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Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Generation
Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+1)

Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Generation

W90-0100: Front Matter

W90-0101: Kathleen F. McCoy; K. Vijay-Shanker; Gijoo Yang
Using Tree Adjoining Grammars Systemic Framework in the

W90-0102: Stuart M. Shieber; Yves Schabes
Generation and Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammars

W90-0103: Nigel Ward
A Connectionist Treatment of Grammar for Generation: Relying on Emergents

W90-0104: Ehud Reiter
A New Model for Lexical Choice for Open-Class Words

W90-0105: Leo Wanner; John A. Bateman
A collocational based approach to salience-sensitive lexical selection

W90-0106: Susanna Cumming
Natural Discourse Hypothesis Engine

W90-0107: Jim Barnett; Inderjeet Mani
Using Bidirectional Semantic Rules for Generation

W90-0108: John A. Bateman
Upper Modeling: organizing knowledge for natural language processing

W90-0109: Marie W. Meteer
Abstract Linguistic Resources for Text Planning

W90-0110: Mark T. Maybury
Using Discourse Focus, Temporal Focus, and Spatial Focus to Generate Multisentential Text

W90-0111: T. Pattabhiraman; Nick Cercone
Selection: Salience, Relevance and the Coupling between Domain-Level Tasks and Text Planning

W90-0112: Owen Rambow
Domain Communication Knowledge

W90-0113: Ursula Wolz
An Object Oriented Approach to Content Planning for Text Generation

W90-0114: Robert Alan Granville
The Role of Underlying Structure in Text Generation

W90-0115: David J. Mooney; Sandra Carberry; Kathleen F. McCoy
The Basic Block Model of Extended Explanations

W90-0116: Penelope Sibun
The Local Organization of Text

W90-0117: Eduard H. Hovy
Parsimonious and Profligate Approaches to the Question of Discourse Structure Relations

W90-0118: Daniel D. Suthers
Reassessing Rhetorical Abstractions and Planning Mechanisms

W90-0119: Peter van Peek; Robin Cohen
Resolving Plan Ambiguity for Response Generation

W90-0120: Christine DEFRISE; Sergei NIRENBURG
Speaker Attitudes in Text Planning

W90-0121: Ingrid Zukerman
Generating Peripheral Rhetorical Devices by Consulting a User Model

W90-0122: Robin P. Fawcett
The Computer Generation of Speech with Discoursally and Semantically Motivated Intonation

W90-0123: David E. Johnson; Hideo Watanabe
Relational-Grammar-Based Generation in the JETS Japanese-English Machine Translation System

W90-0124: Terry Patten; Daniel S. Stoops
Real-Time Generation from Systemic Grammars

W90-0125: Norman Badler; Mark Steedman; Bonnie Lynn Webber
Narrated Animation: A Case for Generation

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+1)

W90-02: Entire volume

W90-0200: Front Matter

W90-0201 [bib]: Stuart Shieber
Formal properties of Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammars

W90-0202 [bib]: Bela Buschauer; Peter Poller; Anne Schauder; Karin Harbusch
TAGs with Unification

W90-0203 [bib]: Tilman Becker
Metarules in Tree Adjoining Grammars

W90-0204 [bib]: David Weir
Multicomponent Tree Adjoining Grammars

W90-0205 [bib]: K. Vijay-Shanker
Embedded Pushdown Automata

W90-0206 [bib]: Yonggang Guan; Günter Hotz
TAGs by interpreting Context Free Tree Languages

W90-0207 [bib]: Bernard Lang
The systematic construction of Early Parsers: Application to the production of an O(n^6) Early Parser for Tree Adjoining Grammars

W90-0208 [bib]: Yves Schabes
The valid prefix property and parsing Tree Adjoining Grammars

W90-0209 [bib]: Michael Palis; David Wei
Parallel TAG Parsing on the Connection Machine

W90-0210 [bib]: GerardKempen Koenraad DeSmedt
Tree Adjoining Grammar, Segment Grammar and Incremental Sentence Generation

W90-0211 [bib]: Wolfgang Finkler
Incremental Natural Language Generation with TAGs in the WIP project

W90-0212 [bib]: David McDonald; Mary Meteer
Implications of Tree Adjoining Grammar for Natural Language Generation

W90-0213 [bib]: Sharon Cote
Features in a Lexicalized TAG for English

W90-0214 [bib]: Anthony Kroch; Beatrice Santorini; Aravind Joshi
A TAG analysis of the Third construction in German

W90-0215 [bib]: Anne Abeillé
French and english determiners: Interaction of morphology, syntax and semantics in Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammars

W90-0216 [bib]: Kuniaki Uehara
Japanese Tree Adjoining Grammar and its Application to On-Line Help System NeoAssist

W90-0217 [bib]: Aravind Joshi
Coordination in TAG in the manner of CCG (Combinatory Category Grammars): Fixed vs. Flexible Phrase Structure