2013Q3 Reports: Publicity Chairs

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Publicity Chairs Report

Anisava Miltenova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Ivan Derzhanski, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Anna Korhonen, University of Cambridge

After the first CFP appeared on the website, we advertised it on different mailing lists. The second CFP was circulated a couple of months later and also provided information about about tutorials, system demonstrations, and workshops. A newsletter was sent out in May that provided information about accommodation, the program including invited speakers, registration and other practical matters. Another newsletter was sent out in July that provided the same information and included reminders about registration and accommodation, instructions for presenters, information on internet access at the conference site, information about the conference organization and a list of sponsors.

Dissemination was done through mailing lists including

- Corpora

- Linguist List





- SIG Semitic


- LR egroup

- NoDaLi

- Bio NLP

- SentProc


- ISCA Speech

- Connectionists list announcer

- COGSCI discussion list

- Machine Learning News

and to the ACL membership via Priscilla.

The local publicity chairs also covered local mailing lists, including

- the linguistic community of the social network LiveJournal

- the Moscow linguistic mailing list

- the Saint Petersburg linguistic mailing list

- the mailing list of the Saint Petersburg NLP seminar

- the Saint Petersburg Google group for linguistics

- the site of the Institute of Philology of the Kiev National University

The local publicity chairs are currently working on press releases to be distributed to daily newspapers, radio, TV, and the local press. Press conference will be organized if we receive positive response from the press.

In addition, one of the local publicity chairs (Ivan Derzhanski) also assisted in the following activities:

- Setting up of the conference web site

- Participation in local organisation