2011Q3 Reports: EMNLP 2011

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EMNLP 2011 will take place in Edinburgh from the 27th to the 29th of July, followed by two days of workshops (seven workshops) on the 30th and 31st of July. It will be preceeded by a colocated intensive two-day programming workshop sponsored by Google.


This is the first time EMNLP has a general chair, Paola Merlo, Geneva, Switzerland. The scientific programme chairs are Regina Barzilay, MIT, US, and Mark Johnson, Macquarie University, Australia. Publication chair is Wanxiang Che, Harbin Institute of Technology , China. Workshop chair is Marie Candito, Paris 7, France. Local arrangements are being organised by Bonnie Webber and Miles Osborne, University of Edinburgh.

The list of 20 area chairs can be found at http://conferences.inf.ed.ac.uk/emnlp2011/area-chairs.html

EMNLP has received 628 submissions (not counting papers that were withdrawn or rejected without review). We were able to accept 95 papers as talks and an additional 54 submissions as posters. The reviewing process was a two-round review with author response period. Following a request of many members of the SIGDAT community, we allowed the submission of supplementary materials, but we do not plan to include these unreviewed materials in the proceedings.

This year the scientific programme will have one invited speaker, and plenary sessions every morning to feature outstanding papers.

We have committment for sponsorships from Google, Yahoo and TextKernel.

Geneva, 10.6.2011 Paola Merlo