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2017 Proceedings of the 18th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue
2016 Proceedings of the 17th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue
2015 Proceedings of the First Workshop on Linking Computational Models of Lexical, Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics
Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue
2014 Proceedings of the 15th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDIAL)
Proceedings of the INLG and SIGDIAL 2014 Joint Session
2013 Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2013 Conference
2012 Proceedings of the 13th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue
2011 Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2011 Conference
2010 Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2010 Conference
2009 Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2009 Conference
2008 Proceedings of the 9th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
2006 Proceedings of the 7th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
2004 Proceedings of the 5th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue at HLT-NAACL 2004
2003 Proceedings of the Fourth SIGdial Workshop of Discourse and Dialogue
Proceedings of the 2003 EACL Workshop on Dialogue Systems: interaction, adaptation and styes of management
2002 ITS 2002 Workshop on Empirical Methods for Tutorial Dialogue Systems (San Sebastian, Spain)
ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments (IDS 2002) (Kloster Irsee, Germany)
Proceedings of the Third SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
EDILOG 2002: Sixth Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (Edinburgh, Scotland)
2001 Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
2000 AAAI Spring Symposium, My Dinner with R2D2: Natural Dialogues with Practical Robotic Devices
ANLP-NAACL 2000 Workshop: Conversational Systems
From spoken dialogue to full natural interactive dialogue: Theory, empirical analysis and evaluation. (LREC 2000) (Athens, Greece)
Götalog 2000: 2000: 4th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (Göteborg University, Sweden)
Third Workshop on Human-Computer Conversation (Bellagio, Italy)
1st SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
AAAI Fall Symposium, Building Dialogue Systems for Tutorial Applications (North Falmouth, MA, USA)
1999 Amstelogue 1999: Amsterdam Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (Amsterdam, Holland)
15th Twente Workshop on Language Technology: Interaction in Virtual Worlds (Enschede, The Netherlands)
The Relation of Discourse/Dialogue Structure and Reference
Towards Standards and Tools for Discourse Tagging
IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems (Stockholm, Sweden)
AAAI Fall Symposium on Psychological Models of Communication in Collaborative Systems (North Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA)
1998 Discourse Relations and Discourse Markers


  1. Proceedings of the 18th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue

  2. W17-55 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W17-5500 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W17-5501 [bib]: Majid Laali; Leila Kosseim
    Automatic Mapping of French Discourse Connectives to PDTB Discourse Relations
  5. W17-5502 [bib]: Rashmi Prasad; Katherine Forbes-Riley; Alan Lee
    Towards Full Text Shallow Discourse Relation Annotation: Experiments with Cross-Paragraph Implicit Relations in the PDTB
  6. W17-5503 [bib]: Staffan Larsson
    User-initiated Sub-dialogues in State-of-the-art Dialogue Systems
  7. W17-5504 [bib]: Alexander Prange; Margarita Chikobava; Peter Poller; Michael Barz; Daniel Sonntag
    A Multimodal Dialogue System for Medical Decision Support inside Virtual Reality
  8. W17-5505 [bib]: Tiancheng Zhao; Allen Lu; Kyusong Lee; Maxine Eskenazi
    Generative Encoder-Decoder Models for Task-Oriented Spoken Dialog Systems with Chatting Capability
  9. W17-5506 [bib]: Mihail Eric; Lakshmi Krishnan; Francois Charette; Christopher D. Manning
    Key-Value Retrieval Networks for Task-Oriented Dialogue
  10. W17-5507 [bib]: Kohei Ono; Ryu Takeda; Eric Nichols; Mikio Nakano; Kazunori Komatani
    Lexical Acquisition through Implicit Confirmations over Multiple Dialogues
  11. W17-5508 [bib]: Tsuneo Kato; Atsushi Nagai; Naoki Noda; Ryosuke Sumitomo; Jianming Wu; Seiichi Yamamoto
    Utterance Intent Classification of a Spoken Dialogue System with Efficiently Untied Recursive Autoencoders
  12. W17-5509 [bib]: Stefan Ultes; Paweł Budzianowski; Iñigo Casanueva; Nikola Mrkšić; Lina M. Rojas Barahona; Pei-Hao Su; Tsung-Hsien Wen; Milica Gasic; Steve Young
    Reward-Balancing for Statistical Spoken Dialogue Systems using Multi-objective Reinforcement Learning
  13. W17-5510 [bib]: Guillaume Dubuisson Duplessis; Chloé Clavel; Frédéric Landragin
    Automatic Measures to Characterise Verbal Alignment in Human-Agent Interaction
  14. W17-5511 [bib]: Jason D Williams; Lars Liden
    Demonstration of interactive teaching for end-to-end dialog control with hybrid code networks
  15. W17-5512 [bib]: Paweł Budzianowski; Stefan Ultes; Pei-Hao Su; Nikola Mrkšić; Tsung-Hsien Wen; Iñigo Casanueva; Lina M. Rojas Barahona; Milica Gasic
    Sub-domain Modelling for Dialogue Management with Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
  16. W17-5513 [bib]: Hoai Phuoc Truong; Prasanna Parthasarathi; Joelle Pineau
    MACA: A Modular Architecture for Conversational Agents
  17. W17-5514 [bib]: Ankur Bapna; Gokhan Tur; Dilek Hakkani-Tur; Larry Heck
    Sequential Dialogue Context Modeling for Spoken Language Understanding
  18. W17-5515 [bib]: Sebastian Krause; Mikhail Kozhevnikov; Eric Malmi; Daniele Pighin
    Redundancy Localization for the Conversationalization of Unstructured Responses
  19. W17-5516 [bib]: Divesh Lala; Pierrick Milhorat; Koji Inoue; Masanari Ishida; Katsuya Takanashi; Tatsuya Kawahara
    Attentive listening system with backchanneling, response generation and flexible turn-taking
  20. W17-5517 [bib]: Patricia Braunger; Wolfgang Maier
    Natural Language Input for In-Car Spoken Dialog Systems: How Natural is Natural?
  21. W17-5518 [bib]: Pei-Hao Su; Paweł Budzianowski; Stefan Ultes; Milica Gasic; Steve Young
    Sample-efficient Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning with Supervised Data for Dialogue Management
  22. W17-5519 [bib]: Shubham Agarwal; Marc Dymetman
    A surprisingly effective out-of-the-box char2char model on the E2E NLG Challenge dataset
  23. W17-5520 [bib]: Niklas Rach; Wolfgang Minker; Stefan Ultes
    Interaction Quality Estimation Using Long Short-Term Memories
  24. W17-5521 [bib]: Kyusong Lee; Tiancheng Zhao; Yulun Du; Edward Cai; Allen Lu; Eli Pincus; David Traum; Stefan Ultes; Lina M. Rojas Barahona; Milica Gasic; Steve Young; Maxine Eskenazi
    DialPort, Gone Live: An Update After A Year of Development
  25. W17-5522 [bib]: Daniel Braun; Adrian Hernandez-Mendez; Florian Matthes; Manfred Langen
    Evaluating Natural Language Understanding Services for Conversational Question Answering Systems
  26. W17-5523 [bib]: Debanjan Ghosh; Alexander Richard Fabbri; Smaranda Muresan
    The Role of Conversation Context for Sarcasm Detection in Online Interactions
  27. W17-5524 [bib]: Yanchao Yu; Arash Eshghi; Oliver Lemon
    VOILA: An Optimised Dialogue System for Interactively Learning Visually-Grounded Word Meanings (Demonstration System)
  28. W17-5525 [bib]: Jekaterina Novikova; Ondřej Dušek; Verena Rieser
    The E2E Dataset: New Challenges For End-to-End Generation
  29. W17-5526 [bib]: Layla El Asri; Hannes Schulz; Shikhar Sharma; Jeremie Zumer; Justin Harris; Emery Fine; Rahul Mehrotra; Kaheer Suleman
    Frames: a corpus for adding memory to goal-oriented dialogue systems
  30. W17-5527 [bib]: Gabriel Skantze
    Towards a General, Continuous Model of Turn-taking in Spoken Dialogue using LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks
  31. W17-5528 [bib]: Van-Khanh Tran; Le-Minh Nguyen; Satoshi Tojo
    Neural-based Natural Language Generation in Dialogue using RNN Encoder-Decoder with Semantic Aggregation
  32. W17-5529 [bib]: Soledad López Gambino; Sina Zarrieß; David Schlangen
    Beyond On-hold Messages: Conversational Time-buying in Task-oriented Dialogue
  33. W17-5530 [bib]: Daniel Ortega; Ngoc Thang Vu
    Neural-based Context Representation Learning for Dialog Act Classification
  34. W17-5531 [bib]: Michael Noseworthy; Jackie Chi Kit Cheung; Joelle Pineau
    Predicting Success in Goal-Driven Human-Human Dialogues
  35. W17-5532 [bib]: Jordon Johnson; Vaden Masrani; Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond Ng
    Generating and Evaluating Summaries for Partial Email Threads: Conversational Bayesian Surprise and Silver Standards
  36. W17-5533 [bib]: Ramin Yaghoubzadeh; Stefan Kopp
    Enabling robust and fluid spoken dialogue with cognitively impaired users
  37. W17-5534 [bib]: Elia Bruni; Raquel Fernandez
    Adversarial evaluation for open-domain dialogue generation
  38. W17-5535 [bib]: Bita Nejat; Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond Ng
    Exploring Joint Neural Model for Sentence Level Discourse Parsing and Sentiment Analysis
  39. W17-5536 [bib]: Shumpei Sano; Nobuhiro Kaji; Manabu Sassano
    Predicting Causes of Reformulation in Intelligent Assistants
  40. W17-5537 [bib]: Shereen Oraby; Vrindavan Harrison; Amita Misra; Ellen Riloff; Marilyn Walker
    Are you serious?: Rhetorical Questions and Sarcasm in Social Media Dialog
  41. W17-5538 [bib]: Hyeju Jang; Keith Maki; Eduard Hovy; Carolyn Rose
    Finding Structure in Figurative Language: Metaphor Detection with Topic-based Frames
  42. W17-5539 [bib]: Ramesh Manuvinakurike; David DeVault; Kallirroi Georgila
    Using Reinforcement Learning to Model Incrementality in a Fast-Paced Dialogue Game
  43. W17-5540 [bib]: Zhichao Hu; Marilyn Walker
    Inferring Narrative Causality between Event Pairs in Films
  44. W17-5541 [bib]: Anton Leuski; Ron Artstein
    Lessons in Dialogue System Deployment
  45. W17-5542 [bib]: Koichiro Yoshino; Yu Suzuki; Satoshi Nakamura
    Information Navigation System with Discovering User Interests
  46. W17-5543 [bib]: Elahe Rahimtoroghi; Jiaqi Wu; Ruimin Wang; Pranav Anand; Marilyn Walker
    Modelling Protagonist Goals and Desires in First-Person Narrative
  47. W17-5544 [bib]: Jacqueline Brixey; Rens Hoegen; Wei Lan; Joshua Rusow; Karan Singla; Xusen Yin; Ron Artstein; Anton Leuski
    SHIHbot: A Facebook chatbot for Sexual Health Information on HIV/AIDS
  48. W17-5545 [bib]: Abhilasha Ravichander; Thomas Manzini; Matthias Grabmair; Graham Neubig; Jonathan Francis; Eric Nyberg
    How Would You Say It? Eliciting Lexically Diverse Dialogue for Supervised Semantic Parsing
  49. W17-5546 [bib]: Pierre Lison; Serge Bibauw
    Not All Dialogues are Created Equal: Instance Weighting for Neural Conversational Models
  50. W17-5547 [bib]: Sviatlana Höhn
    A data-driven model of explanations for a chatbot that helps to practice conversation in a foreign language


  1. Proceedings of the 17th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

  2. W16-36 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W16-3600 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W16-3601 [bib]: Tiancheng Zhao; Maxine Eskenazi
    Towards End-to-End Learning for Dialog State Tracking and Management using Deep Reinforcement Learning
  5. W16-3602 [bib]: Sungjin Lee; Amanda Stent
    Task Lineages: Dialog State Tracking for Flexible Interaction
  6. W16-3603 [bib]: Bing Liu; Ian Lane
    Joint Online Spoken Language Understanding and Language Modeling With Recurrent Neural Networks
  7. W16-3604 [bib]: Shereen Oraby; Vrindavan Harrison; Lena Reed; Ernesto Hernandez; Ellen Riloff; Marilyn Walker
    Creating and Characterizing a Diverse Corpus of Sarcasm in Dialogue
  8. W16-3605 [bib]: Emma Barker; Monica Lestari Paramita; Ahmet Aker; Emina Kurtic; Mark Hepple; Robert Gaizauskas
    The SENSEI Annotated Corpus: Human Summaries of Reader Comment Conversations in On-line News
  9. W16-3606 [bib]: Yoichi Matsuyama; Alexandros Papangelis
    Special Session - The Future Directions of Dialogue-Based Intelligent Personal Assistants
  10. W16-3607 [bib]: Susan Brennan
    Keynote - More than meets the ear: Processes that shape dialogue
  11. W16-3608 [bib]: Zhou Yu; Leah Nicolich-Henkin; Alan W Black; Alexander Rudnicky
    A Wizard-of-Oz Study on A Non-Task-Oriented Dialog Systems That Reacts to User Engagement
  12. W16-3609 [bib]: Jonathan Herzig; Guy Feigenblat; Michal Shmueli-Scheuer; David Konopnicki; Anat Rafaeli; Daniel Altman; David Spivak
    Classifying Emotions in Customer Support Dialogues in Social Media
  13. W16-3610 [bib]: Juliana Miehle; Koichiro Yoshino; Louisa Pragst; Stefan Ultes; Satoshi Nakamura; Wolfgang Minker
    Cultural Communication Idiosyncrasies in Human-Computer Interaction
  14. W16-3611 [bib]: Iñigo Casanueva; Thomas Hain; Mauro Nicolao; Phil Green
    Using phone features to improve dialogue state tracking generalisation to unseen states
  15. W16-3612 [bib]: Yu-Hsin Chen; Jinho D. Choi
    Character Identification on Multiparty Conversation: Identifying Mentions of Characters in TV Shows
  16. W16-3613 [bib]: Mehdi Fatemi; Layla El Asri; Hannes Schulz; Jing He; Kaheer Suleman
    Policy Networks with Two-Stage Training for Dialogue Systems
  17. W16-3614 [bib]: Satheesh Ravi; Ron Artstein
    Language Portability for Dialogue Systems: Translating a Question-Answering System from English into Tamil
  18. W16-3615 [bib]: Kate Forbes-Riley; Fan Zhang; Diane Litman
    Extracting PDTB Discourse Relations from Student Essays
  19. W16-3616 [bib]: Katsuhiko Hayashi; Tsutomu Hirao; Masaaki Nagata
    Empirical comparison of dependency conversions for RST discourse trees
  20. W16-3617 [bib]: Junyi Jessy Li; Kapil Thadani; Amanda Stent
    The Role of Discourse Units in Near-Extractive Summarization
  21. W16-3618 [bib]: Leah Nicolich-Henkin; Carolyn Rose; Alan W Black
    Initiations and Interruptions in a Spoken Dialog System
  22. W16-3619 [bib]: Toru Hirano; Ryuichiro Higashinaka; Yoshihiro Matsuo
    Analyzing Post-dialogue Comments by Speakers – How Do Humans Personalize Their Utterances in Dialogue? –
  23. W16-3620 [bib]: Elnaz Davoodi; Leila Kosseim
    On the Contribution of Discourse Structure on Text Complexity Assessment
  24. W16-3621 [bib]: Alexis Nasr; Geraldine Damnati; Aleksandra Guerraz; Frederic Bechet
    Syntactic parsing of chat language in contact center conversation corpus
  25. W16-3622 [bib]: Ondřej Dušek; Filip Jurcicek
    A Context-aware Natural Language Generator for Dialogue Systems
  26. W16-3623 [bib]: Nathaniel Blanchard; Patrick Donnelly; Andrew M. Olney; Samei Borhan; Brooke Ward; Xiaoyi Sun; Sean Kelly; Martin Nystrand; Sidney K. D'Mello
    Identifying Teacher Questions Using Automatic Speech Recognition in Classrooms
  27. W16-3624 [bib]: Kornel Laskowski
    A framework for the automatic inference of stochastic turn-taking styles
  28. W16-3625 [bib]: Koji Inoue; Pierrick Milhorat; Divesh Lala; Tianyu Zhao; Tatsuya Kawahara
    Talking with ERICA, an autonomous android
  29. W16-3626 [bib]: Svetlana Stoyanchev; Pierre Lison; Srinivas Bangalore
    Rapid Prototyping of Form-driven Dialogue Systems Using an Open-source Framework
  30. W16-3627 [bib]: Alexei V. Ivanov; Patrick L. Lange; David Suendermann-Oeft
    LVCSR System on a Hybrid GPU-CPU Embedded Platform for Real-Time Dialog Applications
  31. W16-3628 [bib]: Yoichi Matsuyama; Arjun Bhardwaj; Ran Zhao; Oscar Romeo; Sushma Akoju; Justine Cassell
    Socially-Aware Animated Intelligent Personal Assistant Agent
  32. W16-3629 [bib]: Hideaki Mori; Masahiro Araki
    Selection method of an appropriate response in chat-oriented dialogue systems
  33. W16-3630 [bib]: Ramesh Manuvinakurike; Casey Kennington; David DeVault; David Schlangen
    Real-Time Understanding of Complex Discriminative Scene Descriptions
  34. W16-3631 [bib]: Casey Kennington; David Schlangen
    Supporting Spoken Assistant Systems with a Graphical User Interface that Signals Incremental Understanding and Prediction State
  35. W16-3632 [bib]: Ramesh Manuvinakurike; Maike Paetzel; Cheng Qu; David Schlangen; David DeVault
    Toward incremental dialogue act segmentation in fast-paced interactive dialogue systems
  36. W16-3633 [bib]: Louis-Philippe Morency
    Keynote - Modeling Human Communication Dynamics
  37. W16-3634 [bib]: Ryan Lowe; Iulian Vlad Serban; Michael Noseworthy; Laurent Charlin; Joelle Pineau
    On the Evaluation of Dialogue Systems with Next Utterance Classification
  38. W16-3635 [bib]: Diane Litman; Steve Young; Mark Gales; Kate Knill; Karen Ottewell; Rogier van Dalen; David Vandyke
    Towards Using Conversations with Spoken Dialogue Systems in the Automated Assessment of Non-Native Speakers of English
  39. W16-3636 [bib]: Amita Misra; Brian Ecker; Marilyn Walker
    Measuring the Similarity of Sentential Arguments in Dialogue
  40. W16-3637 [bib]: Julian Hough; David Schlangen
    Investigating Fluidity for Human-Robot Interaction with Real-time, Real-world Grounding Strategies
  41. W16-3638 [bib]: Yashar Mehdad; Joel Tetreault
    Do Characters Abuse More Than Words?
  42. W16-3639 [bib]: Abhinav Kumar; Jillian Aurisano; Barbara Di Eugenio; Andrew Johnson; Alberto Gonzalez; Jason Leigh
    Towards a dialogue system that supports rich visualizations of data
  43. W16-3640 [bib]: Masahiro Mizukami; Koichiro Yoshino; Graham Neubig; David Traum; Satoshi Nakamura
    Analyzing the Effect of Entrainment on Dialogue Acts
  44. W16-3641 [bib]: Chiaki Miyazaki; Toru Hirano; Ryuichiro Higashinaka; Yoshihiro Matsuo
    Towards an Entertaining Natural Language Generation System: Linguistic Peculiarities of Japanese Fictional Characters
  45. W16-3642 [bib]: Xiaolong Li; Kristy Boyer
    Reference Resolution in Situated Dialogue with Learned Semantics
  46. W16-3643 [bib]: Yanchao Yu; Arash Eshghi; Oliver Lemon
    Training an adaptive dialogue policy for interactive learning of visually grounded word meanings
  47. W16-3644 [bib]: Elahe Rahimtoroghi; Ernesto Hernandez; Marilyn Walker
    Learning Fine-Grained Knowledge about Contingent Relations between Everyday Events
  48. W16-3645 [bib]: Ye Tian; Chiara Mazzocconi; Jonathan Ginzburg
    When do we laugh?
  49. W16-3646 [bib]: Takahiro Kobori; Mikio Nakano; Tomoaki Nakamura
    Small Talk Improves User Impressions of Interview Dialogue Systems
  50. W16-3647 [bib]: Ran Zhao; Tanmay Sinha; Alan Black; Justine Cassell
    Automatic Recognition of Conversational Strategies in the Service of a Socially-Aware Dialog System
  51. W16-3648 [bib]: Michimasa Inaba; Kenichi Takahashi
    Neural Utterance Ranking Model for Conversational Dialogue Systems
  52. W16-3649 [bib]: Zhou Yu; Ziyu Xu; Alan W Black; Alexander Rudnicky
    Strategy and Policy Learning for Non-Task-Oriented Conversational Systems


  1. Proceedings of the First Workshop on Linking Computational Models of Lexical, Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics

  2. W15-27 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W15-2700 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W15-2701 [bib]: Tamara Polajnar; Laura Rimell; Stephen Clark
    An Exploration of Discourse-Based Sentence Spaces for Compositional Distributional Semantics
  5. W15-2702 [bib]: Kleio-Isidora Mavridou; Annemarie Friedrich; Melissa Peate Sørensen; Alexis Palmer; Manfred Pinkal
    Linking discourse modes and situation entity types in a cross-linguistic corpus study
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    Recovering discourse relations: Varying influence of discourse adverbials
  7. W15-2704 [bib] [attachment]: Rodolfo Delmonte; Rocco Tripodi
    Semantics and Discourse Processing for Expressive TTS
  8. W15-2705 [bib]: Mengfei Zhou; Anette Frank; Annemarie Friedrich; Alexis Palmer
    Semantically Enriched Models for Modal Sense Classification
  9. W15-2706 [bib]: Taraneh Khazaei; Lu Xiao; Robert Mercer
    Identification and Disambiguation of Lexical Cues of Rhetorical Relations across Different Text Genres
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    Bridging Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics through Clausal Adjuncts
  11. W15-2708 [bib]: Rui Correia; Maxine Eskenazi; Nuno Mamede
    Lexical Level Distribution of Metadiscourse in Spoken Language
  12. W15-2709 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Maria Pershina; Yifan He; Ralph Grishman
    Idiom Paraphrases: Seventh Heaven vs Cloud Nine
  13. W15-2710 [bib]: Yuki Murakami; Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
    Where Was Alexander the Great in 325 BC? Toward Understanding History Text with a World Model
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    Predicting word sense annotation agreement
  15. W15-2712 [bib]: Raffaella Bernardi; Gemma Boleda; Raquel Fernandez; Denis Paperno
    Distributional Semantics in Use
  16. Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

  17. W15-46 [bib]: Entire Volume
  18. W15-4600 [bib]: Front Matter

  19. W15-4601 [bib]: Frank Fischer
    Keynote: The Interplay of Discussion, Cognition and Instruction in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environments
  20. W15-4602 [bib]: Merwan Barlier; Julien Perolat; Romain Laroche; Olivier Pietquin
    Human-Machine Dialogue as a Stochastic Game
  21. W15-4603 [bib]: Iñigo Casanueva; Thomas Hain; Heidi Christensen; Ricard Marxer; Phil Green
    Knowledge transfer between speakers for personalised dialogue management
  22. W15-4604 [bib]: Matthew Marge; Alexander Rudnicky
    Miscommunication Recovery in Physically Situated Dialogue
  23. W15-4605 [bib]: Takuya Hiraoka; Kallirroi Georgila; Elnaz Nouri; David Traum; Satoshi Nakamura
    Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Party Trading Dialog
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    An Incremental Turn-Taking Model with Active System Barge-in for Spoken Dialog Systems
  25. W15-4607 [bib]: Pamela Jordan; Patricia Albacete; Sandra Katz
    Exploring the Effects of Redundancy within a Tutorial Dialogue System: Restating Students' Responses
  26. W15-4608 [bib]: Márcio Dias; Thiago Pardo
    A Discursive Grid Approach to Model Local Coherence in Multi-document Summaries
  27. W15-4609 [bib]: Deepak Ramachandran; Adwait Ratnaparkhi
    Belief Tracking with Stacked Relational Trees
  28. W15-4610 [bib] [attachment]: Maike Paetzel; Ramesh Manuvinakurike; David DeVault
    "So, which one is it?" The effect of alternative incremental architectures in a high-performance game-playing agent
  29. W15-4611 [bib]: Ryuichiro Higashinaka; Kotaro Funakoshi; Masahiro Araki; Hiroshi Tsukahara; Yuka Kobayashi; Masahiro Mizukami
    Towards Taxonomy of Errors in Chat-oriented Dialogue Systems
  30. W15-4612 [bib]: Or Biran; Kathleen McKeown
    PDTB Discourse Parsing as a Tagging Task: The Two Taggers Approach
  31. W15-4613 [bib]: Eli Pincus; Kallirroi Georgila; David Traum
    Which Synthetic Voice Should I Choose for an Evocative Task?
  32. W15-4614 [bib]: Elina Zarisheva; Tatjana Scheffler
    Dialog Act Annotation for Twitter Conversations
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    Towards Improving Dialogue Topic Tracking Performances with Wikification of Concept Mentions
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    Exploiting knowledge base to generate responses for natural language dialog listening agents
  35. W15-4617 [bib]: Alexei V. Ivanov; Vikram Ramanarayanan; David Suendermann-Oeft; Melissa Lopez; Keelan Evanini; Jidong Tao
    Automated Speech Recognition Technology for Dialogue Interaction with Non-Native Interlocutors
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    Conversational Knowledge Teaching Agent that uses a Knowledge Base
  37. W15-4619 [bib]: Rashedur Rahman
    Information Theoretical and Statistical Features for Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection
  38. W15-4620 [bib]: Laurent Prévot; Jan Gorisch; Roxane Bertrand; Emilien Gorene; Brigitte Bigi
    A SIP of CoFee : A Sample of Interesting Productions of Conversational Feedback
  39. W15-4621 [bib]: Alexandros Papangelis; Kallirroi Georgila
    Reinforcement Learning of Multi-Issue Negotiation Dialogue Policies
  40. W15-4622 [bib]: Jason D Williams; Eslam Kamal; Mokhtar Ashour; Hani Amr; Jessica Miller; Geoff Zweig
    Fast and easy language understanding for dialog systems with Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)
  41. W15-4623 [bib]: Graham Wilcock; Kristiina Jokinen
    Multilingual WikiTalk: Wikipedia-based talking robots that switch languages.
  42. W15-4624 [bib]: Gabriel Skantze; Martin Johansson
    Modelling situated human-robot interaction using IrisTK
  43. W15-4625 [bib]: Sara Rosenthal; Kathy McKeown
    I Couldn’t Agree More: The Role of Conversational Structure in Agreement and Disagreement Detection in Online Discussions
  44. W15-4626 [bib]: Christian Chiarcos; Niko Schenk
    Memory-Based Acquisition of Argument Structures and its Application to Implicit Role Detection
  45. W15-4627 [bib]: Stephanie Lukin; Lena Reed; Marilyn Walker
    Generating Sentence Planning Variations for Story Telling
  46. W15-4628 [bib]: Dilek Hakkani-Tur
    Keynote: Graph-based Approaches for Spoken Language Understanding
  47. W15-4629 [bib]: David Traum; Kallirroi Georgila; Ron Artstein; Anton Leuski
    Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Processing for Time-Offset Interaction
  48. W15-4630 [bib]: Maxine Eskenazi; Alan W Black; Sungjin Lee; David Traum
  49. W15-4631 [bib]: Reid Swanson; Brian Ecker; Marilyn Walker
    Argument Mining: Extracting Arguments from Online Dialogue
  50. W15-4632 [bib]: Natalia Vanetik; Marina Litvak
    Multilingual Summarization with Polytope Model
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    Call Centre Conversation Summarization: A Pilot Task at Multiling 2015
  52. W15-4634 [bib] [attachment]: Abdelkrime Aries; Djamel Eddine Zegour; Khaled Walid Hidouci
    AllSummarizer system at MultiLing 2015: Multilingual single and multi-document summarization
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