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ACL 2010: General Chair's report

In Q3 2009, several major and some minor yet important things happened:

  • site visit to Uppsala (Jan Hajic, Priscilla Rasmussen)
  • appointment of remaining chairs
  • start of START negotiations for electronic proceedings assembly
  • start of Workshop coordination among 2010 conferences

1. Site visit to Uppsala

Priscilla and me went to Uppsala April 15-17, 2009. The visit has been hosted by Joakim Nivre (Local Chair), Beata Megyesi (Local committee member) and Ulla Conti (Academic Conferences, of Uppsala University). In general, no problems have been discovered, and program plans have been drafted to effectively use the two buildings for the main conference. The banquet site was chosen from the two places offered (Uppsala Castle), and the conference hotels and their facilities inspected.

The preparations are going well and in most cases ahead of time. The local team has definitely things in their hands, and the Academic Conferences office is apparently very competent to run what we expect from them.

A detailed report has been compiled by me, Joakim and Priscilla and it has been sent to the ACL coordinating committee.

The local team has prepared ACL 2010 large-size "invitation" postcards that will be displayed/distributed at various events throughout this and next years, and which can also be sent by mail.

2. Appointment of remaining chairs

At this time (July 9th, 2009) there is only one vacant position, namely for one of the faculty advisors for the Student Research Workshop. Some candidates have rejected and search for this remaining position is underway. All the other positions are already filled; a full list is available at http://aclweb.org/adminwiki/index.php?title=ACL_2010. Steven Bird was very helpful in recruiting Philipp Koehn to serve as one of the two publications chairs - this is very important since Philipp has written a lot of the ACLPUB code which will now be made part of START (see also below).

3. START enhancement

Negotiations with Softconf have started in order to enhance the START software to include automatic generation of proceedings (and import to ACL Anthology) from the submitted camera-ready versions of papers. Steven Bird is coordinating this, and we rely on the publications chairs to help with this process.

4. Workshop coordination

Workshop coordination has started among the Workshop chairs, general chairs and others for ACL, NAACL, and Coling (David Traum, Noah A. Smith, David Weir, Pushpak Bhattacharyia, Wang Haifeng, Tokunaka Takenobu, Ron Kaplan, Richard Sproat, Steven Bird and Owen Rambow).