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  • Chair: Kevin Bretonnel Cohen( Kevin dot Cohen at gmail dot com)
  • Secretary: Dina Demner-Fushman (ddemner at gmail dot com)

The term of the elected officers started in August, 2013 and is to end in 2016. The new elections are due in July 2016 and the nominations of the candidates in June 2016.


To join SIGBioMed, write an email to the secretary and include the following information:
A star (*) indicates required information

  • I understand that my name and affiliation will be posted to the membership directory: YES/NO
  • First name*:
  • Last name*:
  • Email*:
  • Affiliation*:
  • Country*:
  • Home page:
  • ACL member/year:
  • Conferences to which you frequently submit/go: