2011Q3 Reports: Demo Chair

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Demo Chair Report (Kurohashi, Sadao)

The ACL-HLT 2011 system demo PC accepted 24 demo papers out of 46 submissions, which is an acceptance rate of 52%. The accepted papers were from geographically diverse areas: 11 from Europe, 7 from Asia, and 6 from America, and the submission distribution was 20 from Europe, 13 from America, 12 from Asia, and 1 from Australia.

Demo sessions are scheduled in the second day, June 21st: the first half in the morning, and the latter half in the afternoon. As a new challenge of this year, I asked the accepted demo authors to submit one-minute video clips for demo advertisement (optionally), and collected 13 video clips out of 24 accepted demos. Those videos will be shown at the break time in each venue, and also on the monitor beside the reception desk.

Now, everything is ready, and I'm looking forward to an interesting system demo session. I thank the 22 system demo PC members and 1 additional reviewer for their diligence and hard work.