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Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL 2018)
Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Computatinal Linguistics of Uralic Languages
Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2018

Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL 2018)

W18-01 [bib]: Entire volume

W18-0100: Front Matter

W18-0101 [bib]: Evan Jaffe; Cory Shain; William Schuler
Coreference and Focus in Reading Times

W18-0102 [bib]: Adam Goodkind; Klinton Bicknell
Predictive power of word surprisal for reading times is a linear function of language model quality

W18-0103 [bib]: Pyeong Whan Cho; Matthew Goldrick; Richard L. Lewis; Paul Smolensky
Dynamic encoding of structural uncertainty in gradient symbols

W18-0104 [bib]: Laura Gwilliams; David Poeppel; Alec Marantz; Tal Linzen
Phonological (un)certainty weights lexical activation

W18-0105 [bib]: Filip Miscevic; Aida Nematzadeh; Suzanne Stevenson
Predicting and Explaining Human Semantic Search in a Cognitive Model

W18-0106 [bib]: Yevgen Matusevych; Amir Ardalan Kalantari Dehaghi; Suzanne Stevenson
Modeling bilingual word associations as connected monolingual networks

W18-0107 [bib]: Samira Abnar; Rasyan Ahmed; Max Mijnheer; Willem Zuidema
Experiential, Distributional and Dependency-based Word Embeddings have Complementary Roles in Decoding Brain Activity

W18-0108 [bib]: K.J. Savinelli; Greg Scontras; Lisa Pearl
Exactly two things to learn from modeling scope ambiguity resolution: Developmental continuity and numeral semantics

Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Computatinal Linguistics of Uralic Languages

W18-02 [bib]: Entire volume

W18-0200: Front Matter

W18-0201 [bib]: Niko Partanen; Kyungtae Lim; Michael Rießler; Thierry Poibeau
Dependency Parsing of Code-Switching Data with Cross-Lingual Feature Representations

W18-0202 [bib]: Seppo Nyrkkö
Building a Finnish SOM-based ontology concept tagger and harvester

W18-0203 [bib]: Timofey Arkhangelskiy; Ekaterina Georgieva
Sound-aligned corpus of Udmurt dialectal texts

W18-0204 [bib]: Zsanett Ferenczi; Iván Mittelholcz; Eszter Simon
Automatic Generation of Wiktionary Entries for Finno-Ugric Minority Languages

W18-0205 [bib]: Mika Hämäläinen; Jack Rueter
Development of an Open Source Natural Language Generation Tool for Finnish

W18-0206 [bib]: Kimmo Koskenniemi
Guessing lexicon entries using finite-state methods

W18-0207 [bib]: Johannes Bjerva; Isabelle Augenstein
Tracking Typological Traits of Uralic Languages in Distributed Language Representations

W18-0208 [bib]: Juho Leinonen; Peter Smit; Sami Virpioja; Mikko Kurimo
New Baseline in Automatic Speech Recognition for Northern Sámi

W18-0209 [bib]: Miikka Silfverberg; Mans Hulden
Initial Experiments in Data-Driven Morphological Analysis for Finnish

W18-0210 [bib]: Jack Rueter; Francis Tyers
Towards an open-source universal-dependency treebank for Erzya

W18-0211 [bib]: László Fejes
Utilization of Nganasan digital resources: a statistical approach to vowel harmony

W18-0212 [bib]: Heiki-Jaan Kaalep
Parallel Forms in Estonian Finite State Morphology

W18-0213 [bib]: Joshua Wilbur
Extracting inflectional class assignment in Pite Saami: Nouns, verbs and those pesky adjectives

W18-0214 [bib]: Atro Voutilainen; Maria Palolahti
Analysing Finnish with word lists: the DDI approach to morphology revisited

Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2018

W18-0300: Front Matter

W18-0301 [notes] [dataset]: Émile Enguehard; Edward Flemming; Giorgio Magri
Statistical Learning Theory and Linguistic Typology: a Learnability Perspective on OT's Strict Domination

W18-0302: Adam Goodkind; Michelle Lee; Gary E. Martin; Molly Losh; Klinton Bicknell
Detecting Language Impairments in Autism: A Computational Analysis of Semi-structured Conversations with Vector Semantics

W18-0303: Thomas Graf
Grammar Size and Quantitative Restrictions on Movement

W18-0304: Liwen Hou; David Smith
Modeling the Decline in English Passivization

W18-0305: Jordan Kodner
Syntactic Category Learning as Iterative Prototype-Driven Clustering

W18-0306: Steven Abney
A bidirectional mapping between English and CNF-based reasoners

W18-0307: Alena Aksenova; Sanket Deshmukh
Formal Restrictions On Multiple Tiers

W18-0308: Shohini Bhattasali; John Hale; Christophe Pallier; Jonathan Brennan; Wen-Ming Luh; R. Nathan Spreng
Differentiating Phrase Structure Parsing and Memory Retrieval in the Brain

W18-0309: Jonathan Dunn
Modeling the Complexity and Descriptive Adequacy of Construction Grammars

W18-0310: Andrew Lamont
Decomposing phonological transformations in serial derivations

W18-0311: Richard T. McCoy; Robert Frank
Phonologically Informed Edit Distance Algorithms for Word Alignment with Low-Resource Languages

W18-0312: Elliott Moreton
Conditions on abruptness in a gradient-ascent Maximum Entropy learner

W18-0313: Natalie M. Schrimpf
Using Rhetorical Topics for Automatic Summarization

W18-0314: Miikka P. Silfverberg; Lingshuang Mao; Mans Hulden
Sound Analogies with Phoneme Embeddings

W18-0315: Kristina Strother-Garcia
Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Berber Syllabification is Quantifier-Free

W18-0316: Mai Ha Vu
Towards a Formal Description of NPI-licensing Patterns

W18-0317: Shiying Yang; Chelsea Sanker; Uriel Cohen Priva
The Organization of Lexicons: a Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Monosyllabic Words