2015 through its ccc. The non-conclusive portions may be passed to acl-ijcnlp 2015 ccc for his reference only.

By the end of this year, all the further updated files including the non-conclusive portions will be passed to the next conference officer.


I've also passed on some good practices or experiences to the conference organizers.

Eg. ACL 2013 PC chairs commented the set of emails sent by PC chairs can be stored in START system and have some automatic setting. I passed the set of emails Jan and I sent to ACs, authors and etc in ACL-IJCNLP 2009 to ACL 2014 PC chairs, which was also passed to ACL 2010 PC chairs as well as IJCNLP 2011 PC chair.

I've suggested ACL 2014 PC Chairs check afterwards whether some if not all emails used by PC chairs can be stored in START for future PC chairs to use, which may or may not be under a fully automated setting.

-3- I also serves as a member of coordination committee for ACL-IJCNLP 2015 as well as ACL 2016.