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Automatic Summarization
Workshop on MT Evaluation: Hands-On Evaluation
Adaptation in Dialog Systems
WordNet and Other Lexical Resources: Applications, Extensions and Customizations
Proceedings of the 2001 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Computational Natural Language Learning (ConLL)
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Eighth European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (EWNLG)
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Evaluation Methodologies for Language and Dialogue Systems
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Arabic Language Processing: Status and Prospects
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Open-Domain Question Answering
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Temporal and Spatial Information Processing
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Data-Driven Methods in Machine Translation
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Sharing Tools and Resources
Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
Proceedings of the 13th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2001)

Automatic Summarization

Workshop on MT Evaluation: Hands-On Evaluation

Adaptation in Dialog Systems

WordNet and Other Lexical Resources: Applications, Extensions and Customizations

Proceedings of the 2001 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

W01-0501: David Pierce; Claire Cardie
Limitations of Co-Training for Natural Language Learning from Large Datasets

W01-0502: Yair Even-Zohar; Dan Roth
A Sequential Model for Multi-Class Classification

W01-0503: Elena Eneva; Rose Hoberman; Lucian Lita
Learning Within-Sentence Semantic Coherence

W01-0504: Philipp Koehn; Kevin Knight
Knowledge Sources for Word-Level Translation Models

W01-0505: Seonho Kim; Juntae Yoon; Mansuk Song
Improving Lexical Mapping Model of English-Korean Bitext Using Structural Features

W01-0506: Georgios Sakkis; Ion Androutsopoulos; Georgios Paliouras; Vangelis Karkaletsis; Constantine D. Spyropoulos; Panagiotis Stamatopoulos
Stacking Classifiers for Anti-Spam Filtering of E-Mail

W01-0507: Hiroya Takamura; Yuji Matsumoto
Feature Space Restructuring for SVMs with Application to Text Categorization

W01-0508: Carl Sable; Kenneth W. Church
Using Bins to Empirically Estimate Term Weights for Text Categorization

W01-0509: Hwee Tou Ng; Jennifer Lai Pheng Kwan; Yiyuan Xia
Question Answering Using a Large Text Database: A Machine Learning Approach

W01-0510: Ciprian Chelba; Milind Mahajan
Information Extraction Using the Structured Language Model

W01-0511: Barbara Rosario; Marti Hearst
Classifying the Semantic Relations in Noun Compounds via a Domain-Specific Lexical Hierarchy

W01-0512: Kiyotaka Uchimoto; Satoshi Sekine; Hitoshi Isahara
The Unknown Word Problem: a Morphological Analysis of Japanese Using Maximum Entropy Aided by a Dictionary

W01-0513: Patrick Schone; Daniel Jurafsky
Is Knowledge-Free Induction of Multiword Unit Dictionary Headwords a Solved Problem?

W01-0514: Freddy Y. Y. Choi; Peter Wiemer-Hastings; Johanna Moore
Latent Semantic Analysis for Text Segmentation

W01-0515: Caroline Lyon; James Malcolm; Bob Dickerson
Detecting Short Passages of Similar Text in Large Document Collections

W01-0516: Youngja Park; Roy J. Byrd
Hybrid Text Mining for Finding Abbreviations and their Definitions

W01-0517: Jin-Seok Lee; Byeongchang Kim; Gary Geunbae Lee
Automatic Corpus-based Tone Prediction using K-ToBI Representation

W01-0518: Karin Müller
Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars for Syllabification and Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion

W01-0519: Beáta Megyesi
Comparing Data-Driven Learning Algorithms for PoS Tagging of Swedish

W01-0520: Srinivas Bangalore; John Chen; Owen Rambow
Impact of Quality and Quantity of Corpora on Stochastic Generation

W01-0521: Daniel Gildea
Corpus Variation and Parser Performance


Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Computational Natural Language Learning (ConLL)

W01-0700: Front Matter

W01-0701: Radu Florian; Grace Ngai
Multidimensional transformation-based learning

W01-0702: James Hammerton; Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
Combining a self-organising map with memory-based learning

W01-0703: Eneko Agirre; David Martinez
Learning class-to-class selectional preferences

W01-0704: MaximilianoSaiz-Noeda; Armando Suárez; Manuel Palomar
Semantic pattern learning through maximum entropy-based WSD technique

W01-0705: Vivian Tsang; Suzanne Stevenson
Automatic verb classification using multilingual resources

W01-0706: Xin Li; Dan Roth
Exploring evidence for shallow parsing

W01-0707: Eric Gaussier; Nicola Cancedda
Probabilistic models for PP-attachment resolution and NP analysis

W01-0708: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang; Hervé Déjean
Introduction to the CoNLL-2001 shared task: clause identification

W01-0709: Andrew Estabrooks; Nathalie Japkowicz
A mixture-of-experts framework for text classification

W01-0710: Rebecca Hwa
On minimizing training corpus for parser acquisition

W01-0711: Rémi Zajac
Morpholog: Constrained and Supervised Learning of Morphology

W01-0712: John Nerbonne; Anja Belz; Nicola Cancedda; Hervé Déjean; James Hammerton; Rob Koeling; Stasinos Konstantopoulos; Miles Osborne; Franck Thollard; Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
Learning Computational Grammars

W01-0713: Alexander Clark
Unsupervised induction of stochastic context-free grammars using distributional clustering

W01-0714: Dan Klein; Christopher D. Manning
Distributional phrase structure induction

W01-0715: Paola Merlo; Matthias Leybold
Automatic distinction of arguments and modifiers: the case of prepositional phrases

W01-0716: Constantin Orasan; Evans Richard
Learning to identify animate references

W01-0717: Sven Hartrumpf
Coreference resolution with syntactico-semantic rules and corpus statistics

W01-0718: Michael Carl
Inducing probabilistic invertible translation grammars from aligned texts

W01-0719: Smaranda Muresan; Evelyne Tzoukermann; Judith L. Klavans
Combining linguistic and machine learning techniques for email summarization

W01-0720: Stephen Watkinson; Suresh Manandhar
A psychologically plausible and computationally effective approach to learning syntax

W01-0721: Jon D. Patrick; Ishaan Goyal
Boosted decision graphs for NLP learning tasks

W01-0722: James Hammerton
Clause identification with long short-term memory

W01-0723: Hervé Déjean
Using ALLiS for clausing

W01-0724: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
Memory-based clause identification

W01-0725: Antonio Molina; Ferran Pla
Clause detection using HMM

W01-0726: Xavier Carreras; Lluís Màrquez
Boosting trees for clause splitting

Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Eighth European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (EWNLG)

W01-0800: Front Matter

W01-0801: Owen Rambow
Corpus-Based Methods in Natural Language Generation: Friends or Foe? (invited talk)

W01-0802: Somayajula G. Sripada; Ehud Reiter; Jim Hunter; Jin Yu
A Two-Staged Model For Content Determination

W01-0803: Laurence Danlos; Bertrand Gaiffe; Laurent Roussarie
Document Structuring à la SDRT

W01-0804: Kees van Deemter; Magnús M. Halldórsson
Logical Form Equivalence: the Case of Referring Expressions Generation

W01-0805: Emiel Krahmer; Sebastiaan van Erk; André Verleg
A Meta-Algorithm for the Generation of Referring Expressions

W01-0806: Bruce Eddy; Diana Bental; Alison Cawsey
An Algorithm for Efficiently Generating Summary Paragraphs Using Tree-Adjoining Grammar

W01-0807: Bernd Bohnet; Leo Wanner
On Using a Parallel Graph Rewriting Formalism in Generation

W01-0808: Takako Aikawa; Maite Melero; Lee Schwartz; Andi Wu
Multilingual Sentence Generation

W01-0809: Doan-Nguyen Hai
Generation of Vietnamese for French-Vietnamese and English-Vietnamese Machine Translation

W01-0810: Geert-Jan M. Kruijff; Ivana Kruijff-Korbayovà; John Bateman; Elke Teich
Linear Order as Higher-Level Decision: Information Structure in Strategic and Tactical Generation

W01-0811: Michael Zock
Learn to Speak and to Write, Learn to Use Your Mind The Relevance of the Work of Natural Language Generation (invited talk)

W01-0812: Kevin Humphreys; Mike Calcagno; David Weise
Reusing a Statistical Language Model for Generation

W01-0813: Min-Yen Kan; Kathleen R. McKeown; Judith L. Klavans
Applying Natural Language Generation to Indicative Summarization

W01-0814: Kentaro Inui; Masaru Nogami
A Paraphrase-Based Exploration of Cohesiveness Criteria

W01-0815: Anthony Hartley; Donia Scott
Evaluating Text Quality: Judging Output Texts Without a Clear Source

Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Evaluation Methodologies for Language and Dialogue Systems

W01-0900: Front Matter

W01-0901: Patrick Paroubek

W01-0902: Tim Paek
Empirical Methods for Evaluating Dialog Systems

W01-0903: Laila Dybkaer; Niels O. Bernsen
Usability Evaluation in Spoken Language Dialogue Systems

W01-0904: Stephen Watkinson; Suresh Manandhar
Translating Treebank Annotation for Evaluation

W01-0905: Jean-Baptiste Berthelin; Brigitte Grau; Martine Hurault-Plantet
Two Levels of valuation in a Complex NL System

W01-0906: Valerie Barr; Judith L. Klavans
Verification and validation of language processing systems: Is it evaluation?

W01-0907: Widad Mustafa El Hadi; Ismail Timimi; Annette Beguin; Marcilio de Brito
The ARC A3 Project: Terminology Acquisition Tools: Evaluation Method and Task

W01-0908: Yuval Krymolowski
Using the Distribution of Performance for Studying Statistical NLP Systems and Corpora

W01-0909: Michele Jardino; Brigitte Grau; Olivier Ferret
A Cross-Comparison of Two Clustering Methods

Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management

W01-1000: Front Matter

W01-1001: Steffen Staab
Knowledge Portals (invited talk)

W01-1002: Mark Maybury
Human Language Technologies for Knowledge Management

W01-1003: Hans Uszkoreit
Crosslingual Language Technologies for Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Sharing (invited talk)

W01-1004: Kalina Bontcheva; Christopher Brewster; Fabio Ciravegna; Hamish Cunningham; Louise Guthrie; Robert Gaizauskas; Yorick Wilks
Using HLT for Acquiring, Retrieving and Publishing Knowledge in AKT

W01-1005: Paola Velardi; Michele Missikoff; Roberto Basili
Identification of Relevant Terms to Support the Construction of Domain Ontologies

W01-1006: Sin-Jae Kang; Jong-Hyeok Lee
Semi-Automatic Practical Ontology Construction by Using a Thesaurus, Computational Dictionaries, and Large Corpora

W01-1007: Niegel Dewdney; Carol VanEss-Dykema; Richard MacMillan
The Form is the Substance: Classification of Genres in Text

W01-1008: Christof Monz
Document Fusion for Comprehensive Event Description

W01-1009: Boris Katz; Jimmy Lin; Sue Felshin
Gathering Knowledge for a Question Answering System from Heterogeneous Information Sources

W01-1010: J. B. Domingue
Invited Speaker - Supporting Organisational Learning through the Enrichment of Documents

W01-1011: Evelyne Tzoukermann; Smaranda Muresan; Judith L. Klavans
GIST-IT: Combining Linguistic and Machine Learning Techniques for Email Summarization

W01-1012: Jean-François Delannoy
What are the points? What are the stances? Decanting for Question-driven Retrieval and Executive Summarization

W01-1013: Roberto Basili; Roberta Catizone; Luis Padro; Maria Teresa Pazienza; German Rigau; Andrea Setzer; Nick Webb; Yorick Wilks; Fabio Massimo Zanzottomm
Multilingual Authoring: the NAMIC Approach

W01-1014: Hodong Lee; Jong C. Park
Automatic Augmentation of Translation Dictionary with Database Terminologies In Multilingual Query Interpretation

W01-1015: Ana García-Serrano; Paloma Martínez; Luis Rodrigo
Adapting and Extending Lexical Resources in a Dialogue System

W01-1016: Georg Niklfeld
Component-Based Multimodal Dialog Interfaces for Mobile Knowledge Creation

W01-1017: Thierry Declerck; Peter Wittenburg; Hamish Cunningham
The Automatic Generation of Formal Annotations in a Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment

W01-1018: Niels Ole Bernsen
Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management - Final Roadmap Session

Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Arabic Language Processing: Status and Prospects

Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Open-Domain Question Answering

W01-1200: Front Matter

W01-1201: Eric Breck; Marc Light; Gideon Mann; Ellen Riloff; Brianne Brown; Pranav Anand
Looking Under the Hood: Tools for Diagnosing Your Question Answering Engine

W01-1202: Harksoo Kim; Kyungsun Kim; Gary Geunbae Lee; Jungyun Seo
MAYA: A Fast Question-answering System Based on a Predictive Answer Indexer

W01-1203: Ulf Hermjakob
Parsing and Question Classification for Question Answering

W01-1204: Gideon Mann
A Statistical Method for Short Answer Extraction

W01-1205: Remi Zajac
Towards Ontological Question Answering

W01-1206: Marius Pasca; Sanda Harabagiu
Answer Mining from On-Line Documents

W01-1207: Olivier Ferret; Brigitte Grau; Martine Hurault-Plantet; Gabriel Illouz; Christian Jacquemin
Terminological Variants for Document Selection and Question/Answer Matching

W01-1208: Atsushi Fujii; Tetsuya Ishikawa
Question Answering Using Encyclopedic Knowledge Generated from the Web

Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Temporal and Spatial Information Processing

W01-1300: Front Matter

W01-1301: Sylvain Dupuy; Arjan Egges; Vincent Legendre; Pierre Nugues
Generating A 3D Simulation Of A Car Accident From A Written Description In Natural Language: The CarSim System

W01-1302: Viktor Pekar
Specification In Terms Of Interactional Properties As A Way To Optimize Semantic Representation Of Spatial Expressions

W01-1303: Jean-Pierre Desclés; Ewa Gwiazdecka; Azucena Montes-Rendon
Towards Invariant Meanings Of Spatial Prepositions and Preverbs

W01-1304: Didier Maillat
Directional PPs And Reference Frames In DRT

W01-1305: Wenjie Li; Kam-Fai Wong; Chunfa Yuan
A Model For Processing Temporal References In Chinese

W01-1306: Telmo Móia
Telling Temporal Locating Adverbials And Time-Denoting Expressions Apart

W01-1307: Myriam Bras; Anne Le Draoulec; Laure Vieu
Temporal Information And Discourse Relations In Narratives: The Role Of French Connectives `Puis' And `Un Peu Plus Tard'

W01-1308: Cornelia Zelinsky-Wibbelt
Unifying Tense, Aspect And Modality Across Languages

W01-1309: Frank Schilder; Christopher Habel
From Temporal Expressions To Temporal Information: Semantic Tagging Of News Messages

W01-1310: Fabio Pianesi
Some Facts About Times, Events and Subjects - Invited Talk

W01-1311: Andrea Setzer; Robert Gaizauskas
A Pilot Study On Annotating Temporal Relations In Text

W01-1312: George Wilson; Inderjeet Mani; Beth Sundheim; Lisa Ferro
A Multilingual Approach To Annotating And Extracting Temporal Information

W01-1313: Elena Filatova; Eduard Hovy
Assigning Time-Stamps To Event-Clauses

W01-1314: Nikolai Vazov
A System For Extraction Of Temporal Expressions From French Texts Based On Syntactic And Semantic Constraints

W01-1315: Graham Katz; Fabrizio Arosio
The Annotation Of Temporal Information In Natural Language Sentences

Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Data-Driven Methods in Machine Translation

W01-1400: Front Matter

W01-1401: Eiichiro Sumita
Example-based machine translation using DP-matching between work sequences

W01-1402: Stephen D. Richardson; William B. Dolan; Arul Menezes; Monica Corston-Oliver
Overcoming the customization bottleneck using example-based MT

W01-1403: Benoit Lavoie; Michael White; Tanya Korelsky
Inducing Lexico-Structural Transfer Rules from Parsed Bi-texts

W01-1404: Mark-Jan Nederhof
Approximating Context-Free by Rational Transduction for Example-Based MT

W01-1405: Hermann Ney
Stochastic Modelling: From Pattern Classification to Language Translation

W01-1406: Arul Menezes; Stephen D. Richardson
A best-first alignment algorithm for automatic extraction of transfer mappings from bilingual corpora

W01-1407: Sonja Niessen; Hermann Ney
Toward hierarchical models for statistical machine translation of inflected languages

W01-1408: Franz Josef Och; Nicola Ueffing; Hermann Ney
An Efficient A* Search Algorithm for Statistical Machine Translation

W01-1409: Ulrich Germann
Building a Statistical Machine Translation System from Scratch: How Much Bang for the Buck Can We Expect?

W01-1410: Federico Prat
Machine Translation with Grammar Association: Some Improvements and the Loco_C Model

W01-1411: Robert C. Moore
Towards a Simple and Accurate Statistical Approach to Learning Translation Relationships among Words

W01-1412: Kaoru Yamamoto; Yuji Matsumoto; Mihoko Kitamura
A Comparative Study on Translation Units for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction

W01-1413: Masaaki Nagata; Teruka Saito; Kenji Suzuki
Using the Web as a Bilingual Dictionary

W01-1414: Jessie Pinkham; Monica Corston-Oliver
Adding Domain Specificity to an MT System

W01-1415: Masaki Murata; Kiyotaka Uchimoto; Qing Ma; Hitoshi Isahara
Using a Support-Vector Machine for Japanese-to-English Translation of Tense, Aspect, and Modality

Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Sharing Tools and Resources

W01-1500: Front Matter

W01-1501: Mike Rosner

W01-1502: Thierry Declerck
Introduction: Extending NLP Tools Repositories for the Interaction with Language Data Resource Repositories

W01-1503: Erjavec Tomaz; Varadi Tamas
The TELRI tool catalogue: structure and prospects

W01-1504: Wynne Martin
An Archive for all of Europe

W01-1505: A. Lavelli; F. Pianesi; E. Maci; I. Prodanoff; L. Dini; G. Mazzini
SiSSA - An Infrastructure for NLP Application Development

W01-1506: S. Bird; G. Simons
The OLAC Metadata Set and Controlled Vocabularies

W01-1507: N. Calzolari; A. Lenci; A. Zampolli
International Standards for Multilingual Resource Sharing: The ISLE Computational Lexicon Working Group

W01-1508: D. Broeder; P. Wittenburg
Multimedia Language Resources

W01-1509: F. Barthelemy; P. Bouiller; Philippe Deschamp; L. Kaouane; Éric Villemont de la Clergerie
Tools and resources for Tree Adjoining Grammars

W01-1510: N. Yoshinaga; Y. Miyao; K. Torisawa; J. Tsuji
Resource Sharing Amongst HPSG and LTAG Communities by a Method of Grammar Conversion between FB-LTAG and HPSG

W01-1511: A. Meyers; R. Grishman; M. Kosaka; S. Zhao
Covering Treebanks with GLARF

W01-1512: A. Copestake; John Carroll; D. Flickinger; R. Malouf; S. Oepen
Using an Open-Source Unification-Based System for CL/NLP Teaching

W01-1513: R. Delmonte; L. Chiran; C. Bacalu
How to Integrate Linguistic information in FILES and generate feedback for grammar errors

W01-1514: C. Cierri; S. Bird
Annotation Graphs and Servers and Multi-Modal Resources: Infrastructure for Interdisciplinary Education, Research and Development

W01-1515: S. Bird; K. Maeda; X. Ma; H. Lee
Annotation Tools Based on the Annotation Graph API

Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

W01-1601: Jens Allwood; Leif Groenqvist; Elisabeth Ahlsen; Magnus Gunnarsson
Annotations and Tools for an Activity Based Spoken Language Corpus

W01-1602: Hiyan Alshawi; Shona Douglas
Variant Transduction: A Method for Rapid Development of Interactive Spoken Interfaces

W01-1603: Masahiro Araki; Yukihiko Kimura; Takuya Nishimoto; Yasuhisa Niimi
Development of a Machine Learnable Discourse Tagging Tool

W01-1604: Peter Bosch
Against the Identification of Anaphora and Presupposition

W01-1605: Lynn Carlson; Daniel Marcu; Mary Ellen Okurovsky
Building a Discourse-Tagged Corpus in the Framework of Rhetorical Structure Theory

W01-1606: Marc Cavazza
An Empirical Study of Speech Recognition Errors in a Task-Oriented Dialogue System

W01-1607: Christine Doran; John Aberdeen; Laurie Damianos; Lynette Hirschman
Comparing Several Aspects of Human-Computer and Human-Human Dialogues

W01-1608: Christian Ebert; Shalom Lappin; Howard Gregory; Nicolas Nicolov
Generating Full Paraphrases of Fragments in a Dialogue Interpretation System

W01-1609: John Fry; Matt Ginzton; Stanley Peters; Brady Clark; Heather Pon-Barry
Automated Tutoring Dialogues for Training in Shipboard Damage Control

W01-1610: Julia Hirschberg; Marc Swerts; Diane Litman
Labeling Corrections and Aware Sites in Spoken Dialogue Systems

W01-1611: Kristiina Jokinen; Graham Wilcock
Confidence-Based Adaptivity in Response Generation for a Spoken Dialogue System

W01-1612: Christoph Mueller; Michael Strube
Annotating Anaphoric and Bridging Relations with MMAX

W01-1613: Kathleen Murray
A Study of Automatic Pitch Tracker Doubling/Halving "Errors"

W01-1614: Tim Paek
Empirical Methods for Evaluating Dialog Systems

W01-1615: Michael Paul; Eiichiro Sumita
Integration of Referential Scope Limitations into Japanese Pronoun Resolution

W01-1616: Matthew Purver; Jonathan Ginzburg; Patrick Healey
On the Means for Clarification in Dialogue

W01-1617: Manny Rayner; Ian Lewin; Genevieve Gorrell; Johan Boye
Plug and Play Speech Understanding

W01-1618: Ruben San-Segundo; Juan Manuel Montero; Jose Manuel Pardo
Designing Confirmation Mechanisms and Error Recover Techniques in a Railway Information System for Spanish

W01-1619: Ruben San-Segundo; Juan M. Montero; Juana M. Guitierrez; Ascension Gallardo; Jose D. Romeral; Jose M. Pardo
A Telephone-Based Railway Information System for Spanish: Development of a Methodology for Spoken Dialogue Design

W01-1620: Emilio Sanchis; Isabel Galiano; Fernando Garcia; Antonio Cano
A Hybrid Approach to the Development of Dialogue Systems directed by Semantics

W01-1621: Susan E. Strayer; Peter A. Heeman
Reconciling Initiative and Discourse Structure

W01-1622: Janienke Sturm; Fusi Wang; Bert Cranen
Adding Extra Input/Output Modalities to a Spoken Dialogue System

W01-1623: Shu-Chuan Tseng
Toward a Large Spontaneous Mandarin Dialogue Corpus

W01-1624: Robert van Rooy
Conversational Implicatures

W01-1625: Anne Wichmann; Johanneke Caspers
Melodic Cues to Turn-Taking in English: Evidence from Perception

W01-1626: Janyce Wiebe; Rebecca Bruce; Matthew Bell; Melanie Martin; Theresa Wilson
A Corpus Study of Evaluative and Speculative Language

W01-1627: Mary McGee Wood
Dialogue Tagsets in Oncology

W01-1628: Li-chiung Yang
Visualizing Spoken Discourse: Prosodic Form and Discourse Functions of Interruptions

W01-1629: Norihi Yasuda; Kohji Dohsaka; Kiyoaki Aikawa
Spoken Dialogue Control Based on a Turn-minimization Criterion Depending on the Speech Recognition Accuracy

Proceedings of the 13th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2001)

W01-1701 [bib]: Lars Ahrenberg; Håkan Jonsson
From Word Alignment to Machine Translation via Superlinks

W01-1702 [bib]: Eckhard Bick
The VISL System: Research and applicative aspects of IT-based learning

W01-1703 [bib]: Johan Carlberger; Hercules Dalianis; Martin Duneld; Ola Knutsson
Improving Precision in Information Retrieval for Swedish using Stemming

W01-1704 [bib]: Sofia Gustafson-Capková
The interaction between local focusing structure and global intentions in spoken discourse

W01-1705 [bib]: Kristin Hagen; Janne Bondi Johannessen; Pia Lane
Some problems related to the development of a grammar checker

W01-1706 [bib]: Martin Duneld
Internet as Corpus–Automatic Construction of a Swedish News Corpus

W01-1707 [bib]: Gordana Ilic Holen; Janne von Koss Torkildsen; Janne Bondi Johannessen
On Ambiguity in Internet Searches

W01-1708 [bib]: Tommi Jauhiainen
Using existing written language analyzers in understanding natural spoken Finnish

W01-1709 [bib]: Janne Bondi Johannessen
En automatisk navnegjenkjenner for norsk, svensk og dansk

W01-1710 [bib]: Håkan Johansson
Understanding Multimodal Interaction by Exploiting Unification and Integration Rules

W01-1711 [bib]: Mauri Kaipainen; Kristiina Jokinen; Timo Koskenniemi; Antti Kerminen; Kari Kanto
Clustering dialogue knowledge with self-organizing maps

W01-1712 [bib]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis; Jerker Järborg; Yvonne Cederholm
Swedish SENSEVAL, a Developer's Perspective

W01-1713 [bib]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis; Maria Toporowska Gronostaj; Karin Warmenius
Corpus-Based Extension of Semantic Lexicons in Large Scale

W01-1714 [bib]: Torbjörn Lager
Transformation-Based Learning of Rules for Constraint Grammar Tagging

W01-1715 [bib]: Beáta Megyesi
Data-Driven Methods for PoS Tagging and Chunking of Swedish

W01-1716 [bib]: Magnus Merkel
Comparing source and target texts in a translation corpus

W01-1717 [bib]: Magnus Merkel; Arne Jönsson
Towards multimodal public information systems

W01-1718 [bib]: Kaili Müürisep
Parsing Estonian with Constraint Grammar

W01-1719 [bib]: Costanza Navarretta
Identifying Situation Reference in Danish

W01-1720 [bib]: Joakim Nivre
On Statistical Methods in Natural Language Processing

W01-1721 [bib]: Magnus Sahlgren; David Swanberg
Using Linguistic Information to Improve the Performance of Vector-Based Semantic Analysis

W01-1722 [bib]: Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi
Detecting Grammar Errors in Children's Writing: A Finite State Approach

W01-1723 [bib]: Jörg Tiedemann
UplugWeb–Corpus Tools on the Web

W01-1724 [bib]: Atro Voutilainen
Parsing Swedish

W01-1725 [bib]: Graham Wilcock
Towards a Discourse-Oriented Representation of Information Structure in HPSG