2008Q3 Reports: Treasurer

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Graeme Hirst


I took over as ACL Treasurer on 1-Jan-2008; Kathy McCoy became Past Treasurer; Mike Rosner continues as EACL Treasurer and Chris Manning as NAACL Treasurer.  Most of the data in this report are for 2007 or earlier and hence come from Kathy.

Astounding software incompatibilities between Money (incompatible with everything), Quicken and QuickBooks (the Mac version and Windows version are not compatible), AccountEdge (can't pull QIF files), and the Wachovia Bank (won't push QIF files) have hampered the move of data and processes.  But we're working on it.  I now have most of Kathy's data for 2002-2007.



The table below shows our assets in all accounts as of 31-Dec-2007.  The values of the European holdings in euros and Swiss francs were converted to USD for the table. The European accounts (in Switzerland and Malta) are managed by Mike Rosner, though the assets are ACL's, not EACL's.  (A separate shadow account is maintained for EACL.)  

ACL assets (converted to USD) as of 31-Dec-2007

Wachovia Bank main acct		150,517
Wachovia Bank NAACL acct	 66,868
Wachovia Walker Fund		 29,308
Wachovia CD			 52,006
Wachovia money mkt 1		 52,825
Wachovia money mkt 2		 31,360
Bank of Valletta, Malta  (Û)	 24,989
Malta bonds / deposits  (Û)	115,920
Swiss bonds  (CHF)		201,861
UBS  (CHF)			    872
Total assets			726,526

Our total assets of course fluctuate widely over time because of conference income and expenses, but have remained for the last couple of years in the window of $600,000 to about $900,000, which is about right.  We can support advance expenses for three conferences in a single year (which we'll need to in 2009), and we have a good buffer for other projects and expenses.

ACL assets over time, Jun-2006 to Dec-2007, USD

Jun-06	881,683
Jul-06	820,741
Aug-06	804,797
Sep-06	695,499
Oct-06	693,798
Nov-06	724,736
Dec-06	746,598
Jan-07	740,684
Feb-07	744,025
Mar-07	749,032
Apr-07	619,433
May-07	937,113
Jun-07	694,861
Jul-07	635,591
Aug-07	611,305
Sep-07	600,003
Oct-07	711,730
Nov-07	726,486
Dec-07	726,576



This is an 18-month slice through our total income and expenses (excluding the Walker Fund), from mid-2006 to the end of 2007.  In this (arbitrary) period, it happens that expenses exceeded income by nearly $135,000; coincidentally, $135,000 is the amount by which income exceeded expenses in the 18-month slice that Kathy showed on her previous report.

ACL income and spending 30-Jun-2006 to 31-Dec-2007	
Converted to USD

ACL-07		 529,846
NAACL-HLT-07	 183,784
Memberships	 129,579
CL journal	  37,048
EACL		  27,257
HLT-NAACL-06	  21,413
Publications	  20,632
ACL-06		  18,500
ACL offices	  13,236
Investment income  9,908
INLG-04		   5,764
NAACL 		   1,056
Other		   1,704

ACL-2007	 520,602
CL journal	 160,359
NAACL-HLT-2007	 155,075
HLT-NAACL-2006	 119,088
ACL office	  83,883
Memberships	  25,481
NAACL spending	  23,088
Publications	  10,303
ACL conferences	   5,577
EACL shadow	   4,739
ACL-2008	   3,437
For Walker Fund	   2,650
ACL-2009	   2,281
NAACL-HLT-2009	   3,362
Other		  14,213



After a lot of work and much help from the local arrangements staff in Prague, Kathy has finalized the accounting for ACL 2007.  There were a number of unexpected expenses, including 19% VAT on staff salaries, which we had earlier been incorrectly told didn't apply.  Despite its size, and being budgeted for lower attendance, the conference just broke even.  Here is an outline of the income and expenses (in USD):

   Sponsorships			 40,058
   Exhibitors			  2,571
   Main conf registration fees	239,075
   T-shirt sales		     60
   Tutorial registration fees	 23,445
   Workshop registration fees	173,165
   Banquet tickets		 37,640
   Lunches tickets		 23,464
Total income			539,478

   General overhead		159,221
   Main conference		177,365
   Tutorials			 16,498
   Workshops			108,050
   Banquet			 48,846
   Lunches			 30,857
Total expenses			540,839

Net surplus			 Ð1,360



Accounting is not yet complete for the following conferences:  HLT-EMNLP 2005 (Vancouver); HLT-NAACL 2006 (Brooklyn); COLING-ACL 2006 (Sydney); HLT-NAACL 2007 (Rochester).