2009Q3 Reports: Sponsorship Chairs

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Sponsorship Chairs Report (Isahara, Hitoshi and Lua, Kim-Teng)

Sponsorship (Hitoshi Isahara)

Due to the bad global economic situation, we could not recruit enough sponsors this time. Our sponsorships this time are as follows;

Gold Sponsor CNGL (Centre for Next Generation Localisation) Silver Sponsor AT&T Research Microsoft Research Fujitsu R&D Center CO., LTD. Bronze Sponsor Yahoo! Labs Supporter Xerox Research Centre Europe

Local Sponsorship (Lua Kim-Teng)

The local sponsorship chair works with the local organizing committee to have recruited several local sponsors that provide in-kind support to ACL-IJCNLP 2009 as follows:

1) Wholetree Pte Ltd 2) Toshiba China R&D Center 3) Lee Foundation 4) Nanyang Technological University 5) National University of Singapore

The items that are sponsored include

1) Entertainment in welcome reception and banquet 2) Conference souvenirs (Special edition of Singapore stamps) 3) Asian student travel grants 4) Each university sponsor supports 15 paid registrations for staff/students.

ACL 2009 European Sponsorship Report Posted by Lori Levin on behalf of Josef van Genabith and Philipp

We collected sponsorship lists from a number of past ACLs, COLINGs, EACLs and NAACLs from previous sponsoship chairs and merged. We sent out > 170 mails with the ACL prospectus attached to solicit EACL 2009 (in particular) and joint EACL-NAACL-ACL 2009 three-pack (in general) sponsorship. Priscilla Rasmussen got 1 reponse: a 3-pack gold sponsorship for EACL-NAACL-ACL 2009 from CNGL (Centre for Next Generation Localisation). The poor response reflects the economic and financial turmoil experienced by many companies late 2008 and early 2009. In an effort to raise more sponsorship, Philipp Koehn followed up with personal phone calls to a selected number of "previously reliable" sponsors. Unfortunately, this did not result in further sponsorship for EACL 2009. We made the spreadsheet with the 170 sponsorship contact details available to the NAACL 2009 sponsorship team and Priscilla Rasmussen at ACL.

Josef van Genabith & Philipp Koehn