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Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Effective Tools and Methodologies for Teaching Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics
Proceedings of the Third SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Natural Language Processing in the Biomedical Domain
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Automatic Summarization
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Morphological and Phonological Learning
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Speech-to-Speech Translation: Algorithms and Systems
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Word Sense Disambiguation: Recent Successes and Future Directions
Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition
Proceedings of the 2002 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2002)
COLING-02: SEMANET: Building and Using Semantic Networks
COLING-02: The 3rd Workshop on Asian Language Resources and International Standardization
COLING-02: A Roadmap for Computational Linguistics
COLING-02: COMPUTERM 2002: Second International Workshop on Computational Terminology
COLING-02: Grammar Engineering and Evaluation
COLING-02: Machine Translation in Asia
COLING-02: The 2nd Workshop on NLP and XML (NLPXML-2002)
COLING-02: The First SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing
COLING-02: Multilingual Summarization and Question Answering
COLING-02: The 6th Conference on Natural Language Learning 2002 (CoNLL-2002)
Proceedings of the International Natural Language Generation Conference
Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+6)

Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Effective Tools and Methodologies for Teaching Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics

W02-0100: Front Matter

W02-0101 [bib]: Hans van Halteren
Teaching NLP/CL through Games: the Case of Parsing

W02-0102 [bib]: Jason Eisner
An Interactive Spreadsheet for Teaching the Forward-Backward Algorithm

W02-0103 [bib]: W. Detmar Meurers; Gerald Penn; Frank Richter
A Web-based Instructional Platform for Contraint-Based Grammar Formalisms and Parsing

W02-0104 [bib]: Robert Dale; Diego Mollá Aliod; Rolf Schwitter
Evangelising Language Technology: A Practically-Focussed Undergraduate Program

W02-0105 [bib]: Lillian Lee
A non-programming introduction to computer science via NLP,IR,and AI

W02-0106 [bib]: Robert Frederking; Eric H. Nyberg; Teruko Mitamura; Jaime G. Carbonell
Design and Evolution of a Language Technologies Curriculum

W02-0107 [bib]: Deryle Lonsdale
A niche at the nexus: situating an NLP curriculum interdisciplinarily

W02-0108 [bib]: Kalina Bontcheva; Hamish Cunningham; Valentin Tablan; Diana Maynard; Oana Hamza
Using GATE as an Environment for Teaching NLP

W02-0109 [bib]: Edward Loper; Steven Bird
NLTK: The Natural Language Toolkit

W02-0110 [bib]: Shuly Wintner
Formal Language Theory for Natural Language Processing

W02-0111 [bib]: Matthew Stone
Lexicalized Grammar 101

W02-0112 [bib]: Mare Koit; Tiit Roosmaa; Haldur Õim
Teaching Computational Linguistics at the University of Tartu: Experience, Perspectives and Challenges

Proceedings of the Third SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

W02-0200: Front Matter

W02-0201 [bib]: Nate Blaylock; James Allen; George Ferguson
Synchronization in an Asynchronous Agent-based architecture for Dialogue Systems

W02-0202 [bib]: Shiao Ying; Sharon Chu
The Prosodic Transcription of a Corpus of Hong Kong English - Collection Criteria,Transcription System and Preliminary Findings

W02-0203 [bib]: Raquel Fernandez; Jonathan Ginzburg
Non-Sentential Utterances in Dialogue: A: Corpus-Based Study

W02-0204 [bib]: Kate Forbes; Bonnie Webber
A Semantic Account of Adverbials as Discourse Connectives

W02-0205 [bib]: Michael Glass; Barbara Di Eugenio
MUP - The UIC Standoff Markup Tool

W02-0206 [bib]: Nancy Green
An Experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of cross-media cues in computer media

W02-0207 [bib]: Iryna Gurevych; Robert Porzel; Michael Strube
Annotating the Semantic Consistency of Speech Recognition Hypotheses

W02-0208 [bib]: Peter A. Heeman; Fan Yang; Susan E. Strayer
DialogueView - An Annotation Tool for Dialogue

W02-0209 [bib]: Judith Hochberg; Nanda Kambhatla; Salim Roukos
A Flexible Framework for Developing Mixed-Initiative Dialog Systems

W02-0210 [bib]: Kristiina Jokinen; Antti Kerminen; Tommi Lagus; Jukka Kuusisto; Graham Wilcock; Markku Turunen; Jaakko Hakulinen; Krista Jauhiainen
Adaptive Dialogue Systems - Interaction with Interact

W02-0211 [bib]: Pamela W. Jordan; Kurt VanLehn
Discourse Processing for Explanatory Essays in Tutorial Applications

W02-0212 [bib]: Elena Karagjosova; Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova
Conditional responses in information-seeking dialogues

W02-0213 [bib]: Simon Keizer; Rieks op den Akker; Anton Nijholt
Dialogue Act Recognition with Bayesian Networks for Dutch Dialogues

W02-0214 [bib]: Krista Lagus; Jukka Kuusisto
Topic Identification in Natural Language Dialogues Using Neural Networks

W02-0215 [bib]: Staffan Larsson
Issues under negotiation

W02-0216 [bib]: Oliver Lemon; Alexander Gruenstein; Alexis Battle; Stanley Peters
Multi-tasking and Collaborative Activities in Dialogue Systems

W02-0217 [bib]: Oliver Lemon; Prashant Parikh; Stanley Peters
Probabilistic Dialogue Modelling

W02-0218 [bib]: William Mann
Dialogue Macrogame Theory

W02-0219 [bib]: Sebastian Möller
A new Taxonomy for the Quality of Telephone Services Based on Spoken Dialogue Systems

W02-0220 [bib]: Robert Porzel; Iryna Gurevych
Towards Context-adaptive Utterance Interpretation

W02-0221 [bib]: Rashmi Prasad; Marilyn Walker
Training a Dialogue Act Tagger for Human-human and Human-computer Travel dialogues

W02-0222 [bib]: Matthew Purver
Processing Unknown Words in a Dialogue System

W02-0223 [bib]: Ronnie Smith; Brian Manning; Jon Rogers; Brian Adams; Mujibur Abdul; Amaury Alvarez
A Dialog Architecture for Military Story Capture

W02-0224 [bib]: Atsue Takeoka; Atsushi Shimojima
Grounding styles of aged dyads - an exploratory study

W02-0225 [bib]: Mary McGee Wood; Richard Craggs; Ian Fletcher; Peter Maguire
Rare Dialogue Acts in Oncology Consultations

W02-0226 [bib]: Weiqun Xu; Bo Xu; Taiyi Huang; Hairong Xia
Bridging the Gap between Dialogue management and dialogue models

W02-0227 [bib]: Ingrid Zukerman; Sarah George
A Minimum Message Length Approach for Argument Interpretation

Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Natural Language Processing in the Biomedical Domain

W02-0300: Front Matter

W02-0301 [bib]: Jun'ichi Kazama; Takaki Makino; Yoshihiro Ohta; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Tuning support vector machines for biomedical named entity recognition

W02-0302 [bib]: Lorraine Tanabe; W. John Wilbur
Tagging gene and protein names in full text articles

W02-0303 [bib]: K. Bretonnel Cohen; Andrew Dolbey; George Acquaah-Mensah; Lawrence Hunter
Contrast and variability in gene names

W02-0304 [bib]: Pierre Zweigenbaum; Natalia Grabar
Accenting unknown words in a specialized language

W02-0305 [bib]: Lee Christensen; Peter Haug; Marcelo Fiszman
MPLUS: a probabilistic medical language understanding system

W02-0306 [bib]: David Campbell; Stephen Johnson
A transformational-based learner for dependency grammars in discharge summaries

W02-0307 [bib]: Gail Sinclair; Bonnie Webber; Duncan Davidson
Enhanced natural language access to anatomically-indexed data

W02-0308 [bib]: Olivier Bodenreider; Thomas Rindflesch; Anita Burgun
Unsupervised,corpus-based method for extending a biomedical terminology

W02-0309 [bib]: Stefan Schultz; Martin Honeck; Udo Hahn
Biomedical text retrieval in languages with a complex morphology

W02-0310 [bib]: Eneida Mendonca; Stephen Johnson; Yoon-ho Seol; James Cimino
Analyzing the Semantics of patient data to rank records of literature retrieval

W02-0311 [bib]: George Demetriou; Robert Gaizauskas
Utilizing text mining results: The Pasta Web System

W02-0312 [bib]: James Pustejovsky; José Wei Luo; Castaño; Jason Zhang; Roser Saurí
Medstract: creating large-scale information servers from biomedical texts

Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Automatic Summarization

W02-0400: Front Matter

W02-0401 [bib]: Miles Osborne
Using maximum entropy for sentence extraction

W02-0402 [bib]: Michael White; Claire Cardie
Selecting sentences for multidocument summaries using randomized local search

W02-0403 [bib]: Diana Maynard; Kalina Bontcheva; Horacio Saggion; Hamish Cunningham; Oana Hamza
Using a text engineering framework to build an extendable and portable IE-based summarisation system

W02-0404 [bib]: Jahna C. Otterbacher; Dragomir R. Radev; Airong Luo
Revisions that improve cohesion in multi-document summaries: a preliminary study

W02-0405 [bib]: Mark Wasson
Using summaries in document retrieval

W02-0406 [bib]: Chin-Yew Lin; Eduard Hovy
Manual and automatic evaluation of summaries

Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages

W02-0500: Front Matter

W02-0501 [bib]: Aaron Macks
Parsing Akkadian Verbs with Prolog

W02-0502 [bib]: Raphael Finkel; Gregory Stump
Generating Hebrew Verb Morphology by Default Inheritance Hierarchies

W02-0503 [bib]: Saleem Abuleil; Khalid Alsamara; Martha Evens
Acquisition System for Arabic Noun Morphology

W02-0504 [bib]: Ya'akov Gal
An HMM Approach to Vowel Restoration in Arabic and Hebrew

W02-0505 [bib]: Yaser Al-Onaizan; Kevin Knight
Machine Transliteration of Names in Arabic Texts

W02-0506 [bib]: Kareem Darwish
Building a Shallow Arabic Morphological Analyser in One Day

W02-0507 [bib]: Bassam Hammo; Hani Abu-Salem; Steven Lytinen; Martha Evens
QARAB: A: Question Answering System to Support the Arabic Language

W02-0508 [bib]: Uzzi Ornan
A Morphological,Syntactic,and Semantic Search Engine for Hebrew Texts

W02-0509 [bib]: Dror Kamir; Naama Soreq; Yoni Neeman
A Comprehensive NLP System for Modern Standard Arabic and Modern Hebrew

Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Morphological and Phonological Learning

W02-0600: Front Matter

W02-0601 [bib]: Utpal Sharma; Jugal Kalita; Rajib Das
Unsupervised Learning of Morphology for Building Lexicon for a Highly Inflectional Language

W02-0602 [bib]: Matthew G. Snover; Gaja E. Jarosz; Michael R. Brent
Unsupervised Learning of Morphology Using a Novel Directed Search Algorithm: Taking the First Step

W02-0603 [bib]: Mathias Creutz; Krista Lagus
Unsupervised Discovery of Morphemes

W02-0604 [bib]: Sylvain Neuvel; Sean A. Fulop
Unsupervised Learning of Morphology Without Morphemes

W02-0605 [bib]: Mikhail Belkin; John Goldsmith
Using eigenvectors of the bigram graph to infer morpheme identity

W02-0606 [bib]: Marco Baroni; Johannes Matiasek; Harald Trost
Unsupervised discovery of morphologically related words based on orthographic and semantic similarity

W02-0607 [bib]: Adam Albright; Bruce Hayes
Modeling English Past Tense Intuitions with Minimal Generalization

W02-0608 [bib]: Karin Müller
Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars for Phonology

Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Speech-to-Speech Translation: Algorithms and Systems

W02-0700: Front Matter

W02-0701 [bib]: Eiichiro Sumita
Corpus-Centered Computation

W02-0702 [bib]: Takayuki Nakata; Takahiro Ikeda; Shinichi Ando; Akitoshi Okumura
Topic Detection Based on Dialogue History

W02-0703 [bib]: Chad Langley; Alon Lavie; Lori Levin; Dorcas Wallace; Donna Gates; Kay Peterson
Spoken Language Parsing Using Phrase-Level Grammars and Trainable Classifiers

W02-0704 [bib]: Genichiro Kikui; Hirofumi Yamamoto
Finding Translation Pairs from English-Japanese Untokenized Aligned Corpora

W02-0705 [bib]: Hiyan Alshawi; Shona Douglas
Speech Translation Performance of Statistical Dependency Transduction and Semantic Similarity Transduction

W02-0706 [bib]: Francisco Casacuberta; Enrique Vidal; Juan Miguel Vilar
Architectures for Speech-to-Speech Translation Using Finite-state Models

W02-0707 [bib]: Koji Murakami; Makoto Hiroshige; Kenji Araki; Koji Tochinai
Evaluation of Direct Speech Translation Method Using Inductive Learning for Conversations in the Travel Domain

W02-0708 [bib]: Lori Levin; Donna Gates; Dorcas Pianta; Roldano Cattoni; Nadia Mana; Kay Peterson; Alon Lavie; Fabio Pianesi
Balancing Expressiveness and Simplicity in an Interlingua for Task Based Dialogue

W02-0709 [bib]: Chengqing Zong; Bo Xu; Taiyi Huang
Interactive Chinese-to-English Speech Translation Based on Dialogue Management

W02-0710 [bib]: Manny Rayner; Pierrette Bouillon
A Flexible Speech to Speech Phrasebook Translator

W02-0711 [bib]: Robert E. Frederking; Alan W Eric Steinbrecher; Ralf D. Brown; Alexander Rudnicky; John Moody
Speech Translation on a Tight Budget without Enough Data

W02-0712 [bib]: Takahiro Ikeda; Shinichi Ando; Kenji Satoh; Akitoshi Okumura
Automatic Interpretation System Integrating Free-Style Sentence Translation and Parallel Text Based Translation

W02-0713 [bib]: Sherri Condon; Keith Miller
Sharing Problems and Solutions for Machine Translation of Spoken and Written Interaction

W02-0714 [bib]: Tanja Schultz; Qin Jin; Kornel Laskowski; Alicia Tribble; Alex Waibel
Improvements in Non-Verbal Cue Identification Using Multilingual Phone Strings

W02-0715 [bib]: Fumiaki Sugaya; Yoshiyuki Takezawa; Seiichi Yamamoto; Keiji Yasuda
Quality-Sensitive Test Set Selection for a Speech Translation System

W02-0716 [bib]: Kurt Godden
Towards a Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation Quality Metric

W02-0717 [bib]: Alon Lavie; Florian Metze; Roldano Cattoni; Erica Costantini
A Multi-Perspective Evaluation of the NESPOLE! Speech-to-Speech Translation System

W02-0718 [bib]: Gianni Lazzari
The VI Framework Program in Europe: Some Thoughts About Speech to Speech Translation Research

Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Word Sense Disambiguation: Recent Successes and Future Directions

W02-0800: Front Matter

W02-0801 [bib]: Eneko Agirre; Mikel Lersundi; David Martinez
A Multilingual Approach to Disambiguate Prepositions and Case Suffixes

W02-0802 [bib]: Kenneth C. Litkowski
Digraph Analysis of Dictionary Preposition definition

W02-0803 [bib]: Alda Mari
Under-specification and contextual variability of abstract

W02-0804 [bib]: Emmanuelle Cannesson; Patrick Saint-Dizier
Defining and Representing Preposition Senses: a preliminary analysis

W02-0805 [bib]: Irina Chugur; Julio Gonzalo; Felisa Verdejo
A Study of Polysemy and Sense Proximity in the Senseval-2 Test Suite

W02-0806 [bib]: Ted Pedersen
Assessing System Agreement and Instance Difficulty in the Lexical

W02-0807 [bib]: Kenneth C. Litkowski
Sense Information for Disambiguation: Confluence of Supervised and Unsupervised Methods

W02-0808 [bib]: Nancy Ide; Tomaz Erjavec; Dan Tufis
Sense Discrimination with Parallel Corpora

W02-0809 [bib]: Antal van den Bosch; Iris Hendrickx; Veronique Hoste; Walter Daelemans
Dutch Word Sense Disambiguation: Optimizing the Localness of Context

W02-0810 [bib]: Radu Florian; Richard Wicentowski
Unsupervised Italian Word Sense Disambiguation using WordNets and Unlabeled Corpora

W02-0811 [bib]: Dan Klein; Kristina Toutanova; H. Tolga Ilhan; Sepandar D. Kamvar; Christopher D. Manning
Combining Heterogeneous Classifiers for Word Sense Disambiguation

W02-0812 [bib]: Ted Pedersen
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Ensembles of Decision Trees

W02-0813 [bib]: Hoa Trang Dang; Martha Palmer
Combining Contextual Features for Word Sense Disambiguation

W02-0814 [bib]: Veronique Hoste; Walter Daelemans; Iris Hendrickx; Antal van den Bosch
Evaluating the results of a memory-based word-expert approach to unrestricted word sense disambiguation

W02-0815 [bib]: Judita Preiss; Anna Korhonen
Improving Subcategorization Acquisition with WSD

W02-0816 [bib]: Diana McCarthy
Lexical Substitution as a Task for WSD Evaluation

W02-0817 [bib]: Timothy Chklovski; Rada Mihalcea
Building a Sense Tagged Corpus with Open Mind Word Expert

Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition

W02-0900: Front Matter

W02-0901 [bib]: Youngja Park
Identification of Probable Real Words: An Entropy-based Approach

W02-0902 [bib]: Philipp Koehn; Kevin Knight
Learning a Translation Lexicon from Monolingual Corpora

W02-0903 [bib]: Massimiliano Ciaramita
Boosting automatic lexical acquisition with morphological information

W02-0904 [bib]: Sara Rydin
Building a hyponymy lexicon with hierarchical structure

W02-0905 [bib]: Pablo Gamallo; Alexandre Agustini; Gabriel P. Lopes
Using Co-Composition for Acquiring Syntactic and Semantic Subcategorisation

W02-0906 [bib]: Izaskun Aldezabal; Maxux Aranzabe; Koldo Gojenola; Kepa Sarasola; Aitziber Atutxa
Learning Argument/Adjunct Dictinction for Basque

W02-0907 [bib]: Anna Korhonen
Semantically Motivated Subcategorization Acquisition

W02-0908 [bib]: James R. Curran; Marc Moens
Improvements in Automatic Thesaurus Extraction

W02-0909 [bib]: Diana Zaiu Inkpen; Graeme Hirst
Acquiring Collocations for Lexical Choice between Near-Synonyms

Proceedings of the 2002 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2002)

W02-1000: Front Matter

W02-1001 [bib]: Michael Collins
Discriminative Training Methods for Hidden Markov Models: Theory and Experiments with Perceptron Algorithms

W02-1002 [bib]: Dan Klein; Christopher D. Manning
Conditional Structure versus Conditional Estimation in NLP Models

W02-1003 [bib]: Joshua Goodman
An Incremental Decision List Learner

W02-1004 [bib]: Radu Florian; David Yarowsky
Modeling Consensus: Classifier Combination for Word Sense Disambiguation

W02-1005 [bib]: Silviu Cucerzan; David Yarowsky
Augmented Mixture Models for Lexical Disambiguation

W02-1006 [bib]: Yoong Keok Lee; Hwee Tou Ng
An Empirical Evaluation of Knowledge Sources and Learning Algorithms for Word Sense Disambiguation

W02-1007 [bib]: Donald Engel; Eugene Charniak; Mark Johnson
Parsing and Disfluency Placement

W02-1008 [bib]: Vincent Ng; Claire Cardie
Combining Sample Selection and Error-Driven Pruning for Machine Learning of Coreference Rules

W02-1009 [bib]: Jason Eisner
Transformational Priors Over Grammars

W02-1010 [bib]: Dmitry Zelenko; Chinatsu Aone; Anthony Richardella
Kernel Methods for Relation Extraction

W02-1011 [bib]: Bo Pang; Lillian Lee; Shivakumar Vaithyanathan
Thumbs up? Sentiment Classification using Machine Learning Techniques

W02-1012 [bib]: Kristina Toutanova; H. Tolga Ilhan; Christopher Manning
Extentions to HMM-based Statistical Word Alignment Models

W02-1013 [bib]: Noah A. Smith
From Words to Corpora: Recognizing Translation

W02-1014 [bib]: Carlos A. Prolo
Fast LR parsing Using Rich (Tree Adjoining) Grammars

W02-1015 [bib]: Don Blaheta
Handling Noisy Training and Testing Data

W02-1016 [bib]: Chris Brew; Sabine Schulte im Walde
Spectral Clustering for German Verbs

W02-1017 [bib]: William Phillips; Ellen Riloff
Exploiting Strong Syntactic Heuristics and Co-Training to Learn Semantic Lexicons

W02-1018 [bib]: Daniel Marcu; Daniel Wong
A Phrase-Based,Joint Probability Model for Statistical Machine Translation

W02-1019 [bib]: Shankar Kumar; William Byrne
Minimum Bayes-Risk Word Alignments of Bilingual Texts

W02-1020 [bib]: George Foster; Philippe Langlais; Guy Lapalme
User-Friendly Text Prediction For Translators

W02-1021 [bib]: Nicola Ueffing; Franz Josef Och; Hermann Ney
Generation of Word Graphs in Statistical Machine Translation

W02-1022 [bib]: Regina Barzilay; Lillian Lee
Bootstrapping Lexical Choice via Multiple-Sequence Alignment

W02-1023 [bib]: Carl Sable; Kathleen McKeown; Kenneth Church
NLP Found Helpful (at least for one Text Categorization Task)

W02-1024 [bib]: Jennifer Chu-Carroll; John Prager; Yael Ravin; Christian Cesar
A Hybrid Approach to Natural Language Web Search

W02-1025 [bib]: Atsushi Fujii; Katunobu Itou; Tetsuya Ishikawa
A Method for Open-Vocabulary Speech-Driven Text Retrieval

W02-1026 [bib]: Fumiyo Fukumoto; Yoshimi Suzuki
Manipulating Large Corpora for Text Classification

W02-1027 [bib]: Katja Markert; Malvina Nissim
Metonymy Resolution as a Classification Task

W02-1028 [bib]: Michael Thelen; Ellen Riloff
A Bootstrapping Method for Learning Semantic Lexicons using Extraction Pattern Contexts

W02-1029 [bib]: James Curran
Ensemble Methods for Automatic Thesaurus Extraction

W02-1030 [bib]: Frank Keller; Maria Lapata; Olga Ourioupina
Using the Web to Overcome Data Sparseness

W02-1031 [bib]: Wen Wang; Mary P. Harper
The SuperARV Language Model: Investigating the Effectiveness of Tightly Integrating Multiple Knowledge Sources

W02-1032 [bib]: Jianfeng Gao; Hisami Suzuki; Yang Wen
Exploiting Headword Dependency and Predictive Clustering for Language Modeling

W02-1033 [bib]: Eric Brill; Susan Dumais; Michele Banko
An Analysis of the AskMSR Question-Answering System

W02-1034 [bib]: Krzysztof Czuba; John Prager; Jennifer Chu-Carroll
A Machine-Learning Approach to Introspection in a Question Answering System

W02-1035 [bib]: Narendra Gupta; Srinivas Bangalore
Extracting Clauses for Spoken Language Understanding in Conversational Systems

W02-1036 [bib]: Takehito Utsuro; Manabu Sassano; Kiyotaka Uchimoto
Combining Outputs of Multiple Japanese Named Entity Chunkers by Stacking

W02-1037 [bib]: Dragos Stefan Munteanu; Daniel Marcu
Processing Comparable Corpora With Bilingual Suffix Trees

W02-1038 [bib]: Marcello Federico; Nicola Bertoldi; Vanessa Sandrini
Bootstrapping Named Entity Recognition for Italian Broadcast News

W02-1039 [bib]: Heidi Fox
Phrasal Cohesion and Statistical Machine Translation

W02-1040 [bib]: Michael Strube; Stefan Rapp; Christoph Müller
The Influence of Minimum Edit Distance on Reference Resolution

W02-1041 [bib]: Martin Jansche; Steven Abney
Information Extraction from Voicemail Transcripts

COLING-02: SEMANET: Building and Using Semantic Networks

W02-1100: Front Matter

W02-1101: R. Basili; R. Catizone; L. Padro; M.T. Pazienza; G. Rigau; A. Setzer; N. Webb; F. Zanzotto
Knowledge-Based Multilingual Document Analysis

W02-1102: Echa Chang; Chu-Ren Huang; Sue-Jin Ker; Chang-Hua Yang
Induction of Classification from Lexicon Expansion: Assigning Domain Tags to WordNet Entries

W02-1103: Javier Farreres; Horacio Rodríguez; Karina Gibert
Semiautomatic Creation of Taxonomies

W02-1104: Pascale Fung
Semantic Networks: the Path to Profitability

W02-1105: Eduard Hovy
Building Semantic/Ontological Knowledge by Text Mining

W02-1106: Chu-Ren Huang; I-Ju E. Tseng; Dylan B.S. Tsai
Translating Lexical Semantic Relations: The First Step towards Multilingual Wordnets

W02-1107: Kyoko Kanzaki; Qing Ma; Masaki Murata; Hitoshi Isahara
Classification of Adjectival and Non-adjectival Nouns Based on their Semantic Behavior by Using a Self-Organizing Semantic Map

W02-1108: Anna Korhonen
Assigning Verbs to Semantic Classes via WordNet

W02-1109: Bernardo Magnini; Matteo Negri; Roberto Prevete; Hristo Tanev
A WordNet-Based Approach to Named Entites Recognition

W02-1110: Mathieu Mangeot-Lerebours; Gilles Sérasset; Frédéric Andrès
Frameworks, Implementation and Open Problems for the Collaborative Building of a Multilingual Lexical Database

W02-1111: Gideon S. Mann
Fine-Grained Proper Noun Ontologies for Question Answering

W02-1112: Josef Meyer; Robert Dale
Using the WordNet Hierarchy for Associative Anaphora Resolution

W02-1113: Thierry Poibeau; Dominique Dutoit
Generating Extraction Patterns from a Large Semantic Network and an Untagged Corpus

W02-1114: Takuya Sakaguchi; Shun Ishizaki
A Japanese Semantic Network Built on a Pulsed Neural Network with Encoding Associative Concept Dictionaries

W02-1115: Kyoji Umemura
Selecting the Most Highly Correlated Pairs within a Large Vocabulary

W02-1116: Ping Wai Wong; Yongsheng Yang
A Maximum Entropy Approach to HowNet-Based Chinese Word Sense Disambiguation

W02-1117: Lixin Zhou; Qun Liu
A Character-net Based Chinese Text Segmentation Method

W02-1118: Michael Zock
Sorry, What Was Your Name Again, or How to Overcome the tip-of-the tongue Problem with the Help of a Computer?

COLING-02: The 3rd Workshop on Asian Language Resources and International Standardization

W02-1200: Front Matter

W02-1201: Dara Becker; Kashif Riaz
A Study in Urdu Corpus Construction

W02-1202: Akshar Bharati; Rajeev Sangal; Vineet Chaitanya; Amba Kulkarni; Dipti Misra Sharma; K.V. Ramakrishnamacharyulu
AnnCorra: Building Tree-banks in Indian Languages

W02-1203: Miriam Butt; Tracy Holloway King
Urdu and the Parallel Grammar Project

W02-1204: Nicoletta Calzolari; Alessandro Lenci; Francesca Bertagna; Antonio Zampolli
Broadening the Scope of the EAGLES/ISLE Lexical Standardization Initiative

W02-1205: Ru-Yng Chang; Chu-Ren Huang
OLACMS: Comparisons and Applications in Chinese and Formosan Languages

W02-1206: Jack Halpern
Lexicon-based Orthographic Disambiguation in CJK Intelligent Information Retrieval

W02-1207: Asanee Kawtrakul; Mukda Suktarachan; Patcharee Varasai; Hutchatai Chanlekha
A State of the Art of Thai Language Resources and Thai Language Behavior Analysis and Modeling

W02-1208: Do-Gil Lee; Sang-Zoo Lee; Hae-Chang Rim; Heui-Seok Lim
Automatic Word Spacing Using Hidden Markov Model for Refining Korean Text Corpora

W02-1209: Qin Lu; Shiu Tong Chan; Yin Li; Ngai Ling Li
Decomposition for ISO/IEC 10646 Ideographic Characters

W02-1210: Melanie Siegel; Emily M. Bender
Efficient Deep Processing of Japanese

W02-1211: Le Sun; Song Xue; Weimin Qu; Xiaofeng Wang; ufang Sun
Constructing of a Large-Scale Chinese-English Parallel Corpus

COLING-02: A Roadmap for Computational Linguistics

W02-1300: Front Matter

W02-1301: Niels Ole Bernsen
Speech-Related Technologies - Where Will the Field Go in 10 Years?

W02-1302: Andreas Eisele; Dorothea Ziegler-Eisele
Towards a Road Map on Human Language Technology: Natural Language Processing

W02-1303: Victor Raskin; Sergei Nirenburg; Mikhail J. Atallah; Christian F. Hempelmann; Katrina E. Triezenberg
Why NLP Should Move into IAS

W02-1304: German Rigau; Bernardo Magnini; Eneko Agirre; Piek Vossen; John Carroll
MEANING: a Roadmap to Knowledge Technologies

COLING-02: COMPUTERM 2002: Second International Workshop on Computational Terminology

W02-1400: Front Matter

W02-1401: Alan M. Buckeridge; Richard F. E. Sutcliffe
Disambiguating Noun Compounds with Latent Semantic Indexing

W02-1402: Michael Carl; Philippe Langlais
An Intelligent Terminology Database as a Pre-processor for Statistical Machine Translation

W02-1403: Natalia Grabar; Pierre Zweigenbaum
Lexically-Based Terminology Structuring: Some Inherent Limits

W02-1404: Oi Yee Kwong; Benjamin K. Tsou; Tom B.Y. Lai; Robert W.P. Luk; Lawrence Y.L. Cheung; Francis C.Y. Chik
Alignment and Extraction of Bilingual Legal Terminology from Context Profiles

W02-1405: Philippe Langlais
Improving a general-purpose Statistical Translation Engine by Terminological lexicons

W02-1406: Yi-Chung Lin; Peng-Hsiang Hung
Probabilistic Named Entity Verification

W02-1407: Hiroshi Nakagawa; Tatsunori Mori
A Simple but Powerful Automatic Term Extraction Method

W02-1408: Goran Nenadi?; Irena Spasi?; Sophia Ananiadou
Automatic Discovery of Term Similarities Using Pattern Mining

W02-1409: Koichi Takeuchi; Kyo Kageura; Teruo Koyama
An LCS-Based Approach for Analyzing Japanese Compound Nouns with Deverbal Heads

W02-1410: Noriko Tomuro
Question Terminology and Representation for Question Type Classification

W02-1411: Kazuhide Yamamoto
Acquisition of Lexical Paraphrases from Texts

COLING-02: Grammar Engineering and Evaluation

W02-1500: Front Matter

W02-1501: Roberto Bartolini; Alessandro Lenci; Simonetta Montemagni; Vito Pirrelli
Grammar and Lexicon in the Robust Parsing of Italian towards a Non-Naïve Interplay

W02-1502: Emily M. Bender; Dan Flickinger; Stephan Oepen
The Grammar Matrix: An Open-Source Starter-Kit for the Rapid Development of Cross-linguistically Consistent Broad-Coverage Precision Grammars

W02-1503: Miriam Butt; Helge Dyvik; Tracy Holloway King; Hiroshi Masuichi; Christian Rohrer
The Parallel Grammar Project

W02-1504: Richard Campbell; Carmen Lozano; Jessie Pinkham; Martine Smets
Machine Translation as a Testbed for Multilingual Analysis

W02-1505: Caroline Hagège; Gabriel G. Bès
Encoding and Reusing Linguistic Information Expressed by Linguistic Properties

W02-1506: Ronald M. Kaplan; Tracy Holloway King; John T. Maxwell III
Adapting Existing Grammars: The XLE Experience

W02-1507: Alexandra Kinyon; Carlos A. Prolo
A Classification of Grammar Development Strategies

W02-1508: Stephan Oepen; Emily M. Bender; Uli Callmeier; Dan Flickinger; Melanie Siegel
Parallel Distributed Grammar Engineering for Practical Applications

W02-1509: Carlos A. Prolo
Coping with Problems in Grammars Automatically Extracted from Treebanks

W02-1510: Hisami Suzuki
A Development Environment for Large-scale Multi-lingual Parsing Systems

COLING-02: Machine Translation in Asia

W02-1600: Front Matter

W02-1601: Mosleh H. Al-Adhaileh; Tang Enya Kong; Zaharin Yusoff
A Synchronization Structure of SSTC and Its Applications in Machine Translation

W02-1602: Christian Boitet; Wang-Ju Tsai
Coedition to Share Text Revision across Languages and Improve MT a Posteriori

W02-1603: Prachya Boonkwan; Asanee Kawtrakul
Plaesarn: Machine-Aided Translation Tool for English-to-Thai

W02-1604: Chris Brockett; Takako Aikawa; Anthony Aue; Arul Menezes; Chris Quirk; Hisami Suzuki
English-Japanese Example-Based Machine Translation Using Abstract Linguistic Representations

W02-1605: Paisarn Charoenpornsawat; Virach Sornlertlamvanich; Thatsanee Charoenporn
Improving Translation Quality of Rule-based Machine Translation

W02-1606: You-Jin Chung; Sin-Jae Kang; Kyong-Hi Moon; Jong-Hyeok Lee
Word Sense Disambiguation in a Korean-to-Japanese MT System Using Neural Networks

W02-1607: Dien Dinh
Building a Training Corpus for Word Sense Disambiguation in English-to-Vietnamese Machine Translation

W02-1608: Sanae Fujita; Francis Bond
Extending the Coverage of a Valency Dictionary

W02-1609: Bowen Hui
Measuring User Acceptability of Machine Translations to Diagnose System Errors: An Experience Report

W02-1610: Benoit Lavoie; Michael White; Tanya Korelsky
Learning Domain-Specific Transfer Rules: An Experiment with Korean to English Translation

W02-1611: Mitsuo Shimohata; Eiichiro Sumita
Identifying Synonymous Expressions from a Bilingual Corpus for Example-Based Machine Translation

W02-1612: Thepchai Supnithi; Virach Sornlertlamvanich; Thatsanee Charoenporn
A Cross System Machine Translation

W02-1613: Jianmin Yao; Hao Yu; Tiejun Zhao; Xiaohong Li
Automatic Information Transfer between English and Chinese

COLING-02: The 2nd Workshop on NLP and XML (NLPXML-2002)

W02-1700: Front Matter

W02-1701: Guadalupe Aguado de Cea; Inmaculada Álvarez-de-Mon; Antonio Pareja-Lora; Rosario Plaza-Arteche
RDF(S)/XML Linguistic Annotation of Semantic Web Pages

W02-1702: Guillermo Barrutieta; Joseba Abaitua; JosuKa Díaz
Cascading XSL Filters for Content Selection in Multilingual Document Generation

W02-1703: John Bateman; Renate Henschel; Judy Delin
A Brief Introduction to the GeM Annotation Schema for Complex Document Layout

W02-1704: Daniela Berger; David Reitter; Manfred Stede
XML/XSL in the Dictionary: The Case of Discourse Markers

W02-1705: Christian Boitet; Mathieu Mangeot; Gilles Sérasset
The PAPILLON Project: Cooperatively Building a Multilingual Lexical Data-base to Derive Open Source Dictionaries & Lexicons

W02-1706: Claire Grover; Ewan Klein; Mirella Lapata; Alex Lascarides
XML-based NLP Tools for Analysing and Annotating Medical Language

W02-1707: Petter Karlström; Robin Cooper
Towards a Web-based Centre on Swedish Language Technology

W02-1708: Boris Katz; Jimmy Lin
Annotating the Semantic Web Using Natural Language

W02-1709: Eugene Koontz
XML in a Web-based Grammar Development Environment

W02-1710: Jan-Torsten Milde
The TASX-environment: An XML-based Toolset for the Creation of Multimodal Corpora

W02-1711: Chieko Nakabasami; Naoyuki Nomura
A Proposal for Screening Inconsistencies in Ontologies based on Query Languages using WSD

W02-1712: Kiril Simov; Milen Kouylekov; Alexander Simov
Cascaded Regular Grammars over XML Documents

W02-1713: Holger Stenzhorn
XtraGen - A Natural Language Generation System Using XML- and Java-Technologies

W02-1714: Michael Walsh; Stephen Wilson; Julie Carson-Berndsen
XiSTS - XML in Speech Technology Systems

W02-1715: Kuansan Wang
SALT: An XML Application for Web-based Multimodal Dialog Management

COLING-02: The First SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing

W02-1800: Front Matter

W02-1801: Baobao Chang; Pernilla Danielsson; Wolfgang Teubert
Extraction of Translation Unit from Chinese-English Parallel Corpora

W02-1802: Lawrence Cheung; Tom Lai; Robert Luk; Oi Yee Kwong; King Kui Sin; Benjamin K. Tsou
Some Considerations on Guidelines for Bilingual Alignment and Terminology Extraction

W02-1803: Susan Converse
Developing Guidelines for the Annotation of Anaphors in the Chinese Treebank

W02-1804: Hongzhao He; Jianfeng Gao; Pilian He; Changning Huang
Finding the Better Indexing units for Chinese Information Retrieval

W02-1805: Chu-Ren Huang; Ru-Yng Chang
Categorical Ambiguity and Information Content: A Corpus-based Study of Chinese

W02-1806: Liang Huang; Yinan Peng; Huan Wang; Zhenyu Wu
PCFG Parsing for Restricted Classical Chinese Texts

W02-1807: Dong-il Kim; Zheng Cui; Jinji Li; Jong-Hyeok Lee
A Knowledge Based Approach to Identification of Serial Verb Construction in Chinese-to-Korean Machine Translation System

W02-1808: Chunyu Kit; Haihua Pan; Hongbiao Chen
Learning Case-based Knowledge for Disambiguating Chinese Word Segmentation: A Preliminary Study

W02-1809: Kui-Lam Kwok; Peter Deng
Corpus-Based Pinyin Name Resolution

W02-1810: Li Li; Chunfa Yuan; K.F. Wong; Wenjie Li
An Indexing Method Based on Sentences

W02-1811: Huihsin Tseng; Keh-Jiann Chen
Design of Chinese Morphological Analyzer

W02-1812: Zhongjian Wang; Kenji Araki; Koji Tochinai
A Word Segmentation Method with Dynamic Adapting to Text Using Inductive Learning

W02-1813: Wai Yi Peggy Wong; Chris Brew; Mary E. Beckman; Shui-duen Chan
Using the Segmentation Corpus to Define an Inventory of Concatenative Units for Cantonese Speech Synthesis

W02-1814: Jing Xiao; Jimin Liu; Tat-Seng Chua
Extracting Pronunciation-translated Names from Chinese Texts using Bootstrapping Approach

W02-1815: Nianwen Xue; Susan P. Converse
Combining Classifiers for Chinese Word Segmentation

W02-1816: Jiangsheng Yu
WSD and Closed Semantic Constraint

W02-1817: Kevin Zhang; Qun Liu; Hao Zhang; Xue-Qi Cheng
Automatic Recognition of Chinese Unknown Words Based on Roles Tagging

W02-1818: Yuqi Zhang; Qiang Zhou
Chinese Base-Phrases Chunking

W02-1819: Sheng Zhao; Jianhua Tao; Lianhong Cai
Learning Rules for Chinese Prosodic Phrase Prediction

W02-1820: Jingbo Zhu; Tianshun Yao
A Knowledge-based Approach to Text Classification

COLING-02: Multilingual Summarization and Question Answering

W02-1900: Front Matter

W02-1901: Margit Becher; Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer; Gerrit Fichtner
Scenario Forms for Web Information Seeking and Summarizing in Bone Marrow Transplantation

W02-1902: Hanmin Jung; Gary Geunbae Lee
Multilingual Question Answering with High Portability on Relational Databases

W02-1903: Harksoo Kim; Jungyun Seo
A Reliable Indexing Method for a Practical QA System

W02-1904: Yu-Sheng Lai; Kuao-Ann Fung; Chung-Hsien Wu
FAQ Mining via List Detection

W02-1905: Wei Li; Rohini K. Srihari; Xiaoge Li; M. Srikanth; Xiuhong Zhang; Cheng Niu
Extracting Exact Answers to Questions Based on Structural Links

W02-1906: Fernando LLopis; José Luis Vicedo; Antonio Ferrández
Passage Selection to Improve Question Answering

W02-1907: Hiroyuki Sakai; Shigeru Masuyama
Unsupervised Knowledge Acquisition about the Deletion Possibility of Adnominal Verb Phrases

COLING-02: The 6th Conference on Natural Language Learning 2002 (CoNLL-2002)

W02-2000: Front Matter

W02-2001: Timothy Baldwin; Aline Villavicencio
Extracting the Unextractable: A Case Study on Verb-particles

W02-2002: William J. Black; Argyrios Vasilakopoulos
Language Independent Named Entity Classification by modified Transformation-based Learning and by Decision Tree Induction

W02-2003: John D. Burger; John C. Henderson; William T. Morgan
Statistical Named Entity Recognizer Adaptation

W02-2004: Xavier Carreras; Lluís Màrquez; Lluís Padró
Named Entity Extraction using AdaBoost

W02-2005: Liviu Ciortuz
Learning Attribute Values in Typed-unification Grammars: On Generalised Rule Reduction

W02-2006: Silviu Cucerzan; David Yarowsky
Bootstrapping a Multilingual Part-of-speech Tagger in One Person-day

W02-2007: Silviu Cucerzan; David Yarowsky
Language Independent NER using a Unified Model of Internal and Contextual Evidence

W02-2008: James R. Curran; Miles Osborne
A Very Very Large Corpus Doesn't Always Yield Reliable Estimates

W02-2009: Ido Dagan; Zvika Marx; Eli Shamir
Cross-dataset Clustering: Revealing Corresponding Themes across Multiple Corpora

W02-2010: Radu Florian
Named Entity Recognition as a House of Cards: Classifier Stacking

W02-2011: Cyril Goutte; Hervé Déjean; Eric Gaussier; Nicola Cancedda; Jean-Michel Renders
Combining Labelled and Unlabelled Data: A Case Study on Fisher Kernels and Transductive Inference for Biological Entity Recognition

W02-2012: Peter Juel Henrichsen
GraSp: Grammar Learning from Unlabelled Speech Corpora

W02-2013: Martin Jansche
Named Entity Extraction with Conditional Markov Models and Classifiers

W02-2014: Anna Korhonen; Yuval Krymolowski
On the Robustness of Entropy-Based Similarity Measures in Evaluation of Subcategorization Acquisition Systems

W02-2015: Yuval Krymolowski
Distinguishing Easy and Hard Instances

W02-2016: Taku Kudo; Yuji Matsumoto
Japanese Dependency Analysis using Cascaded Chunking

W02-2017: Wei-Hao Lin; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Backward Machine Transliteration by Learning Phonetic Similarity

W02-2018: Robert Malouf
A Comparison of Algorithms for Maximum Entropy Parameter Estimation

W02-2019: Robert Malouf
Markov Models for Language-independent Named Entity Recognition

W02-2020: Paul McNamee; James Mayfield
Entity Extraction without Language-Specific Resources

W02-2021: Rada Mihalcea; Vivi Nastase
Letter Level Learning for Language Independent Diacritics Restoration

W02-2022: Jon Patrick; Casey Whitelaw; Robert Munro
SLINERC: The Sydney Language-Independent Named Entity Recogniser and Classifier

W02-2023: Uwe Quasthoff; Christian Biemann; Christian Wolff
Named Entity Learning and Verification: Expectation Maximization in Large Corpora

W02-2024: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
Introduction to the CoNLL-2002 Shared Task: Language-Independent Named Entity Recognition

W02-2025: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
Memory-Based Named Entity Recognition

W02-2026: Charles Schafer; David Yarowsky
Inducing Translation Lexicons via Diverse Similarity Measures and Bridge Languages

W02-2027: S. H. Srinivasan
Features for Unsupervised Document Classification

W02-2028: Hiroya Takamura; Yuji Matsumoto
Two-dimensional Clustering for Text Categorization

W02-2029: Koichi Takeuchi; Nigel Collier
Use of Support Vector Machines in Extended Named Entity Recognition

W02-2030: Kristina Toutanova; Christopher D. Manning
Feature Selection for a Rich HPSG Grammar Using Decision Trees

W02-2031: Koji Tsukamoto; Yutaka Mitsuishi; Manabu Sassano
Learning with Multiple Stacking for Named Entity Recognition

W02-2032: Jorn Veenstra; Frank Henrik Müller; Tylman Ule
Topological Field Chunking for German

W02-2033: Aline Villavicencio
Learning to Distinguish PP Arguments from Adjuncts

W02-2034: Janyce Wiebe; Theresa Wilson
Learning to Disambiguate Potentially Subjective Expressions

W02-2035: Dekai Wu; Grace Ngai; Marine Carpuat; Jeppe Larsen; Yongsheng Yang
Boosting for Named Entity Recognition

Proceedings of the International Natural Language Generation Conference

W02-2101: Min-Yen Kan; Kathleen R. McKeown
Corpus-trained Text Generation for Summarization

W02-2102: Hal Daume III; Kevin Knight; Irene Langkilde-Geary; Daniel Marcu; Kenji Yamada
The Importance of Lexicalized Syntax Models for Natural Language Generation Tasks

W02-2103: Irene Langkilde-Geary
An Empirical Verification of Coverage and Correctness for a General-Purpose Sentence Generator

W02-2104: Maite Melero; Takako Aikawa; Lee Schwartz
Combining Machine Learning and Rule-based Approaches in Spanish and Japanese Sentence Realization

W02-2105: Simon Corston-Oliver; Michael Gamon; Eric Ringger; Robert Moore
An Overview of Amalgam: A Machine-learned Generation Module

W02-2106: Robert Moore
A Complete, Efficient Sentence-Realization Algorithm for Unification Grammar

W02-2107: Shimei Pan; Wubin Weng
Designing a Speech Corpus for Instance-based Spoken Language Generation

W02-2108: Michael Fleischman; Eduard Hovy
Towards Emotional Variation in Speech-Based Natural Language Processing

W02-2109: Berardina De Carolis; Valeria Carofiglio; Catherine Pelachaud
From Discourse Plans to Believable Behavior Generation

W02-2110: M. A. Walker; S. Whittaker; A. Stent; P. Maloor; J. D. Moore; M. Johnston; G. Vasireddy
Speech-Plans: Generating Evaluative Responses in Spoken Dialogue

W02-2111: Nikiforos Karamanis; Hisar Maruli Manurung
Stochastic Text Structuring Using the Principle of Continuity

W02-2112: Pablo Duboue; Kathleen McKeown
Content Planner Construction via Evolutionary Algorithms and a Corpus-based Fitness Function

W02-2113: Ehud Reiter; Somayajulu Sripada
Should Corpora Texts Be Gold Standards for NLG?

W02-2114: Helmut Horacek
Aggregation with Strong Regularities and Alternatives"

W02-2115 [attachment]: Ivandre Paraboni; Kees van Deemter
Generating Easy References: the Case of Document Deixis

W02-2116: Barbara Di Eugenio; Michael Glass; Michael Trolio
The DIAG experiments: Natural Language Generation for Intelligent Tutoring Systems

W02-2117: Nathalie Colineau; Cecile Paris; Keith Vander Linden
An Evaluation of Procedural Instructional Text

W02-2118: Yan Qu; Nancy Green
A Constraint-Based Approach for Cooperative Information-Seeking Dialogue

W02-2119: Roger Evans; Paul Piwek; Lynne Cahill
What is NLG?

W02-2120: Cassandre Creswell
Syntactic Form and Discourse Function in NLG

W02-2121: Raymond Kozlowski
Driving Multilingual Sentence Generation with Lexico-grammatical Resources

W02-2122: Amanda Holland-Minkley
Planning Proof Content for Communicating Induction

W02-2123: Bruce Eddy
Towards Balancing Conciseness, Readability and Salience: an Integrated Architecture

W02-2124: Adil El Ghali
Use of Description Logic and SDRT in an NLG System

W02-2125: Nizar Habash
Generation-Heavy Hybrid Machine Translation

Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+6)

W02-22: Entire volume

W02-2200: Front Matter

W02-2201 [bib]: Chung-hye Han
Compositional Semantics for Relative Clauses in Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammars

W02-2202 [bib]: David Chiang
Putting Some Weakly Context-Free Formalisms in Order

W02-2203 [bib]: Stephen Clark
Supertagging for Combinatory Categorial Grammar

W02-2204 [bib]: Jérôme Besombes; Jean-Yves Marion
Learning languages from positive examples with dependencies

W02-2205 [bib]: Vincenzo Lombardo; Patrick Sturt
Towards a Dynamic Version of TAG

W02-2206 [bib]: Cassandre Creswell
Resumptive Pronouns, Wh-island Violations, and Sentence Production

W02-2207 [bib]: Anoop Sarkar; Chung-Hye Han
Statistical Morphological Tagging and Parsing of Korean with an LTAG Grammar

W02-2208 [bib]: Jens Michaelis
Notes on the Complexity of Complex Heads in a Minimalist Grammar

W02-2209 [bib]: Gregory M. Kobele; Travis Collier; Charles Taylor; Edward P. Stabler
Learning Mirror Theory

W02-2210 [bib]: Cinthyan Renata Sachs C. de Barbosa; Davidson Cury; Josée Mauro Volkmer de Castilho; Celso de Renna e Souza
Defining a Lexicalized Context-Free Grammar for a Subdomain of Portuguese Language

W02-2211 [bib]: Tilman Becker
Practical, Template–Based Natural Language Generation with TAG

W02-2212 [bib]: Rodolfo Delmonte
Relative Clause Attachment and Anaphora: A Case for Short Binding

W02-2213 [bib]: Victor J. Díaz; Vicente Carillo; Miguel A. Alonso
A Left Corner Parser for Tree Adjoining Grammars

W02-2214 [bib]: Alexis Nasr; Owen Rambow; John Chen; Srinivas Bangalore
Context-Free Parsing of a Tree Adjoining Grammar Using Finite-State Machines

W02-2215 [bib]: Jens Woch
How to prevent adjoining in TAGs and its impact on the Average Case Complexity

W02-2216 [bib]: Maribel Romero
Quantification Over Situation Variables in LTAG: Some Constraints

W02-2217 [bib]: James Rogers
One More Perspective on Semantic Relations in TAG

W02-2218 [bib]: Laura Kallmeyer
Using an Enriched TAG Derivation Structure as Basis for Semantics

W02-2219 [bib]: Adi Palm
A Proof System for Tree Adjoining Grammars

W02-2220 [bib]: Philippe de Groote
Tree-Adjoining Grammars as Abstract Categorial Grammars

W02-2221 [bib]: Gerhard Jäger
Residuation, Structural Rules and Context Freeness

W02-2222 [bib]: Christophe Costa Florêncio
A Note on the Complexity of Associative-Commutative Lambek Calculus

W02-2223 [bib]: Alexandra Kinyon
Turning Elementary Trees into Feature Structures

W02-2224 [bib]: Tom B.Y. Lai; Changning Huang; Robert W.P. Luk
On the Affinity of TAG with Projective, Bilexical Dependency Grammar

W02-2225 [bib]: Jarmila Panevová; Veronika Řezníčková; Zdeňka Urešová
The Theory of Control Applied to the Prague Dependency Treebank (PDT)

W02-2226 [bib]: Carlos Prolo
Systematic Grammar Development in the XTAG Project

W02-2227 [bib]: Naoki Yoshinaga; Yusuke Miyao; Jun’ichi Tsujii
A Formal Proof of Strong Equivalence for a Grammar Conversion from LTAG to HPSG-style

W02-2228 [bib]: Éric Villemonte de la Clergerie
Parsing MCS languages with Thread Automata

W02-2229 [bib]: Olga Shaumyan; John Carroll; David Weir
Evaluation of LTAG Parsing with Supertag Compaction

W02-2230 [bib]: Mark Dras; Chung-hye Han
Korean-English MT and S-TAG

W02-2231 [bib]: Jan Hajič
Tectogrammatical representation: towards a minimal transfer in machine translation

W02-2232 [bib]: Tadayoshi Hara; Yusuke Miyao; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Clustering for obtaining syntactic classes of words from automatically extracted LTAG grammars

W02-2233 [bib]: Bertrand Gaiffe; Benoit Crabbé; Azim Roussanaly
A new metagrammar compiler

W02-2234 [bib]: Kim Gerdes

W02-2235 [bib]: Anna Maclachlan; Owen Rambow
Cross-serial dependencies in Tagalog

W02-2236 [bib]: John Chen; Srinivas Bangalore; Michael Collins; Owen Rambow
Reranking an n-gram supertagger

W02-2237 [bib]: Jens Bäcker; Karin Harbusch
Hidden Markov model-based supertagging in a user-initiative dialogue system

W02-2238 [bib]: Patrice Lopez; David Roussel
Exploiting semantic knowledge in LTAG-based controlled indexing of technical data