2012Q3 Reports: General Chair

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ACL 2012 General Chair Report

by Haizhou Li

The details of activities will be reported by the respective committee chairs. Next I give an overview.

ACL 50th Anniversary

In 2012, ACL turns 50. ACL 2012 marks an important milestone of our community. We have prepared special programs to commemorate the 50th anniversary, that include 'Rediscovering 50 Years of Discovery', a main conference workshop with a program on 'the People, the Contents, and the Anthology' that recollects some great moments of ACL history, and 'ACL 50th Anniversary Lectures' by Mark Johnson, Aravind K. Joshi and a Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.

Summary of Events

I am very grateful for the effort by all the committee chairs. The organizing committee communicated through emails and internal newsletters. The progress was also reported to ACL conference coordination committee along the way. Next is a summary of the programs in ACL 2012.

  1. 112 long papers and 77 short papers to appear in the main conference
  2. 6 tutorials are accepted
  3. 2 main conference workshops (12 accepted papers in Student Research Workshop, and 13 accepted papers in Rediscovering 50 Years of Discovery Workshop)
  4. 11 post-conference workshops are accepted
  5. 29 system demonstrations
  6. 10+ exhibitors
  7. 40 student travel grants are awarded
  8. 1 satellite event (SIGDial 2012)
  9. 5 newsletters have been released by 21 May 2012

Coordination between events

  1. ACL 2012 workshops were selected through a joint committee ACL-EACL-NAACL
  2. ACL 2012 joined the ACL-EACL-NAACL sponsorship committee in call-for-sponsors
  3. ACL and NAACL notification schedules can be coordinated in the future
  4. ACL 2012 will be followed by 3 days workshops and EMNLP-CoNLL. It will be the first time ACL has 3 days post-conference events.


The financial sponsors generously supported ACL 2012. We are honored to have Baidu as the Platinum Sponsor, Elsevier and Google as Gold Sponsors, Microsoft, KAIST and SK as Sliver Sponsors, 7 Bronze Sponsors, and 3 Supporters. IBM Research continues to sponsor the Student Paper Award. The Donald and Betty Walker Student Scholarship Fund and the Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing continue to sponsor the student travel grants.