2013Q1 Reports: Conference Officer

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As a Conference Officer (CO), I've passed two documents to Haifeng, Chair of ACL 2014 CCC, who have further forwarded the documents to ACL 2014 Conference Organizers. One document is about some issues on ACL conference that were discussed in ACL executive committee in 2012, such as diverse paper categories, mathematical linguistic papers, retrospective award, mentoring service and etc. The other is on Recommended Conference Scheduling Practice for ACL conferences, which is a revised version based on the discussions at ACL 2012.

This is to ensure the awareness of the corresponding issues at the earliest stage and allow enough time for the organizers to prepare the activities.

I'm also glad to reach a consensus with Haifeng that I as CO will be a professional helper to pass on updated conference related information and help the organizers on their work, while Haifeng as the chair of CCC will ensure the necessary activities being carried out and make the final decisions on relevant issues. Besides I'll be involved in the draft proposal reviewing on conference schedule, CFP and other related issues so that I can give inputs timely before the releases.

This'll be easier for the organizers to receive the relevant information, easier for me to perceive the issues encountered by the organizers and easier for the relevant activities being carried out.

I hope an effective process for CO to work on can be established, which can be carried forward to ACL-IJCNLP 2015 in due course as well as to the next CO for the future ACLs.