2010Q3 Reports: Publicity Chairs

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Publicity Chairs Report (Koenraad De Smedt, Beáta B. Megyesi)

By the end of Q1, all CFPs had been sent out, as well as two newsletters.

In Q2, the main task was to provide information about the program, registration and practical matters. Newsletter 3 was sent out in early April with info primarily about SRW, tutorials, system demonstrations, workshops and accommodation. Newsletter 4 was sent out in early May with the main aim to provide information about registration, accommodation reservation and program including invited speakers. Newsletter 5 was sent out in early June mainly with reminders about registration and accommodation, instructions for presenters, information on internet access at the conference site, information on the conference organization and a list of sponsors.

Dissemination has been through mailing lists including Corpora, CLUK, SIGANN, ELSNET, SIGIR, SIG Semitic, LR egroup, NoDaLi, Bio NLP, SentProc, AMLAP, ISCA Speech, SIGSEM, Connectionists list announcer, and to the ACL membership via Priscilla.

Mailings have included references to the conference website, where further information can be found including all newsletters: http://acl2010.org/archives.html. Newsletter 6 will be published after the conference.

Beata Megyesi has been mainly responsible for writing the newsletter content, while Koenraad de Smedt has been responsible for its distribution.

The local publicity chair (who is also the vice chair of the local arrangements committee) has been also involved in compiling the conference handbook (more specifically the sections about the general and local information). The work on the conference handbook started in May and will be finalized in June, 23. The handbook is around 200 A5 pages.

Lastly, the local publicity chair is currently working on press releases together with the Office for Communication and External Relations at Uppsala University. Some information about the conference has been already distributed to daily newspapers, radio, TV, and the local press. We are going to send a nationwide release in early July to major daily newspapers (e.g. "Dagens Nyheter", "Svenska Dagbladet", "Expressen", "Aftonbladet", Göteborgs-Posten, Sydsvenskan, Metro), local newspapers ("Upsala Nya Tidning", Uppsalatidningen, Arbetarbladet, Enköpings-posten), Swedish radio stations ("Radio Uppland", Studentradion) , TV-stations and news (Rapport, Aktuellt, TV4, ABC), the local university press as well as to journals and periodicals on computers and language ("Ny Teknik", "All about language", Språktidningen).

Press conference will be organized if we recieve positive respons from the press.