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Proceedings of the 17th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y03-1000: Front Matter

Y03-1001: Key-Sun Choi
Virtual Linked Lexical Knowledge Base for Causality Reasoning

Y03-1002: Jie Xu
Focus-Marking in Chinese and Malay : A Comparative Perspective

Y03-1003: Yusuke Kubota
A Constraint-Based Analysis of Association with Focus in Japanese

Y03-1004: Naoyuki Ono
On the Event Structure of Indirect Passive in Japanese

Y03-1005: Akira Ishikawa
An Event-Based Interpretation of Japanese Honorific Constructions Using RRG Operators

Y03-1006: Masahiro Akiyama
Multiple Nominative Constructions in Japanese and Their Theoretical Implications

Y03-1007: Lily Suryana Indradjaja; Stephane Bressan
Automatic Learning of Stemming Rules for the Indonesian Language

Y03-1008: Yi Liu; Haiming Lu; Zengxiang Lu; Pu Wang
A Simplified Latent Semantic Indexing Approach for Multi-Linguistic Information Retrieval

Y03-1009: Guohong Fu; K.K. Luke
An integrated approach for Chinese word segmentation

Y03-1010: Jong-Bok Kim; Jaehyung Yang
Korean Phrase Structure Grammar and Its Implementations into the LKB System

Y03-1011: Roger Kim; Mary Dalrymple; Ronald M. Kaplan; Tracy Holloway King
Porting Grammars between Typologically Similar Languages : Japanese to Korean

Y03-1012: Fuhui Hsieh
Mandarin Chinese Shenme in Interaction

Y03-1013: Cui-Xia Weng; Chu-Ren Huang
The Semantics of Shapes : A Study based on Mandarin Quan1zi5(圈子)

Y03-1014: Siaw-Fong Chung; Kathleen Ahrens; Ya-hui Sung
Stock Markets as Ocean Water : A Corpus-based, Comparative Study of Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish

Y03-1015: Yukiko Ueda
Subject Positions and Derivational Scope Calculation in Minimalist Syntax : A Phase-Based Approach

Y03-1016: Yu-Fang Tsai; Keh-Jiann Chen
Context-rule Model for Pos Tagging

Y03-1017: Jin Hu Huang; David Powers
Chinese Word Segmentation Based on Contextual Entropy

Y03-1018: Tao-Hsing Chang; Chia-Honag Lee
Topic Segmentation for Short Texts

Y03-1019: Shaozi Li; Weifeng Su; Tangqiu Li; Huowang Chen
Cross-Lingual Text Filtering Based on Text Concepts and kNN

Y03-1020: I-Ni Tsai; Chu-Ren Huang
The Semantics of Onomatopoeic Speech Act Verbs

Y03-1021: Fuhui Hsieh
Mandarin Adverbial Jiu in Discourse

Y03-1022: Oi Yee Kwong; Benjamin K. Tsou
A Synchronous Corpus-Based Study of Verb-Noun Fluidity in Chinese

Y03-1023: Sumiyo Nishiguchi
Non-monotonic Negativity

Y03-1024: Yaoyong Li; John Shawe-Taylor
The SVM With Uneven Margins and Chinese Document Categorization

Y03-1025: Yusup Aibaidula; Kim-Teng Lua
The development of Tagged Uyghur Corpus

Y03-1026: Changri Luo; Tingting He
A Vector-Based Algorithm for Chinese Text Classification

Y03-1027: Hui Wang; Shiwen Yu
A Large-scale Lexical Semantic Knowledge-base of Chinese

Y03-1028: Sen Zhang; Na Dong
An Effective Combination of Different Order N-grams

Y03-1029: Paul Wu Horng Jyh; Ng Hong I; Gong Ruibin
Efficient Methods for Multigram Compound Discovery

Y03-1030: Minh Le Nguyen; Akari Shimazu; Susumu Horiguchi
Translation Template Learning Based on Hidden Markov Modeling

Y03-1031: Sujian Li; Houfeng Wang; Shiwen Yu; Chengsheng Xin
News-Oriented Keyword Indexing with Maximum Entropy Principle

Y03-1032: Jianzhou Liu; Tingting He; Xiaohua Liu
Extracting Chinese Multi-Word Units from Large-Scale Balanced Corpus

Y03-1033: Minh Le Nguyen; Susumu Horiguchi
A New Sentence Reduction based on Decision Tree Model

Y03-1034: Hiroshi Masuichi; Tomoko Okuma; Hiroki Yoshimura; Yasunari Harada
Japanese Parser on the basis of the Lexical-Functional Grammar Formalism and its Evaluation

Y03-1035: Chun-Jen Lee; Jason S. Chang; Jyh-Shing Roger Jang
A Statistical Approach to Chinese-to-English Back-Transliteration

Y03-1036: Keliang Zhang
On the Sentence Category Transfer of Action-effect Sentences in Chinese-English Machine Translation

Y03-1037: Olivia S.-C. Lam; Adams B. Bodomo
Modeling Verb Order in Complex Multi-Verbal Predicate Constructions

Y03-1038: Pei-Shu Tsai
The Structure of Spatial Expressions in Saisiyat

Y03-1039: Hiroki Koga
A Constraint-based Grammar of Case : To Correctly Predict Case Phrases Occurring without Their Head Verb

Y03-1040: Guozheng Xiao; Tingting Guo
The Floating of Negative Factors and the Recognition of Semantic Patterns of HUAIYI Sentences in Mandarin

Y03-1041: Zhi Li Guo
Using Mutual Information to Identify New Features for Text documents of Various Domains

Y03-1042: Kiyonori Ohtake; Kazuhide Yamamoto
Applicability Analysis of Corpus-derived Paraphrases toward Example-based Paraphrasing

Y03-1043: Yi-Dong Chen; Tang-Qiu Li; Xu-Ling Zheng
A Word Selection Model Based on Lexical Semantic Knowledge in English Generation

Y03-1044: Sin-Jae Kang
Corpus-based Ontology Learning for Word Sense Disambiguation

Y03-1045: Jun Wang; Jicheng Wang; Gangshan Wu; Hiroshi Tsuda
On Intra-page and Inter-page Semantic Analysis of Web Pages

Y03-1046: Vu Hai Quan; Pham Nam Trung; Nguyen Duc Hoang Ha; Huynh Bao Toan; Le Hoai Bac; Hoang Kiem
Towards a Multi-Objective Corpus for Vietnamese Language

Y03-1047: Ching-Long Yeh; Yi-Chun Chen
Using Zero Anaphora Resolution to Improve Text Categorization

Y03-1048: Hyeran Lee
Dependency of Long-Distance Reflexives

Y03-1049: Rattima Nitisaroj
Voicing Constraint and Segmental-Tonal Neighborhood Effects on Clusters in Thai

Y03-1050: Tomoko Ohkuma; Hiroshi Masuichi; Hiroki Yoshimura; Yasunari Harada
The Treatment of Japanese Focus Particles Based on Lexical-Functional Grammar

Y03-1051: Takako Kawasaki; Kiyoshi Ishikawa
Empty Category and the Effect of Teaching in Sentence Processing