2011Q3 Reports: ACL Web Site

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The ACL website continues to serve as the primary online resource for the organization. It contains the main ACL site, an ACL Wiki which serves as a resource to the general computational linguistics community, an ACL Admin wiki used to store and maintain ACL specific resources such as reports, handbooks, and policies as well as an exec wiki reserved for the use of ACL execs. We also maintain mirrors of individual ACL conference websites, membership email lists for ACL announcements and a listing of resolutions of the ACL Exec Committee.

This year, 5 new resolutions were passed by the ACL Exec Committee and they were added to the list maintained on the Admin Wiki.

This year also saw the launch of the ACL Portal (http://aclweb.org/portal/) which allows members to pay their membership fees online, view and create events for the events calendar and manager journal alerts. As a result of the portal launch, the number of mass emails manually sent by the ACL Office Manager was greatly reduced.

The portal was also used to manage the 2010 ACL Officer elections.