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SIGANN, the ACL Special Interest Group for ANNotation, is an umbrella for research and activities associated with all aspects of the creation and use of linguistic annotations for language data, and is especially interested in fostering the identification of best practice guidelines for linguistic annotation.

SIGANN maintains a mailing list (sigann@cs.vassar.edu) to communicate with members, a web page (http://www.cs.vassar.edu/sigann), and a wiki (http://nlp.cs.nyu.edu/wiki/corpuswg). Approximately 230 people are on the SIGANN mailing list.

The sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW,) a 1.5 day workshop held in conjunction with ACL in Jeju, Korea in conjunction with ACL 2012. Program Committee chairs were Fei Xia and Nancy Ide. The program included 14 full papers and nine posters. A special session featured two papers, the winner of the LAW Challenge ("Who Did What to Whom? A Contrastive Study of Syntacto-Semantic Dependencies", by Angelina Ivanova, Stephan Oepen, Lilja Ovrelid and Dan Flickinger) and a paper that received special recognition ("Prague Markup Language Framework" by Jirka Hana and Jan Stepanek). The seventh LAW will be held in conjunction with ACL 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

SIGANN Officers: President: Nancy Ide (Vassar College) Secretary: Adam Meyers (New York University) SIGANN Committee: Stefanie Dipper(Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Chu-Ren Huang (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University / Academia Sinica), Antonio Pareja-Lora (SIC, UCM / OEG, UPM), Massimo Poesio (University of Trento), Sameer Pradhan (BBN Technologies), Manfred Stede (Universitat Potsdam), Katrin Tomanek (Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena), Fei Xia (University of Washington), Nianwen Xue (Brandeis University).