2011Q1 Reports: Secretary

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Resolutions passed:

Video Archive:

Nominating Committee:


  • Violations of the free access policy at ACM DL. Suggestions: Report violations (Ken), Ask for more clarity from ACM (Paola), CC license (Graeme)

Policy for rejected workshops:

Policy for posting tutorial slides:


Software and data repository:



  • conference officer (e.g., running the CC for ACL-20XX)
  • information officer (e.g., web site, wiki)
  • publications officer (e.g., ensuring consistency from year to year)
  • anthology officer (Min)
  • archives officer (assistant to the secretary)
  • sig officer (coordinates the sigs)


  • Lori Levin is the chair of ILO 2011.

Tutorial slides:

  • to be published before the conference: yes/no