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2013 Proceedings of the 13th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MoL 13)


  1. Proceedings of the 13th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MoL 13)

  2. W13-30 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W13-3000 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W13-3001 [bib]: Tim Hunter; Chris Dyer
    Distributions on Minimalist Grammar Derivations
  5. W13-3002 [bib]: Meaghan Fowlie
    Order and Optionality: Minimalist Grammars with Adjunction
  6. W13-3003 [bib]: Martin Berglund; Henrik Björklund; Frank Drewes
    On the Parameterized Complexity of Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems
  7. W13-3004 [bib]: Tim Fernando
    Segmenting Temporal Intervals for Tense and Aspect
  8. W13-3005 [bib]: Stephen Clark; Bob Coecke; Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
    The Frobenius Anatomy of Relative Pronouns
  9. W13-3006 [bib]: Jeffrey Heinz; Regine Lai
    Vowel Harmony and Subsequentiality
  10. W13-3007 [bib]: Jeffrey Heinz; Jim Rogers
    Learning Subregular Classes of Languages with Factored Deterministic Automata
  11. W13-3008 [bib]: Andras Kornai; Attila Zséder; Gábor Recski
    Structure Learning in Weighted Languages
  12. W13-3009 [bib]: Eric Corlett; Gerald Penn
    Why Letter Substitution Puzzles are Not Hard to Solve: A Case Study in Entropy and Probabilistic Search-Complexity
  13. W13-3010 [bib]: Spyros Martzoukos; Christophe Costa Florêncio; Christof Monz
    Investigating Connectivity and Consistency Criteria for Phrase Pair Extraction in Statistical Machine Translation
  14. W13-3011 [bib]: Mark Johnson
    Grammars and Topic Models