2012Q3 Reports: EMNLP-CONLL 2012

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Report on EMNLP/CoNLL in the future conferences by J.Tsujii

Since EMNLP/CoNLL joint conference is collocated with ACL 2012, we rely on the ACL conference local logistics, registration, etc. We focus on academic content of the conference by having two program co-chairs (James Henderson and Marius Pasca) with 22 area chairs. We received 606 submissions(among which 36 papers were withdrawn or rejected without review. 99 and 40 papers were accepted as oral and poster presentation, respectively. The combined acceptance rate is 24.8%. We attracted three sponsorships (Baidu, Google and Microsoft Research), each of which contributed 4, 000 USD, for best paper awards, student travel supports, etc. We will have a buffet for the poster session on the first day and two invited talks. Though I do not know the number of registered participants yet, we expect this conference will be as successful as the previous EMNLP and CoNLL workshops.