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SIG Compliance Report – June 2013

The ACL currently has 18 SIGs.

Newer SIGs are:

- 2012: SIGHUM, SIG on Language Technologies for the Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities

- 2011: SIGSLPAT, SIG on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

- 2009: SIGMT, SIG for Machine Translation

About compliance

Three SIGs with last elections hold in 2009: SIGANN, SIGBioMed, SIGMT

The others are are compliant with ACL's SIG Guidelines: http://aclweb.org/adminwiki/index.php?title=SIG_Compliance.


- 1 new SIG with no election (SIGHUM 2012)

- 3 SIGs held elections in 2009 (SIGANN, SIGBIOMED, SGMT)

- 3 SIGs held elections in 2010 (SIGLEX, SIGMORPHON, SIGSEM)

- 3 SIGs held elections in 2011(SIGHAN, SIGNLL, SIGSEMIT)

- 6 SIGs held elections in 2012 (SIGMOL, SIGDAT, SIGFSM, SIGGEN, SIGSLPAT, SIGWAC)

- 2 SIGs held election in 2013 (SIGPARSE, SIGDIAL)