2010Q3 Reports: SIGBioMed

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SIGBIOMED is ACL's special interest group for Biomedical Natural Language Processing. Membership currently stands at 84, up from 39 initial members.


SIGBIOMED held its first elections in the fall of 2009. The former chair pro tem and secretary pro tem were elected to office for a three-year period, per the SIG constitution.


The SIG's major activity has been the organization of the annual workshop. BioNLP 2010 will be held in conjunction with the ACL meeting in Uppsala. It will be the second BioNLP workshop under the auspices of SIGBIOMED and the ninth BioNLP workshop held in conjunction with ACL conferences. The workshop received 34 submissions and had an acceptance rate of 26%.


We are currently attempting to resolve discrepancies in the report from the Treasurer.


We have a working website [1] that lists upcoming events of interest to our members and links to BioNLP proceedings. The website and the SIG mailing list were used for holding the recent election in 2009. We use the BioNLP and AMIA nlp-sig mailing lists for announcements and discussions.