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EACL Report, January 2012 Sien Moens, Chair Stephen Clark, Chair-elect Joakim Nivre, Secretary Mike Rosner, Treasurer

EACL 2012

Report by Walter Daelemans The next EACL conference will be held at the University of Avignon from April 23 to April 27, 2012. see: http://eacl2012.org/home/index.html. The preparation of EACL 2012 is advancing according to plan. The conference will take place at the Sainte Marthe University Campus in a historical environment, dating back as far as 1303. The city of Avignon is well known for its ramparts, its famous Pont Saint-Benezet and the Palais des Papes, next to which the conference dinner will be organized in rooms with a breathtaking view of the Rhone river. The city is easy to reach by TGV train, plane or car.

The program chairs Mirella Lapata and Lluís Márquez are working on an excellent scientific program. Three distinguished researchers have accepted an invitation to present a keynote lecture: Regina Barzilay (MIT), Martin Cooke (Ikerbasque), and Raymond Mooney (University of Texas). The conference received 319 valid submissions to the call for papers, which are currently being reviewed. The tutorial chairs accepted the following tutorials: Computational approaches to Child Language Acquisition (Shuly Wintner); Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining (Bing Liu); Techniques and data sets for distributional compositionality (Marco Baroni); Web-Based Open-Domain Information Extraction (Marius Pasca). The workshop chairs accepted the ten workshop proposals (see website). The calls for papers for these workshops are still open.

For more information on EACL 2012, see eacl2012.org Registration will open soon.

EACL 2014

Report by Stephen Clark We received 3 bids to host EACL 2014. All had some weaknesses, but all were considered strong enough to be put through to the second round. The EACL Board is currently having ongoing discussions with all bidders, and the 3 final bids will be submitted January 31. The EACL Board will then choose a winner based on these final bids.

Financial Report

Report by Mike Rosner

CHAPTER FINANCES 2011 Final Report December 2011 (SHADOW ACCOUNTING)

12/31/10 9,282



       ESSLLII sponsorship     			-1,500
       ACL10 sponsorship (late)   		-200
       eacl.org.mt domain         			-73		
       total expenses 2011		        	-1,773

12/31/11 7,509

Note that two student grants - 400 euros, have not yet been paid due to difficulties contacting the students.

Nominations to ACL Sponsorship Committee for 2012

We have asked Massimiliano Ciaramita (Google Zürich, Switzerland) if he has interest to serve another two-year term. The other current member of the sponsorship committee is Idan Szpector of Yahoo! Haifa, Israel.

EACL Sponsorships

EACL has not yet received any requests for sponsoring 2012 events.

EACL Officers per January 1st, 2012

The EACL Board composition is as follows:

Chair: Sien Moens (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)

Chair-elect: Stephen Clark (University of Cambridge, UK)

Secretary: Joakim Nivre (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Treasurer: Mike Rosner (University of Malta)

Advisory Board Members:

Toni Martí (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Alexander Koller (Saarland University, Germany)

Kemal Oflazer (Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar)

Vivi Nastase (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany)

Nominating Committee:

Anette Frank (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Alex Lascarides (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Giorgio Satta (University of Padua, Italy)

Kiril Simov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria)

Student Board Members:

Konstantina Garoufi (University of Potsdam, Germany)

Pierre Lison (University of Oslo, Norway)

Coskun Mermer (Bogazici University, Turkey)