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SIGPARSE Annual Report, July 2009

SIGPARSE is ACL's special interest group on parsing. The main goal and activity of SIGPARSE is to ensure the continuity of the biennial `International Conferences on Parsing Technologies' (IWPT) series. The last conference was the 11th in the series, held in June 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic, on the two days immediately preceding the ACL 2007 conference. Preparations for the next conference in the series are already in high gear. The 12th IWPT is scheduled to take place in Paris on October 7-9, 2009. Harry Bunt is General Chair. Eric de la Clergerie is Program Chair. Laurence Danlos is in charge of local arrangements. The invited speakers are John Carroll, Mark Johnson and Joakim Nivre.

Following ACL's recommendations, over the past two years, SIGPARSE took some organizational action to ensure that it is fully complient with the ACL guidelines for SIGs. In 2007 a constitution was formulated, and approved both by the membership and the ACL board. In Spring 2008 elections for the SIGPARSE board were held, for the first time in the history of SIGPARSE. Alon Lavie was elected to the position of President, replacing Harry Bunt, who had been acting as SIGPARSE chair since 1993. John Carroll was elected to the position of secretary, and Harry Bunt and Kenji Sagae were elected as information officers. Kenji Sagae has the duty of maintaining the SIGPARSE website and mailing list.

SIGPARSE maintains a website that contains information about the SIG, upcoming activities, and instructions for joining the membership and the mailing list. The website address is: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~sigparse/

Alon Lavie, SIGPARSE President, 03 July 2009.