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For more information, see Conferences and workshops. Please add workshops in alphabetical order, in the following format:

|URL with Short Name as a heading || Long Name or Description || Associated Conference ("held in conjunction with ...") if applicable || Location || Dates |-

Short name Long name Description Location Date
BSNLP 2007 Balto-Slavonic Natural Language Processing 2007 with Special Theme: Information Extraction and Enabling Technologies Prague, Czech Republic 29 June, 2007
CAASL-2 Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-Based Languages held in conjunction with the LSA 2007 Linguistic Institute Stanford University, California 21-22 July, 2007
FigLang2007 Computational Approaches to Figurative Language held in conjunction with HLT/NAACL 2007 Rochester, New York, USA 26 April, 2007
GEAF07 held in conjunction with LSA Linguistic Institute Stanford, California, USA 13-15 July, 2007
GL2007 Fourth International Workshop on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon Paris, France 10-11 May, 2007
IWCS-7 International Workshop on Computational Semantics Tilburg, Netherlands 10-12 January, 2007
IWSLT 2007 International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation Trento, Italy 15-16 October, 2007
METIS-II New Approaches to Machine Translation. A METIS-II Workshop held in conjunction with CLIN 17 University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium 11 January, 2007
MTS@10 Model-Theoretic Syntax at 10 A workshop of the European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information ESSLLI 2007 Dublin, Ireland 13–17 August, 2007
Special Session at INTERSPEECH 2007 Speech and language technology for less-resourced languages Special Session at INTERSPEECH 2007 Antwerp, Belgium 28 — 31 August, 2007
WAC 2007 3rd Web as Corpus Workshop 2007 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 15-16 September, 2007
WTEP 2007 ACL-PASCAL workshop on Textual Entailment and Paraphrasing 2007 (WTEP 2007) held in conjunction with ACL 2007 Prague, Czech Republic 28-29 June, 2007