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Peter Turney peter.turney@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

[June 10, 2013]

The ACL Wiki opened to the public on October 18th, 2006. The mandate of the wiki is to facilitate the sharing of information on all aspects of Computational Linguistics. The ACL Wiki includes pointers to corpora, software, journals, conferences, workshops, blogs, researcher home pages, state-of-the-art system comparisons, employment opportunities, course descriptions, and many other resources for computational linguists.

The following table summarizes the growth of the wiki. The number of page views has increased each year. The number of edits is decreasing as the content of the wiki is stabilizing. Wikipedia has experienced similar slowing in its growth. Current statistics are available online on the Wiki.

Year Cumulative page views Yearly page views Daily page views Cumulative edits Yearly edits Daily edits Number of long pages New long pages
2013 4,180,000 1,180,000 3,233 10,456 706 2 363 17
2012 3,000,000 1,070,000 2,932 9,750 750 2 346 21
2011 1,930,000 700,000 1,918 9,000 1,000 3 325 32
2010 1,230,000 480,000 1,315 8,000 2,000 5 293 26
2009 750,000 400,000 1,095 6,000 2,000 5 267 32
2008 350,000 250,000 685 4,000 2,000 5 235 135
2007 100,000 100,000 275 2,000 2,000 5 100 100

The wiki hosts three Community Portals:

The portals contain a wealth of useful information for researchers in these communities. Community Portals are an excellent tool for supporting a community of researchers who share a common interest in a specific problem.

Fighting wiki spam is an ongoing effort. We were previously using the following spam fighting tools:

These automated tools worked for some time, until spammers found ways around them. We have now switched to a manual tool, which is currently working very well:

All members of ACL are strongly encouraged to contribute to the ACL Wiki. Whatever subfield of Computational Linguistics you work in, this is your opportunity to raise the profile of research in your area. The time you invest in the ACL Wiki will have high returns for the community.

Past Reports on the ACL Wiki