2013Q3 Reports: EMNLP 2013

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EMNLP 2013 will be held in Seattle, Washington, as a stand-alone conference, between October 18-21, 2013, in the Grand Hyatt Seattle, sponsored by SIGDAT. The conference chair is David Yarowsky, program chairs are Tim Baldwin and Anna Korhonen, the workshop chair is Karen Livescu and publication chair is Steven Bethard. Priscilla Rasmussen is handling local arrangements.

The main conference will be held over 3 days (October 19-21) with 3 parallel sessions. The submission deadline was July 5th and there were an impressive 823 submissions, successfully consistent with a 20-25% acceptance rate given the typical number of paper slots.

Three workshops will be held on October 18:

TextGraphs-8 — Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
Chairs: Zornitsa Kozareva, Irina Matveeva, Gabor Melli, Vivi Nastase
SPMRL-2013 — 4th Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages
Chairs: Yoav Goldberg, Ines Rehbein, Yannick Versley
Twenty Years of Bitext
Chairs: Chris Dyer, Noah A. Smith, Phil Blunsom

The conference's October date is consistent with SIGDAT's 5-year pattern of holding its North American conferences during North American autumn, preceded by EMNLP 2010 in Cambridge, Mass. and EMNLP 2008 in Hawaii.