2009Q1 Reports: Todo items from 2008Q3

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  • Don't put in your reports any sensitive info. Redact reports/minutes if necessary before posting.
  • Change guidelines to say that the newest member will join the cc for the next conference (e.g., person after Hwee Tou, that is Lori Levin should be on 2011cc)
  • Decide whether to encourage bids from organizations not affiliated with universities (cf Puerto Rico's recent bid, EMNLP in Hawaii)
  • For local bids - check if VAT has to be paid, don't confuse ACL office staff with local staff, don't hire a huge local staff, justify any rebudgetings, go to the treasurer if going over budget)
  • Bonnie: add to conference handbook - before an area chair changes a reviewer - they should ask first
  • Keep w/s attendance figures on wiki
  • start publications cmtes - short journal papers, more diverse paper types, consider changing the proportion of posters, short paper track, etc. Consider the model used by Bioinformatics/IMDB.
  • line up all conference chairs by end of previous summer
  • authorize the sponsorship cmte to design a procedure to hire sponsorship chairs who would get commissions
  • follow up on last two years' membership proposals - possible get more proposals
  • request less detail of preliminary site bids
  • Kam Fai: discuss conference liability
  • Graeme: auditing ACL
  • Ido: involve dancing
  • Ask authors to update their reference lists at the time of publication.
  • Chris B: global sponsorship is a bad idea
  • Kathy: very few submissions in IR/speech
  • avoid conflict of poster session and exec++ dinner
  • determine cost for "facebook application.
  • Drago: consider its relationship with AAN: http://belobog.si.umich.edu/clair/anthology/index.cgi
  • post papers online as soon as they are ready (and not on the first day of the conference).