2012Q3 Reports: ACL 2013

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parallel sessions - 4 for now

auspices - verified


The following committee chairs have accepted to serve for ACL 2013.

Program Co-Chairs

Pascale Fung, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology pascale@ee.ust.hk

Massimo Poesio, University of Essex poesio@essex.ac.uk

Local Chair

Svetla Koeva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences <svetla@dcl.bas.bg>

Workshop Co-Chairs

Aoife Cahill, Educational Testing Service acahill@ets.org

Qun Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences liuqun@ict.ac.cn

Tutorial Co-Chairs

Johan Bos, University of Groningen bos@meaningfactory.com

Keith Hall, Google <kbhall@google.com>

Demo Co-Chairs

Miriam Butt, University of Konstanz Miriam.Butt@uni-konstanz.de

Sarmad Hussain, Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science sarmad.hussain@kics.edu.pk

Publication Chairs

Roberto Navigli, Sapienza University of Rome (Chair) <navigli@di.uniroma1.it>

Jing-Shin Chang, National Chi Nan University (Co-Chair) jshin@csie.ncnu.edu.tw

Publicity Co-Chairs

Anisava Miltenova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences anmilten@bas.bg

Ivan Derzhanski, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences iad58g@gmail.com

Anna Korhonen, University of Cambridge anna.korhonen@cl.cam.ac.uk


The program chairs have put together the following tentative timeline. There are still a few dates that may change.

Feb 25th - Long paper submission due

March 25th - Long paper review due

March 27th-30th - Author response period

April 7th - Long paper acceptance notification

April 14th - Short paper submission due

April 28th - Long paper camera ready due

May 5th - Short paper acceptance notification

May 15th - Short paper camera ready due

May 15th - Best paper selection

August 4th - Conference


The next major todo is to talk with ACL 2012 chairs after the 2012 conference to make sure we take any lessons learned into account. At that point I will also nominate people for a few positions that haven't been filled yet, including student chairs.