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In 2007-8 SIGLEX instated a new board. The following members were elected to serve as SIGLEX officers:

President: Diana McCarthy, University of Sussex Secretary: Eneko Agirre, University of the Basque Country

Executive Board: Mona Diab, Columbia University; Katrin Erk, University of Texas at Austin; Roberto Navigli, University of Rome "La Sapienza"; Sebastian Padó, Stanford University; Carlo Strapparava, Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica

Board Member with Special Portfolio/Webmaster: Ken Litkowski, CL Research

This SIG is compliant with the ACL SIG guidelines, except that elections are held every three years in accordance with our constitution (approved by the ACL Executive).

A new SemEval committee was also elected, with Katrin Erk (University of Texas at Austin) and Carlo Strapparava (IRST) as co-chairs, Diana McCarthy for chairing the reviewing of the workshop and Lluis Marquez (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), Eneko Agirre (University of the Basque Country) and Richard Wicentowski (Swarthmore College) as advisors. Plans to hold SemEval-2 during 2010 are underway.

The SemEval follow-on workshop planned for ACL 2008 was cancelled due to low submissions. This was probably due to the close proximity of deadlines with a Journal special Issue on SemEval which received 18 submissions.

During 2007-2008 Ken Litkowski has made great improvements to the SIGLEX web page and we now manage our list of members (307 at the time of writing) and mailing lists using the website.

During 2007-2008, SIGLEX has endorsed the following events:

  • Acquisition and Management of Mulitlingual Lexicons workshop at RANLP-2007, 2007-09-30, Borovets, Bulgaria.
  • Towards a Shared Task for Multiword Expressions (MWE 2008) LREC 2008 Conference, 2008-06-01, Marrakesh, Morocco.
  • TextGraphs-3: Graph-based Algorithms for Natural Language Processing. COLING 2008, 2008-08-24, Manchester, UK.
  • CogALex-08: Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon: Enhancing the Structure, Indexes and Entry Points of Electronic Dictionaries COLING 2008, 2008-08-24, Manchester, UK.