2012Q3 Reports: SIG Convener

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The ACL currently has 18 SIGs.

New SIGs are:

- 2012: SIGHUM, SIG on Language Technologies for the Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities

- 2011: SIGSLPAT, SIG on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

- 2009: SIGMT, SIG for Machine Translation

New structure proposed for SIG :

SIGLEX has created Sections as internal structures, each having an elected representative as an additional officer. The first Section will be on Multiword Expressions.

About compliance:

Two SIGs reported having their last election in 2008: SIGPARSE, SIGWAC.

From SIGPARSE 2012 report: "SIGPARSE was scheduled to hold elections for SIG officers in 2011, to take office in 2012. Unfortunately, arrangements for the elections have been delayed due to poor health of the SIGPARSE Secretary, John Carroll. Arrangements are now getting back on track and the elections will be held shortly."

SIGWAC was contacted and they are aware of the delay and are working on their next elections.

The others are are compliant with ACL's SIG Guidelines: http://aclweb.org/adminwiki/index.php?title=SIG_Compliance).


3 new SIGs – no elections (SGMT 2009, SIGLSPAT 2011, SIGHUM 2012);

2 SIGs held elections in 2008 (SIGPARSE, SIGWAC);

2 SIGs held elections in 2009 (SIGANN, SIGBIOMED);


4 SIGS held elections in 2011(SIGDAT , SIGHAN, SIGNLL, SIGSEMIT);

1 SIG held elections in 2012 (SIGMOL).

Number of reported members vary from 39 to 774. Two SIGs haven’t reported number of members: SIGDAT and SIGHAN.