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Treasurer Report
ACL Winter Exec Meeting, February 2, 2008

To get an idea of where we are, I have taken a snapshot of where we
stand right as of the middle of last year (which is where I am
completely confident of the numbers to). 

Account Balances --6/30/07	
Converted to base currency: US dollar	

Account	Total

Swiss Bonds                    $159,993.16 
Wachovia CAP Account           $112,685.85 
Wachovia Money Market Account   $77,250.49 
Maltese Bank Euro Account       $51,513.00 
Wachovia 9-Month CD             $50,000.00 
NAACL -- First Union Checking   $31,449.14 
Wachovia Money Market II        $31,094.18 
French Bank European Account    $29,768.83 
Wachovia - Walker Fund          $29,066.59 
Wachovia Small CD Account       $20,000.00 
EACL Shadow Account -- Savings  $11,943.28 
All Others                       $4,788.80 

Net Worth                      $609,553.32 

[Note: several accounts in Europe which Mike Rosner oversees for us -
I do not have an update on this for 2006 or 2007 included here. I do
not expect that they have changed substantially as we have very little
activity from these accounts.]

Two additions showing here are two CD's which Priscilla opened for
us. The larger one we rolled over when it matured; the smaller one we
put back into CAP - our largest spending account - upon its maturity.

I believe our net worth (which changes substantially over the years) is
averaging higher than this.  To get a picture, please see the pdf file
named "NetworthOverTime.pdf".  You can see that right before this
snapshot was taken, we reached our high point in the last 5 years of
$878,744.93.  Also by the end of July, we are close to our low point
of the same period which happens to be $549,182.16.

You should know that we are very healthy, but our financial picture
changes fairly drastically and can do so rather quickly.  For fun, I
also printed out the changes in our main income/spending account which
you can find in the file named CAP-BalanceOverTime.pdf (I apologize
that the pdf file didn't capture the graph very well). The account
didn't actually go negative (it looks like it did only because I
record the online registration income in at the end of each month) -
but you get the idea of the huge fluctions we go through.  This is
because the nature of our business is the conferences and they cost a
lot of money.  A lot of that money is paid up front, before we start
to get the registrations in.  So, that causes lots of variations in
our accounts.  It is also why I am happiest when our networth remains
up in the 700,000 range - just in case we should really really blow it
on one or more of our conferences.

To see where we are making our money and where we are losing it, I
have here the categories of our major income/expenses.

Income Versus Spending	
Converted to base currency: US dollar	
1/1/2005 through 6/30/2007	

Income Categories	
ACL-07                $379,402.00 
HLT-NAACL-06          $335,131.94 
ACL-05                $314,534.96 
Membership            $237,997.58 
NAACL-HLT-07          $182,354.00 
EMNLP/HLT-05          $115,040.91 
Publications Income    $37,989.67 
CL Journals Income     $22,789.46 
ACL-06                 $21,500.00 
HLT-NAACL-04           $18,796.02 
ACL Offices            $15,130.56 
ACL-04                 $14,504.60 
Investment Income      $13,580.86 
Sig-Dial-05             $9,530.93 
INLG-04                 $5,763.87 
>From Walker (donations) $3,979.00 
Funds (Walker Interest) $3,176.72 
SigMol-05               $2,522.94 
<deleted categories...>	
Total Income Categories	$1,736,808.97 

Expense Categories	
ACL-2005              $254,754.04 
HLT-NAACL-2006        $236,677.85 
ACL-2007              $227,711.95 
ACL Office            $130,268.73 
EMNLP/HLT-2005        $116,409.62 
ACL-2006              $108,498.17 
CL Journal            $107,980.58 
Publication*           $38,475.59 
NAACL-HLT-2007         $35,313.41 
Memberships            $34,397.96 
NAACL Administration   $19,646.55 
Anthology               $8,844.63 
ACL Conferences         $5,791.93 
Account Adjustment      $3,979.00 
EACL Shadow             $3,799.50 
ACL-2003                $3,333.75 
Walker Fund Pay-Out     $3,250.00 
SigDial-2005            $3,209.52 
ACL-2008                $3,207.55 
ACL Exec                $3,102.29 
Sig-Mol-2005            $2,826.87 
WPT-2005                $2,824.31 
EACL-2006               $2,040.03 
Fund Expenses           $1,058.62 
<deleted categories...>	 
Total Expense Categories $1,362,227.80 

Grand Total	$374,581.17 

As stated above, much of it is on conferences.

Other business

I finally completed the accounting for ACL2005 and have included the
final spreadsheet here.  I just the other day sent this to Chris
Manning (NAACL Treasurer) and Drago (the NAACL Treasurer at the time)
so this may change slightly (but I doubt it will change
substnatially).  I included the excel file here for all to look at (ACL2005-Final-Financial-Statement.xls).


Conference made just over $20,000.
Three sigs involved, with a bit over $8,000 going to ACL/NAACL each.

CHANGE: In the past I have spread the general expenses among the
events on a per/person-day basis.  Because that information was hard
to come by in a completely reliable fashion, I instead divided it up
on the basis of the amount of income each event brought in (except for
the banquet).  Between workshops etc... this should mean roughly the
same thing.  As far as main conference, it probably favors workshops
(sig-sponsored events) over workshops.

With the conference, I updated the sig-shadow accounts.  That
information can be found in the file: Sig-Shadow-Calculations.xls