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ACL-2014 Report

June 2011, Haifeng Wang

The 52nd Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics will take place in the Americas (North, South, or Central) in June or July 2014. According to our policy on joint conferences I am responsible for chairing the Coordinating Committee for ACL-2014.

The initial membership of this group is as follows, and may be updated as officers change in the respective organizations:

Haifeng Wang (current ACL vice-president-elect), chair of ACL 2014 Coordinating Committee

Dragomir Radev (current ACL secretary)

Graeme Hirst (current ACL treasurer)

Renata Vieira (current most recent ACL board member)

Rebecca Hwa (current NAACL president)

Anoop Sarkar (current NAACL secretary)

Christopher Manning (current NAACL treasurer)

Priscilla Rasmussen (business officer of the ACL)

One additional member from NAACL will be added to the committee.

A preliminary announcement of the call for bids to host ACL-2014 will be posted shortly before ACL 2011. It will permit potential hosts to start discussing their bid with colleagues, with the coordinating committee members and with the organizers of this year's meeting, and will facilitate initial identification and promotion of potential bidders. The final call for bids will be posted in Nov. 2011. At this point we solicit any ideas regarding potential bidders.