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Fourth Workshop on Very Large Corpora
Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Breadth and Depth of Semantic Lexicons
Eighth International Natural Language Generation Workshop
Eighth International Natural Language Generation Workshop (Posters and Demonstrations)

Fourth Workshop on Very Large Corpora

W96-0100: Front Matter

W96-0101: Evelyne Tzoukermann; Dragomir R. Radev
Using Word Class for Part-of-speech Disambiguation

W96-0102: Walter Daelemans; Jakob Zavrel; Peter Berck; Steven Gillis
MBT: A Memory-Based Part of Speech Tagger-Generator

W96-0103: Akira Ushioda
Hierarchical Clustering of Words and Application to NLP Tasks

W96-0104: Yael Karov; Shimon Edelman
Learning Similarity-based Word Sense Disambiguation from Sparse Data

W96-0105: Atsushi Fujii; Kentaro Inui; Takenobu Tokunaga; Hozumi Tanaka
Selective Sampling of Effective Example Sentence Sets for Word Sense Disambiguation

W96-0106: Christer Samuelsson
Relating Turing's Formula and Zipf's Law

W96-0107: Mihoko Kitamura; Yuji Matsumoto
Automatic Extraction of Word Sequence Correspondences in Parallel Corpora

W96-0108: Xiang Tong; David A. Evans
A Statistical Approach to Automatic OCR Error Correction in Context

W96-0109: Tadashi Nomoto; Yuji Matsumoto
Exploiting Text Structure for Topic Identification

W96-0110: Tung-Hui Chiang; Ken-Yih Su
Statistical Models for Deep-structure Disambiguation

W96-0111: Rens Bod
Two Questions about Data-Oriented Parsing

W96-0112: Hang Li
A Probabilistic Disambiguation Method Based on Psycholinguistic Principles

W96-0113: Mikio Yamamoto
A Re-estimation Method for Stochastic Language Modeling from Ambiguous Observations

W96-0114: Thanaruk Theeramunkong; Manabu Okumara
Towards Automatic Grammar Acquisition from a Bracketed Corpus

Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

W96-0200: Front Matter

W96-0201: I. Dan Melamed
A Geometric Approach to Mapping Bitext Correspondence

W96-0202: Xuanyin Xia; Dekai Wu
Parsing Chinese With an Almost-Context-Free Grammar

W96-0203: R. Basili; A. Marziali; M.T. Pazienza; P. Velardi
Unsupervised Learning of Syntactic Knowledge: Methods and Measures

W96-0204: Marie Meteer; Rukmini Iyer
Modeling Conversational Speech for Speech Recognition

W96-0205: Masaaki Nagata
Automatic Extraction of New Words from Japanese Texts using Generalized Forward-Backward Search

W96-0206: Thorsten Brants
Better Language Models with Model Merging

W96-0207: Kemal Oflazer; Gokhan Tur
Combining Hand-crafted Rules and Unsupervised Learning in Constraint-based Morphological Disambiguation

W96-0208: Raymond J. Mooney
Comparative Experiments on Disambiguating Word Senses: An Illustration of the Role of Bias in Machine Learning

W96-0209: John Carroll; Ted Briscoe
Apportioning Development Effort in a Probabilistic LR Parsing System Through Evaluation

W96-0210: Rebecca Bruce; Janyce Wiebe; Ted Pedersen
The Measure of a Model

W96-0211: Claire Cardie
Automating Feature Set Selection for Case-Based Learning of Linguistic Knowledge

W96-0212: Sharon A. Caraballo; Eugene Charniak
Figures of Merit for Best-First Probabilistic Chart Parsing

W96-0213: Adwait Ratnaparkhi
A Maximum Entropy Model for Part-Of-Speech Tagging

W96-0214: Joshua Goodman
Efficient Algorithms for Parsing the DOP Model

Breadth and Depth of Semantic Lexicons

W96-0300: Front Matter

W96-0301: Evelyne Viegas
Breadth and Depth of Semantic Lexicons - Notes on the Workshop

W96-0302: Leonard Talmy
How language Structures Concepts - an Outline

W96-0303: Ted Briscoe; Ann Copestake
Controlling the Application of Lexical Rules

W96-0304: Jill Burstein; Randy Kaplan; Susanne Wolff; Chi Lu
Using Lexical Semantic Techniques to Classify Free-Responses

W96-0305: Jason J.S. Chang; J.N. Chen
Acquisition of Computational-Semantic Lexicons from Machine Readable Lexical Resources

W96-0306: Bonnie J. Dorr; Doug Jones
Acquisition of Semantic Lexicons: Using Word Sense Disambiguation to Improve Precision

W96-0307: Brendan S. Gillon
The Lexical Semantics of English Count and Mass Nouns

W96-0308: Stephen Helmreich; David Farwell
Lexical Rules is Italicized

W96-0309: Michael Johnston; Federica Busa
Qualia Structure and the Compositional Interpretation of Compounds

W96-0310: Victor Raskin; Sergei Nirenburg
Lexical Rules for Deverbal Adjectives

W96-0311: Onur T. Sehitoglu; H. Cem Bozsahin
Morphological Productivity in the Lexicon

Eighth International Natural Language Generation Workshop

W96-0400: Front Matter

W96-0401: Leo Wanner; Eduard Hovy
The HealthDoc Sentence Planner

W96-0402: Keith Vander Linden; Barbara Di Eugenio
Learning Micro-Planning Rules for Preventive Expressions

W96-0403: Xiaorong Huang; Armin Fiedler
Paraphrasing and Aggregating Argumentative Texts Using Text Structure

W96-0404: Nicolas Nicolov; Chris Mellish; Graeme Ritchie
Approximate Generation from Non-Hierarchical Representations

W96-0405: Michael O'Donnell
Input Specification in the WAG Sentence Generation System

W96-0406: Massimo Fasciano; Guy Lapalme
PostGraphe: A System for the Generation of Statistical Graphics and Text

W96-0407: Svetlana Sheremetyeva; Sergei Nirenburg; Irene Nirenburg
Generating Patent Claims from Interactive Input

W96-0408: Kathleen F. McCoy; Christopher A. Penpington
Considering the Effects of Second Language Learning on Generation

W96-0409: Dilek Zeynep Hakkani; Kemal Oflazer; Ilyas Cicekli
Tactical Generation in a Free Constituent Order Language

W96-0410: Matthew Stone; Christine Doran
Paying Heed to Collocations

W96-0411: Stephan Busemann
Best-First Surface Realization

W96-0412: Ching-Long Yeh
An Evaluation of Anaphor Generation in Chinese

W96-0413: Norman Creaney
An Algorithm for Generating Quantifiers

W96-0414: Farid Cerbah
A Study'of some Lexical Differences between French and Englisfi Instructions in a Multilingual Generation Framework

W96-0415: Manffed Stede
A generative perspecl:ive on verbs and their readings

W96-0416: Alistair Knott; Chris Mellish; Jon Oberlander; Mick O'Donnell
Sources of Flexibility in Dynamic Hypertext Generation

W96-0417: Maria Milosavljevic; Robert Dale
Strategies for Comparison in Encyclopmdia Descriptions

W96-0418: Brigitte Grote
Matchmaking: dialogue modelling and speech generation meet

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Eighth International Natural Language Generation Workshop (Posters and Demonstrations)

W96-0500: Front Matter

W96-0501: Michael Elhadad; Jacques Robin
An Overview of SURGE: a Reusable Comprehensive Syntactic Realization Component

W96-0502: Bruce Jakeway; Chrysanne DiMarco
SPLAT: A sentence-plan authoring tool

W96-0503: Benoit Lavoie; Owen Rambow; Ehud Reiter
The ModelExplainer

W96-0504: Cécile Paris; Keith Vander Linden

W96-0505: Richard Power; Nico Cavallotto
Multilingual generation of administrative forms

W96-0506: Stephen Beale; Sergei Nirenburg
PICARD: The Next Generator

W96-0507: José Coch
Overview of AlethGen

W96-0508: Hercules Dalianis; Eduard Hovy
On Lexical Aggregation and Ordering

W96-0509: Barbara Di Eugenio; Johanna D. Moore
Generating 'Distributed' Referring Expressions: an Initial Report

W96-0510: Beryl Hoffman
Summarization: an Application for NL Generation

W96-0511: Yuen Q. Lin; Robin P. Fawcett
Implementing an Integration of the Systemic Flowchart Model of Dialogue and Rhetorical Structure Theory

W96-0512: Dragomir R. Radev
An Architecture For Distributed Natural Language Summarization

W96-0513: Evelyne Viegas; Stephen Beale
Multilinguality and Reversibility in Computational Semantic Lexicons

W96-0514: Soenke Ziesche
The Computation of the Informational Status of Discourse Entities

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