2008Q3 Reports: Nominations

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Nominations Report

For 2008 we had two positions to fill, Treasurer, VP-Elect from Europe and Exec member from Asia.

The following persons were nominated:

For Treasurer, Graeme Hirst and Alon Lavoie for Treasurer. Graeme Hirst is the new treasurer.

For VP-Elect from Europe, Ido Dagan and Jan Hajic. Ido Dagan is the new VP-elect.

For Asian Exec member, Yuji Matsumoto and Hwee Tow Ng. Hwee Tou Ng is the new Exec member.

For 2009 the positions to be filled are VP-Elect from North America and Exec member from North America.

For VP-Elect from North America, one of our candidates has agreed to be nominated, Kevin Knight. As of May 30 the other candidate has not been finalized.

For the North American Exec member, Ellen Riloff and Lori Levin have agreed to be nominated.

Martha Palmer, Junichi Tsujii, Mark Steedman