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                          ACL Web Site
			      Ali Hakim

The ACL  website continues to serve as the primary online resource
for the organization.  It contains the main ACL site, an ACL Wiki
which serves as a resource to the general computational linguistics
community, an ACL Admin wiki used to store and maintain ACL specific
resources such as reports, handbooks, and policies as well as an exec
wiki reserved for the use of ACL execs.  We also maintain mirrors of
individual ACL conference websites.
	In March, ACL launched a discount program with several partner  
publishers so that ACL members can receive a discount when  
purchasing materials from these publishers.  The index of  
publishers with details of the discount are password protected to  
prevent non-ACL members from taking advantage of the program.   
Details of this arrangement were sent to ACL members via email.

The number of unique visits to the site continues to rise. In 2006,
there were 421,217 unique visits. In the 2007, it had increased to
1,262,133 an increase of 60%. In 2008, it had increased to 2,441,259
an increase of 51%. To date, there have been 1,170,623 unique visits
in 2009.

The average number of pages per visit is also increasing.  It was  
1.8 in 2006, 2.5 in 2007, 4.4 in 2008, and 4.8 so far in 2009.  
Across all four years, the two most popular pages of the site are the 
homepages for the ACL wiki and the ACL homepage itself.  Windows 
is the predominant operating system of visitors, accounting for 80% 
of visitors in 2006, 74% in 2007 and 86% in 2008 and 2009.  Linux is
second and Macintosh is third.