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Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge from Text
Intentionality and Structure in Discourse Relations
Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1993)

Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge from Text

W93-0100: Front Matter

W93-0101: Thomas Ahlswede; David Lorand
Word Sense Disambiguation by Human Subjects: Computational and Psycholinguistic Applications

W93-0102: Claudia Leacock; Geoffrey Towell; Ellen Voorhees
Towards Building Contextual Representations of Word Senses Using Statistical Models

W93-0103: Youn S. Han; Young Kyoon Han; Ken-Sun Choi
Lexical Concept Acquisition from Collocation Map

W93-0104: David McDonald
Internal and External Evidence in the Identification and Semantic Categorization of Proper Names

W93-0105: Inderjeet Mani; T. Richard Macmillan; Susann Luperfoy; Elaine Lusher; Sharon Laskowski
Identifying Unknown Proper Names in Newswire Text

W93-0106: Marti Hearst; Hinrich Schuetze
Customizing a Lexicon to Better Suit a Computational Task

W93-0107: Roberto Basili; Maria Pazienza; Paola Velardi
Hierarchical Clustering of Verbs

W93-0108: Victor Poznanski; Antonio Sanfilippo
Detecting Dependencies between Semantic Verb Subclasses and Subcategorization Frames in Text Corpora

W93-0109: Akira Ushioda; David Evans; Ted Gibson; Alex Waibel
The Automatic Acquisition of Frequencies of Verb Subcategorization Frames from Tagged Corpora

W93-0110: Chinatsu Aone; Douglas McKee
Acquiring Predicate-Argument Mapping Information from Multilingual Texts

W93-0111: Robert Futrelle; Susan Gauch
Experiments in Syntactic and Semantic Classification and Disambiguation using Bootstrapping

W93-0112: Scott Waterman
Structural Methods for Lexical/Semantic Patterns

W93-0113: Gregory Grefenstette
Evaluation Techniques for Automatic Semantic Extraction: Comparing Syntactic and Window Based Approaches

W93-0114: Woojin Paik; Elizabeth Liddy; Edmund Yu; Mary McKenna
Categorization and Standardizing Proper Nouns for Efficient Information Retrieval

W93-0115: Elena Paskaleva; Kiril Simov; Mariana Damova; Milena Slavcheva
The Long Journey from the Core to the Real Size of Large LDBs

Intentionality and Structure in Discourse Relations

W93-0200: Front Matter

W93-0201: Sandra Carberry; Jennifer Chu; Nancy Green; Lynn Lambert
Rhetorical Relations: Necessary But Not Sufficient

W93-0202: Robert Dale
Rhetoric and Intentions in Discourse

W93-0203: Judy Delin; Donia Scott; Tony Hartley
Knowledge, Intention, Rhetoric: Levels of Variation in Multilingual Instructions

W93-0204: Barbara Di Eugenio
Speaker's Intentions and Beliefs in Negative Imperatives

W93-0205: Chrysanne DiMarco; Graeme Hirst; Marzena Makuta-Giluk
A Goal-Based Grammar of Rhetoric

W93-0206: Robert Granville
An Algorithm for High-Level Organization of Multi-Paragraph Texts

W93-0207: Susan Haller
Planning for Intentions with Rhetorical Relations

W93-0208: Henry Hamburger; Dan Tufis; Raza Hashim
Structuring Two-Medium Dialog for Learning Language and Other Things

W93-0209: Helmut Horacek
From Planning to Actions: Realizing Intentions by Rhetorical Means

W93-0210: Eduard Hovy
In Defense of Syntax: Informational, Intentional, and Rhetorical Structures in Discourse

W93-0211: John Hughes; Kathleen McCoy
Observations and Directions in Text Structure

W93-0212: Margaret Hundleby
"Act promptly, make your god happy": Representation and Rhetorical Relations in Natural Language Generation

W93-0213: Alistair Knott
Using Cue Phrases to Determine Rhetorical Relations

W93-0214: Tanya Korelsky; Richard Kittredge
Towards Stratification of RST

W93-0215: Jong-Gyun Lim
Domain-Dependent and Domain-Independent Rhetorical Relations

W93-0216: Diane J. Litman; Rebecca J. Passonneau
Empirical Evidence for Intention-Based Discourse Segmentation

W93-0217: Karen Lochbaum
The Need for Intentionally-Based Approaches to Language

W93-0218: Susann LuperFoy
Intentions in Bilingual Dialogue Processing

W93-0219: Elisabeth Maier
The Representation of Interdependencies between Communicative Goals and Rhetorical Relations in the Framework of Multimedia Document Generation

W93-0220: Mark Maybury
On Structure and Intention

W93-0221: Elisabeth Maier
Textual Constraints, Rhetorical RElations and Communicative Goals and Rhetorical Relations in the Framework of Multimedia Document Generation

W93-0222: Marie Meteer
Assumption Underlying Discourse Relations: Which Ones are Really There and Where are They?

W93-0223: Ruslan Mitkov
How Could Rhetorical Relations Be Used in Machine Translation?

W93-0224: Vibhu Mittal; Cecile Paris
On the Necessity of Intentions and the Usefulness of Rhetorical Relations: A Position Paper

W93-0225: Megan Moser; Johanna Moore
Investigating Discourse Relations

W93-0226: Jon Oberlander
Intentions, Information, and Inference: Two Rhetorical Questions

W93-0227: Owen Rambow
Rhetoric as Knowledge

W93-0228: Dietmar Rosner
Intentions, Rhetoric, or Discourse Relations ? A Case from Multilingual Document Generation

W93-0229: Daniel Rousseau; Guy Lapalme; Bernard Moulin
A Model of Speech Act Planner Adapted to Multiagent Universes

W93-0230: Ted Sanders
On the Cognitive and Text-Analytic Status of Coherence Relations

W93-0231: Penelope Sibun
Domain Structure, Rhetorical Structure, and Text Structure

W93-0232: Candance Sidner
On Discourse Relations, Rhetorical Relations and Rhetoric

W93-0233: Karen Sparck Jones
Summarising as a Lever for Studying Large-Scale Discourse Structure

W93-0234: Dan Suthers
The Multifaceted Organization of Discourse

W93-0235: David Traum
Rhetorical Relations, Action and Intentionality in Conversation

W93-0236: Jan van Kuppevelt
Intentionality in a Topical Approach of Discourse Structure

W93-0237: Keith Vander Linden
Rhetorical Relations in Instructional Text Generation

W93-0238: Marilyn Walker
Information and Deliberation in Discourse

W93-0239: Janyce Wiebe
Issues in Linguistic Segmentation

W93-0240: Paul Wu Horng Jyh
Closing the Gap Between Discourse Structure and Communicative Intention


W93-0300: Front Matter

W93-0301: Ido Dagan; Kenneth Church; Willian Gale
Robust Bilingual Word Alignment for Machine Aided Translation

W93-0302: Tomek Strzalkowski
Robust Text Processing in Automated Information Retrieval

W93-0303: Elizabeth D. Liddy; Woojin Paik
Document Filtering using Semantic Information from a Machine Readable Dictionary

W93-0304: Jan Cloeren
Toward a Cross-Linguistic Tagset

W93-0305: Chao-Huang Chang; Cheng-der Chen
HMM-Based Part-of-Speech Tagging for Chinese Corpora

W93-0306: Atro Voutilainen
NPtool, a Detector of English Noun Phrases

W93-0307: Philip Resnik; Marti A. Hearst
Structural Ambiguity and Conceptual Relations

W93-0308: T.G. Rose; L.J. Evett
Text Recognition and Collocations and Domain Codes

W93-0309: Elizabeth Breidt
Extraction of V-N-Collocations from Text Corpora: A Feasibility Study for German

W93-0310: Manfred Wettler; Reinhard Rapp
Computation of Word Associations Based on Co-occurrences of Words in Large Corpora

W93-0311: Chao-Huang Chang
Corpus-Based Adaptation Mechanisms for Chinese Homophone Disambiguation

W93-0312: Xiang Tong; Change-ning Huang; Cheng-ming Guo
Example-Based Sense Tagging of Running Chinese Text

W93-0313: Kyoji Umemura; Akihiro Umemura; Etsuko Suzuki
Experience about Compound Dictionary on Computer Networks

Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1993)

W93-04 [bib]: Entire volume

W93-0400: Front Matter

W93-0401 [bib]: Lars Ahrenberg
Topological frames in sign-based grammars

W93-0402 [bib]: Jan Anward
Pieces for a Global Puzzle

W93-0403 [bib]: Björn Beskow
System Architecture and Control in the Multra System

W93-0404 [bib]: Benny Brodda
Automatic Tagging of Turns in the London-Lund Corpus with Respect to Type of Turn

W93-0405 [bib]: Douglass Cutting
Porting a Stochastic Part-of-Speech Tagger to Swedish

W93-0406 [bib]: Martin Eineborg; Björn Gambäck
Tagging Experiments Using Neural Networks

W93-0407 [bib]: Robert Eklund
A Probabilistic Word Class Tagging Module Based On Surface Pattern Matching

W93-0408 [bib]: Björn Gambäck
On Implementing Swedish Tense and Aspect

W93-0409 [bib]: Steffen Leo Hansen
Reasoning with a Domain Model

W93-0410 [bib]: Peter Ingels
Robust Parsing with Charts and Relaxation

W93-0411 [bib]: Per Anker Jensen; Bodil Nistrup Madsen; Annie Stahél; Carl Vikner
From Semantic Representations to SQL Queries

W93-0412 [bib]: Jussi Karlgren; Björn Gambäck; Christer Samuelsson
Clustering Sentences – Making Sense of Synonymous Sentences

W93-0413 [bib]: Arne Larson; Magnus Merkel
Semiotics at Work: Technical Communication and Translation in a Multilingual Corporate Environment

W93-0414 [bib]: Joakim Nivre
Pragmatics Through Context Management

W93-0415 [bib]: Torbjørn Nordgård
On GB Parsing and Semantic Interpretation

W93-0416 [bib]: Ole Norling-Christensen
Methods and Tools for Corpus Lexicography

W93-0417 [bib]: Claus Povlsen
Natural language processing in dialogue systems with spoken input

W93-0418 [bib]: Björn Rauch
Automatisk igenkänning av nominalfraser i löpande text (Automatic recognition of nominal phrases in running text) [In Swedish]

W93-0419 [bib]: Atle Ro
Interlanguage and Set Theory

W93-0420 [bib]: Christer Samuelsson
Morphological Tagging Based Entirely on Bayesian Inference

W93-0421 [bib]: Peter Seipel
Vad jag i min verksamhet som rättsinformatiker och jurist skulle vilja att datorlingvistiken bidrog med (What I in my practice as a legal informatician and lawyer would want that computational linguistics contributed with) [In Swedish]

W93-0422 [bib]: Annie Stahél; Helle Wegener
Domain Modeling and Knowledge Structures

W93-0423 [bib]: Anna Sågvall Hein
Preferences and Linguistic Choices in the Multra Machine Translation System

W93-0424 [bib]: Torben Thrane
Constituency and Semantic Interpretation

W93-0425 [bib]: Martha Thunes
Machine Translation Strategies: A Comparison of F-Structure Transfer and Semantically Based Interlingua

W93-0426 [bib]: Atro Voutilainen
A Noun Phrase Parser of English

W93-0427 [bib]: Margareta Westman
Vad jag i min verksamhet som språkvårdare skulle vilja att datorlingvistiken bidrog med (What I in my practice as a language consultant would want that computational linguistics contributed with) [In Swedish]

W93-0428 [bib]: Jordan Zlatev
From English to PFO: A Formal Semantic Parser