2011Q3 Reports: AFNLP Representative

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FNLP has its election in the beginning of this year. The new officer list are as follows:

Executive Committee Members (2011-12)

Keh-Yih Su, President

Yuji Matsumoto, Vice President, Chair of CCC (Conference Coordinating Committee)

Haizhou Li, Secretary General

Gary Geunbae Lee Honorary Treasurer

Key-Sun Choi, Chair of NCAC (Nominations and Constitutional Affairs Committee), Past President

Sarmad Hussain, Chair of ALRC (Asian Language Resources Committee)

Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Chair of CLC (Communications and Liaison Committee)

Rajeev Sangal

Chengqing Zong


  • Term for the Chair of CCC (Conference Coordinating Committee): 2009-2011 (last day of IJCNLP 2011)
  • Terms for current Executive Committee Members (except Chair of CCC): 2011/1/1 to 2012/12/31.