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The ACL is seeking a volunteer to manage the ACL Wiki. The new Wiki manager will:

  • Freshen up the ACL Wiki and attract new contributors to the Wiki. Make the ACL Wiki more useful and attractive, by editing pages, creating new pages, cleaning up old pages, and changing the way the pages are connected and organized. The only requirements are creativity, energy, and willingness to learn a little bit about Wikis.
  • Manually accept and reject requests for new user accounts. This is required to manage Wiki spam. Wiki spammers edit pages to add links to their own commercial websites. Over the years, we have tried many automatic tools for managing spammers, but the only approach that has worked is requiring everybody to have an account before they can edit pages and manually reviewing each application for an account. On average, there are one or two account requests per week.

This is an opportunity to make a very visible and useful contribution to the ACL community. Please contact Peter Turney if you are interested in volunteering.