2010Q3 Reports: ELCLO 2010

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ELCLO 2010

Lori Levin and Dragomir Radev

This year ELCLO attracted 1118 students from the US and Canada. The expansion countries (UK, Ireland, and Australia) accounted for another 1400+ participants (602 from Australia, 248 from Ireland (Eire + Northern Ireland), and about 600 from Great Britain (= UK minus Northern Ireland)). The program committee, including representatives of all five NACLO countries, worked together to select 16 problems out of more than 40 that were under consideration. Some of the problems were on making semantic predictions of unknown words, preserving ambiguity in machine translation, variable length text coding, context-free grammars, vowel harmony in Turkish, understanding of acronyms, the semantics of entailment and presupposition, alphabet adaptation, the semantics of possession in Vanuatu, as well as the Khipu notational system.

The NACLO site remains at http://www.naclo.cs.cmu.edu

This year's ILO is in Stockholm, Sweden, the week after ACL. A total of 25 teams are expected to participate.