2012Q3 Reports: Final Report on ACL special session

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Final Report on ACL special session on rediscovering 50 years of discoveries.

A total of 12 technical papers and 1 one white paper (on the proposed contributed task) has been finally accepted and incorporated into the special workshop program. The program has been structured in three different sessions:

Session 1: "The People", which includes papers dealing with different aspects of CL researchers such as factions, gender, research topics and citations among them along the 50 years of ACL. The four papers selected for this session are:

  1. - Rediscovering ACL Discoveries Through the Lens of ACL Anthology Network Citing Sentences (Dragomir Radev and Amjad Abu-Jbara)
  2. - Towards a Computational History of the ACL: 1980-2008 (Ashton Anderson, Dan Jurafsky and Daniel A. McFarland)
  3. - Discovering Factions in the Computational Linguistics Community (Yanchuan Sim, Noah A. Smith and David A. Smith)
  4. - He Said, She Said: Gender in the ACL Anthology (Adam Vogel and Dan Jurafsky)

Session 2: "The Contents", which includes papers mainly dealing with content analysis on the ACL publications along the 50 years of its history. The four papers selected for this session are:

  1. - Discourse Structure and Computation: Past, Present and Future (Bonnie Webber and Aravind Joshi)
  2. - Extracting glossary sentences from scholarly articles: A comparative evaluation of pattern bootstrapping and deep analysis (Melanie Reiplinger, Ulrich Schafer and Magdalena Wolska)
  3. - Applying Collocation Segmentation to the ACL Anthology Reference Corpus (Vidas Daudaravicius)
  4. - Text Reuse with ACL: (Upward) Trends (Parth Gupta and Paolo Rosso)

Session 3: "The Anthology", which includes papers mainly dealing with the proposed contributed task and other features of the newly released version of the ACL anthology. The five papers selected for this session are:

  1. - Integrating User-Generated Content in the ACL Anthology (Praveen Bysani and Min-Yen Kan)
  2. - Towards an ACL Anthology Corpus with Logical Document Structure. An Overview of the ACL 2012 Contributed Task (Ulrich Schafer, Jonathon Read and Stephan Oepen)
  3. - Towards High-Quality Text Stream Extraction from PDF. Technical Background to the ACL 2012 Contributed Task (Øyvind Raddum Berg, Stephan Oepen and Jonathon Read)
  4. - Combining OCR Outputs for Logical Document Structure Markup. Technical Background to the ACL 2012 Contributed Task (Ulrich Schafer and Benjamin Weitz)
  5. - Linking Citations to their Bibliographic references (Huy Do Hoang Nhat and Praveen Bysani)

The special session has been scheduled for the second day of the conference (Tuesday, July 10th) and the three sessions has been distributed as follows: session one in the second morning block (starting at 11am), session two in the first afternoon block (starting at 2pm) and session three in the second afternoon block (starting at 4pm). All papers will follow an oral presentation format, and the time allocated for each paper presentation should be of 20 minutes (including questions).

The proceedings have been completed by using the ACLPUB utility in the START system and all required files have been passed to the workshop and publication chairs.

We are still in the process of defining the session chairs for the three sessions of the special workshop, as well as still collecting contributions to the "wisdoms of the crowds" survey.