2012Q3 Reports: Secretary

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One of the major initiatives launched this year is TACL (http://www.transacl.org). This is a new journal run by ACL. The two editors-in-chief are Michael Collins and Dekang Lin. Submissions are sought at this time. All accepted papers by a given deadline will be also given a presentation slot (poster or oral) at ACL 2013.

The position of conference officer was created on the exec. The inaugural such officer is Jian Su. She in charge of long-term consistency among conferences, interactions between the conferences and ACL, deadlines, etc.

Another new position will be started in 2013. The information officer will supervise the portal, wiki, web site, and all ACL correspondence and PR.

We are looking for volunteers throughout the year. The tasks include keeping all ACL archival information up to date, maintaining the wiki and portal, etc. Additionally, any suggestions for new initiatives are welcome. Please contact the ACL secretary (radev@umich.edu) if you want to volunteer.