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NAACL-ANLP 2000 Workshop: Syntactic and Semantic Complexity in Natural Language Processing Systems
NAACL-ANLP 2000 Workshop: Applied Interlinguas: Practical Applications of Interlingual Approaches to NLP
ANLP-NAACL 2000 Workshop: Conversational Systems
NAACL-ANLP 2000 Workshop: Automatic Summarization
ANLP-NAACL 2000 Workshop: Embedded Machine Translation Systems
ANLP-NAACL 2000 Workshop: Reading Comprehension Tests as Evaluation for Computer-Based Language Understanding Systems
Fourth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning and the Second Learning Language in Logic Workshop
ACL-2000 Workshop on Word Senses and Multi-linguality
The Workshop on Comparing Corpora
1st SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
ACL-2000 Workshop on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval
Second Chinese Language Processing Workshop
2000 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora
INLG'2000 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Using Toolsets and Architectures To Build NLP Systems
Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Efficiency In Large-Scale Parsing Systems
Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Semantic Annotation and Intelligent Content
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology
Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Linguistically Interpreted Corpora
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+5)

NAACL-ANLP 2000 Workshop: Syntactic and Semantic Complexity in Natural Language Processing Systems

W00-0100: Front Matter

W00-0101: Sharon Flank
Sentences vs. Phrases: Syntactic Complexity in Multimedia Information Retrieval

W00-0102: Hyopil Shin; Jerrold F. Stach
Using Long Runs as Predictors of Semantic Coherence in a Partial Document Retrieval System

W00-0103: Paul Buitelaar
Reducing Lexical Semantic Complexity with Systematic Polysemous Classes and Underspecification

W00-0104: Noriko Tomuro
Automatic Extraction of Systematic Polysemy Using Tree-cut

W00-0105: Paola Velardi; Roma Velardi
Dependency of context-based Word Sense Disambiguation from representation and domain complexity

W00-0106: Amit Bagga
Analyzing the Reading Comprehension Task

W00-0107: Shannon Pollard; Alan W. Biermann
A Measure of Semantic Complexity for Natural Language Systems

W00-0108: Robert John FREEMAN
Example-based Complexity--Syntax and Semantics as the Production of Ad-hoc Arrangements of Examples

W00-0109: David D. McDonald
Partially Saturated Referents as a Source of Complexity in Semantic Interpretation

W00-0110: Kyoko Kanzaki ; Qing Ma ; Hitoshi Isahara
Similarities and Differences among Semantic Behaviors of Japanese Adnominal Constituents

NAACL-ANLP 2000 Workshop: Applied Interlinguas: Practical Applications of Interlingual Approaches to NLP

W00-0200: Front Matter

W00-0201: David Farwell
An Interlingual-based Approach to Reference Resolution

W00-0202: Karin Christine Kipper; Martha Palmer
Representations of Actions as an Interlingua

W00-0203: Lori Levin; Donna Gates; Alon Lavie; Fabio Pianesi; Dorcas Wallace; Taro Watanabe
Evaluation of a Practical Interlingua for Task-Oriented Dialogue

W00-0204: Ronaldo Teixeira Martins ; Lucia Helena Machado Rino ; Maria das Gracas Volpe Nunes; Gisele Montilha; Osvaldo Novais de Oliveira
An interlingua aiming at communication on the Web: How language-independent can it be?

W00-0205: Mari Olsen ; David Traum; Carol Van Ess-Dykema; Amy Weinberg; Ron Dolan
Telicity as a Cue to Temporaland Discourse Structure in Chinese-English Machine Translation

W00-0206: Jesus Peral; Antonio Ferrandez
An Application of the Interlingua System ISS for Spanish-English Pronominal Anaphora Generation

W00-0207: David Traum; Nizar Habash
Generation from Lexical Conceptual Structures

ANLP-NAACL 2000 Workshop: Conversational Systems

W00-0300: Front Matter

W00-0301: Candace L. Sidner ; Carolyn Boettner Lotus ; Charles Rich Mitsubishi
Lessons Learned in Building Spoken Language Collaborative Interface Agents

W00-0302: Staffan Larsson; Peter Ljunglof; Robin Cooper; Elisabet Engdahl; Stina Ericsson
GoDiS- An Accommodating Dialogue System

W00-0303: Stephanie Seneff ; Joseph Polifroni
Dialogue Management in the Mercury Flight Reservation System

W00-0304: Diane Litman; Satinder Singh; Michael Kearns ; Marilyn Walker
NJFun- A Reinforcement Learning Spoken Dialogue System

W00-0305: Scott Axelrod
Natural Language Generation in the IBM Flight Information System

W00-0306: Alice H. Oh ; Alexander I. Rudnicky
Stochastic Language Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems

W00-0307: James Allen; Donna Byron; Dave Costello; Myroslava Dzikovska; George Ferguson; Lucian Galescu; Amanda Stent
TRIPS- 911 System Demonstration

W00-0308: Marsal Gavalda
Epiphenomenal Grammar Acquisition with GSG

W00-0309: Wei Xu; Alexander I. Rudnicky
Task-based dialog management using an agenda

W00-0310: Christine H. Nakatani; Jennifer Chu-Carroll
Using Dialogue Representations for Concept-to-Speech Generation

W00-0311: Manny Rayner; Beth Ann Hockey; Frankie James
A Compact Architecture for Dialogue Management Based on Scripts and Meta-Outputs

W00-0312: Sharon J. Goldwater; Elizabeth Owen Bratt; Jean Mark Gawron; John Dowding
Building a Robust Dialogue System with Limited Data

NAACL-ANLP 2000 Workshop: Automatic Summarization

W00-0400: Front Matter

W00-0401: Horacio Saggion; Guy Lapalme
Concept Identification and Presentation in the Context of Technical Text Summarization

W00-0402: Samuel W. K. Chan; Tom B. Y. Lai; W. J. Gao; Benjamin K. T'sou
Mining Discourse Markers for Chinese Textual Summarization

W00-0403 [revisions: v2]: Dragomir R. Radev ; Hongyan Jing ; Malgorzata Budzikowska
Centroid-based summarization of multiple documents: sentence extraction, utility-based evaluation, and user studies

W00-0404: Fumiyo Fukumoto ; Yoshimi Suzuki
Extracting Key Paragraph based on Topic and Event Detection Towards Multi-Document Summarization

W00-0405: Jade Goldstein; Vibhu Mittal; Jaime Carbonell; Mark Kantrowitz
Multi-Document Summarization By Sentence Extraction

W00-0406: Mary Ellen Okurowski ; Harold Wilson; Joaquin Urbina; Tony Taylor ; Ruth Colvin Clark; Frank Krapcho
Text Summarizer in Use: Lessons Learned from Real World Deployment and Evaluation

W00-0407: Mamiko OKA; Yoshihiro Ueda
Evaluation of Phrase-Representation Summarization based on Information Retrieval Task

W00-0408: Robert L. Donaway ; Kevin W. Drummey ; Laura A. Mather
A Comparison of Rankings Produced by Summarization Evaluation Measures

W00-0409: Rie Kubota Ando ; Branimir K. Boguraev; Roy J. Byrd; Mary S. Neff
Multi-document Summarization by Visualizing Topical Content

W00-0410: Inderjeet Mani ; Kristian Concepcion ; Linda Van Guilder
Using Summarization for Automatic Briefing Generation

ANLP-NAACL 2000 Workshop: Embedded Machine Translation Systems

W00-0500: Front Matter

W00-0501: Clare R. Voss ; Carol Van Ess-Dykema
When is an Embedded MT System "Good Enough" for Filtering?

W00-0502: John S. White; Jennifer B. Doyon; Susan W. Talbott
Task Tolerance of MT Output in Integrated Text Processes

W00-0503: Florence M. Reeder
At Your Service: Embedded MT As a Service

W00-0504: Helen Meng; Sanjeev Khudanpur; Gina Levow; Douglas W. Oard; Hsin-Min Wang
Mandarin-English Information (MEI): Investigating Translingual Speech Retrieval

W00-0505: Michael White; Claire Cardie; Chung-hye Han; Nari Kim; Benoit Lavoie; Martha Palmer; Owen Rainbow; Juntae Yoon
Towards Translingual Information Access using Portable Information Extraction

W00-0506: Davide Turcato ; Fred Popowich ; Paul McFetridge ; Devlan Nicholson ; Janine Toole
Pre-processing Closed Captions for Machine Translation

W00-0507: Philippe Langlais ; George Foster ; Guy Lapalme
TransType: a Computer-Aided Translation Typing System

W00-0508: Srinivas Bangalore; Giuseppe Riccardi
Stochastic Finite-State models for Spoken Language Machine Translation

ANLP-NAACL 2000 Workshop: Reading Comprehension Tests as Evaluation for Computer-Based Language Understanding Systems

W00-0600: Front Matter

W00-0601: Eugene Charniak; Yasemin Altun; Rodrigo de Salvo Braz; Benjamin Garrett; Margaret Kosmala; Tomer Moscovich; Lixin Pang; Changhee Pyo; Ye Sun; Wei Wy; Zhongfa Yang; Shawn Zeiler; Lisa Zorn
Reading Comprehension Programs in a Statistical-Language-Processing Class

W00-0602: David D. Palmer
Some Challenges of Developing Fully-Automated Systems for Taking Audio Comprehension Exams

W00-0603: Ellen Riloff ; Michael Thelen
A Rule-based Question Answering System for Reading Comprehension Tests

W00-0604: Rolf Schwitter ; Diego Molla; Rachel Fournier; Michael Hess
Answer Extraction Towards better Evaluations of NLP Systems

W00-0605: W. Wang; J. Auer; R. Parasuraman; I. Zubarev; D. Brandyberry; M. P. Harper
A Question Answering System Developed as a Project in a Natural Language Processing Course

Fourth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning and the Second Learning Language in Logic Workshop

W00-0700: Front Matter

W00-0701: Dan Roth
Learning in Natural Language: Theory and Algorithmic Approaches

W00-0702: Nicola Cancedda; Christer Samuelsson
Corpus-Based Grammar Specialization

W00-0703: R.I. Damper Image; Y. Marchand
Pronunciation by Analogy in Normal and Impaired Readers

W00-0704: Guy De Pauw; Walter Daelemans
The Role of Algorithm Bias vs Information Source in Learning Algorithms for Morphosyntactic Disambiguation

W00-0705: John Elliot; Eric Atwell; Bill Whyte
Increasing our Ignorance' of Language: Identifying Language Structure in an Unknown 'Signal'

W00-0706: Gerard Escudero; Lluís Màrquez; German Rigau
A Comparison between Supervised Learning Algorithms for Word Sense Disambiguation

W00-0707: George Foster
Incorporating Position Information into a Maximum Entropy/Minimum Divergence Translation Model

W00-0708: Guido Minnen; Francis Bond; Ann Copestake
Memory-Based Learning for Article Generation

W00-0709: Tony Mullen; Miles Osborne
Overfitting Avoidance for Stochastic Modeling of Attribute-Value Grammars

W00-0710: Stephan Raaijmakers
Learning Distributed Linguistic Classes

W00-0711: William Gregory Sakas
Modeling the Effect of Cross-Language Ambiguity on Human Syntax Acquisition

W00-0712: Patrick Schone; Daniel Jurafsky
Knowledge-Free Induction of Morphology Using Latent Semantic Analysis

W00-0713: Antal van den Bosch
Using Induced Rules as Complex Features in Memory-Based Language Learning

W00-0714: F. Amayat; J. M. Benedi
Using Perfect Sampling in Parameter Estimation of a Whole Sentence Maximum Entropy Language Model

W00-0715: Konstantin Biatov
Experiments on Unsupervised Learning for Extracting Relevant Fragments from Spoken Dialog Corpus

W00-0716: Laurent Blin; Laurent Miclet
Generating Synthetic Speech Prosody with Lazy Learning in Tree Structures

W00-0717: Alexander Clark
Inducing Syntactic Categories by Context Distribution Clustering

W00-0718: Hervé Déjean
ALLiS: a Symbolic Learning System for Natural Language Learning

W00-0719: José M. Gómez Hidalgo; Manual Maña López; Enrique Puertas Sanz
Combining Text and Heuristics for Cost-Sensitive Spam Filtering

W00-0720: Anne Kool; Walter Daelemans; Jakub Zavrel
Genetic Algorithms for Feature Relevance Assignment in Memory-Based Language Processing

W00-0721: Vasin Punyakanok; Dan Roth
Shallow Parsing by Inferencing with Classifiers

W00-0722: Patrick Ruch; Robert Baud; Pierrette Bouillon; Gilbert Robert
Minimal Commitment and Full Lexical Disambiguation: Balancing Rules and Hidden Markov Models

W00-0723: J. Turmo; H. Rodriguez
Learning IE Rules for a Set of Related Concepts

W00-0724: Hans van Halteren
A Default First Order Family Weight Determination Procedure for WPDV Models

W00-0725: Jose Luis Verdú-Mas; Jorge Calera-Rubio; Rafael C. Carrasco
A Comparison of PCFG Models

W00-0726: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang; Sabine Buchholz
Introduction to the CoNLL-2000 Shared Task Chunking

W00-0727: Hervé Déjean
Learning Syntactic Structures with XML

W00-0728: Christer Johansson
A Context Sensitive Maximum Likelihood Approach to Chunking

W00-0729: Rob Koeling
Chunking with Maximum Entropy Models

W00-0730: Taku Kudoh; Yuji Matsumoto
Use of Support Vector Learning for Chunk Identification

W00-0731: Miles Osborne
Shallow Parsing as Part-of-Speech Tagging

W00-0732: Ferran Pla; Antonio Molina; Natividad Prieto
Improving Chunking by Means of Lexical-Contextual Information in Statistical Language Models

W00-0733: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
Text Chunking by System Combination

W00-0734: Hans van Halteren
Chunking with WPDV Models

W00-0735: Jorn Veenstra; Antal van den Bosch
Single-Classifier Memory-Based Phrase Chunking

W00-0736: Marc Vilain; David Day
Phrase Parsing with Rule Sequence Processors: an Application to the Shared CoNLL Task

W00-0737: GuoDong Zhou; Jian Su; TongGuan Tey
Hybrid Text Chunking

W00-0738: Jörg-Uwe Kietz; Raphael Volz; Alexander Maedche
Extracting a Domain-Specific Ontology from a Corporate Intranet

W00-0739: Pieter Adriaans; Erik de Haas
Learning from a Substructural Perspective

W00-0740: James Cussens; Stephen Pulman
Incorporating Linguistics Constraints into Inductive Logic Programming

W00-0741: F. Esposito; S. Ferilli; N. Fanizzi; G. Semeraro
Learning from Parsed Sentences with INTHELEX

W00-0742: Pascale Sébillot; Pierrette Bouillon; Cecile Fabre
Inductive Logic Programming for Corpus-Based Acquisition of Semantic Lexicons

W00-0743: Aline Villavicencio
The Acquisition of Word Order by a Computational Learning System

W00-0744: Eva Zácková; Luboš Popelínský; Miloš Nepil
Recognition and Tagging of Compound Verb Groups in Czech

ACL-2000 Workshop on Word Senses and Multi-linguality

W00-0800: Front Matter

W00-0801 [bib]: Mona Diab
An Unsupervised Method for Multilingual Word Sense Tagging Using Parallel Corpora

W00-0802 [bib]: Julio Gonzalo; Ixina Chugur ; Felisa Verdejo
Sense clusters for Information Retrieval: Evidence from Semcor and the EuroWordNet InterLingual Index

W00-0803 [bib]: Maruf Hasan; Yuji Matsumoto
Chinese-Japanese Cross Language Information Retrieval: A Han Character Based Approach

W00-0804 [bib]: Bernardo Magnini; Carlo Strapparva
Experiments in Word Domain Disambiguation for Parallel Texts

The Workshop on Comparing Corpora

W00-0900: Front Matter

W00-0901 [bib]: Paul Rayson; Roger Garside
Comparing Corpora using Frequency Profiling

W00-0902 [bib]: Tony Berber Sardinha
Comparing corpora with WordSmith Tools: How large must the reference corpus be?

W00-0903 [bib]: Patrick Ruch; Arnaud Gaudinat
Comparing corpora and lexical ambiguity

W00-0904 [bib]: Chikashi Nobata; Nigel Collier; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Comparison between Tagged Corpora for the Named Entity Task

W00-0905 [bib]: Douglas Roland; Daniel Jurafsky; Lise Menn; Susanne Gahl; Elezabeth Elder; Chris Riddoch
Verb Subcategorization Frequency Differences between Business- News and Balanced Corpora: The Role of Verb Sense

W00-0906 [bib]: George Tambouratzis; Stella Markantonatou; Nikolaos Hairetakis; Marina Vassiliou; Dimitrios Tambouratzis; George Carayannis
Discriminating the registers and styles in the Modern Greek language

Author Index

1st SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

W00-1000: Front Matter

W00-1001 [bib]: Shu Nakazato
Japanese Dialogue Corpus of Multi-Level Annotation

W00-1002 [bib]: Claudia Soria; Roldano Cattoni; Morena Danieli
ADAM- An Architecture for xml-based Dialogue Annotation on Multiple levels

W00-1003 [bib]: Laila Dybkjaer; Niels Ole Bernsen
The MATE Markup Framework

W00-1004 [bib]: Nigel Ward
Issues in the Transcription of English Conversational Grunts

W00-1005 [bib]: Ilana Mushin; Lesley Stirling; Janet Fletcher; Roger Wales
Identifying Prosodic Indicators of Dialogue Structure: Some Methodological and Theoretical Considerations

W00-1006 [bib]: Holger Schauer
From Elementary Discourse Units to Complex Ones

W00-1007 [bib]: Costanza Navarretta
Abstract Anaphora Resolution in Danish

W00-1008 [bib]: Simon Corston-Oliver
Using decision trees to select the grammatical relation of a noun phrase

W00-1009 [bib]: Dragomir Radev
A Common Theory of Information Fusion from Multiple Text Sources Step One: Cross-Document Structure

W00-1010 [bib]: Guido Boella; Rossana Damiano; Leonardo Lesmo
Social Goals in Conversational Cooperation

W00-1011 [bib]: Preetam Maloor; Joyce Chai
Dynamic User Level and Utility Measurement for Adaptive Dialog in a Help-Desk System

W00-1012 [bib]: Mare Koit; Haldur Oim
Dialogue Management in the Agreement Negotiation Process: A Model that Involves Natural Reasoning

W00-1013 [bib]: Staffan Larsson ; Annie Zaenen
Document Transformations and Information States

W00-1014 [bib]: Annika Flycht-Eriksson; Arne Jonsson
Dialogue and Domain Knowledge Management in Dialogue Systems

W00-1015 [bib]: Eli Hagen; Fred Popowich
Flexible Speech Act Based Dialogue Management

W00-1016 [bib]: Sadao Kurohashi; Wataru Higasa
Dialogue Helpsystem based on Flexible Matching of User Query with Natural Language Knowledge Base

W00-1017 [bib]: Mikio Nakano; Noboru Miyazaki; Norihito Yasuda; Akira Sugiyama; Jun-ichi Hirasawa; Kohji Dohsaka; Kiyoaki Aikawa
WIT: A Toolkit for Building Robust and Real-Time Spoken Dialogu Systems

W00-1018 [bib]: Jan Alexandersson; Paul Heisterkamp
Some Notes on the Complexity of Dialogues

ACL-2000 Workshop on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

W00-1100: Front Matter

W00-1101 [bib]: Davide Turcato; Fred Popowich; Janine Toole; Dan Fass; Devlan Nicholson; Gordon Tisher
Adapting a synonym database to specific domains

W00-1102 [bib]: Bernardo Magnini; Roberto Prevete
Exploiting Lexical Expansions and Boolean Compositions for Web Querying

W00-1103 [bib]: Martin Holub; Alena Bohmova
Use of Dependency Tree Structures for the Microcontext Extraction

W00-1104 [bib]: Rada Mihalcea; Dan Moldovan
Semantic Indexing using WordNet Senses

W00-1105 [bib]: Sumio Fujita
Discriminative Power and Retrieval Effectiveness of Phrasal Indexing Terms

W00-1106 [bib]: Byung-Kwak; Jee-Hyub Kim; Geunbae Lee; Jung Yun Seo
Corpus-Based Learning of Compound Noun Indexing

W00-1107 [bib]: Boris Katz; Jimmy Lin
REXTOR: A System for Generating Relations from Natural Language

W00-1108 [bib]: Sue J. Ker; Jen-Nan Chen
A Text Categorization Based on a Summarization Extraction

W00-1109 [bib]: David Milward; James Thomas
From Information Retrieval to Information Extraction

W00-1110 [bib]: Dragomir R. Radev; Weiguo Fan
Automatic summarization of search engine hit lists

Author Index

Second Chinese Language Processing Workshop

W00-1200: Front Matter

W00-1201 [bib]: Daniel M. Bikel; David Chiang
Two Statistical Parsing Models Applied to the Chinese Treebank

W00-1202 [bib]: Hsin-Hsi Chen; Chi-Ching Lin
Sense-Tagging Chinese Corpus

W00-1203 [bib]: Keh-Jiann Chen; Chao-jan Chert
Knowledge Extraction for Identification of Chinese Organization Names

W00-1204 [bib]: Elliott Franco Drabek; Qjang Zhou
Using Co-occurrence Statistics as an Information Source for Partial Parsing of Chinese

W00-1205 [bib]: Chu-Ren Huang; Feng-Yi Chen; Keh-Jiann Chen; Zhao-ming Gao; Kuang-Yu Chen
Sinica Treebank: Design Criteria, Annotation Guidelines, and On-line Interface

W00-1206 [bib]: Benjamin K. T'sou; Tom B.Y Lai; Samuel W.K. Chan; Weijun Gao; Xuegang Zhan
Enhancement of a Chinese Discourse Marker Tagger with C4.5

W00-1207 [bib]: Andi Wu; Zixin Jiang
Statistically-Enhanced New Word Identification in a Rule-Based Chinese System

W00-1208 [bib]: Fei Xia; Chunghye Han; Martha Palmer; Aravind Joshi
Comparing Lexicalized Treebank Grammars Extracted from Chinese, Korean, and English Corpora

W00-1209 [bib]: Erhong Yang; Guoqing Zhang; Yongkui Zhang
The Research of Word Sense Disambiguation Method Based on Co-occurrence Frequency of Hownet

W00-1210 [bib]: Yimin Zhang; Joe F Zhou
A Trainable Method for Extracting Chinese Entity Names and Their Relations

W00-1211 [bib]: Tie-jun Zhao; Mu-yun Yang; Fang Liu; Jian-min Yao; Hao Yu
Statistics Based Hybrid Approach to Chinese Base Phrase Identification

W00-1212 [bib]: Ming Zhou
A Block-Based Robust Dependency Parser for Unrestricted Chinese Text

W00-1213 [bib]: Kok Wee Gan; Ping Wai Wong
Annotating Information Structures in Chinese Texts Using HowNet

W00-1214 [bib]: Ji He; Ah-Hwee Tan; Chew-Lim Tan
Machine Learning Methods for Chinese Web page Categorization

W00-1215 [bib]: Donghong Ji
Semantic Annotation of Chinese Phrases Using Recursive Graph

W00-1216 [bib]: Wanying Jin
Text Meaning Representation for Chinese

W00-1217 [bib]: John J. Kovarik
How Should a Large Corpus Be Built?-A Comparative Study of Closure in Annotated Newspaper Corpora from Two Chinese Sources, Towards Building a Larger Representative Corpus Merged from Representative Sublanguage Collections

W00-1218 [bib]: Yang Wen; Chunfa Yuan; Changning Huang
A Clustering Algorithm for Chinese Adjectives and Nouns

W00-1219 [bib]: Jian Zhang; Jianfeng Gao; Ming Zhou
Extraction of Chinese Compound Words - An Experimental Study on a Very Large Corpus

W00-1220 [bib]: Xiaodan Zhu; Chunfa Yuan; K.F. Wong; Wenjie Li
An Algorithm for Situation Classification of Chinese Verbs

W00-1221 [bib]: Chin-Chuan Cheng
Zero Anaphors in Chinese Discourse Processing

2000 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora

W00-1300: Front Matter

W00-1301 [bib]: Eric Brill
Pattern-Based Disambiguation for Natural Language Processing

W00-1302 [bib]: Simone Teufel; Marc Moens
What's Yours and What's Mine: Determining Intellectual Attribution in Scientific Text

W00-1303 [bib]: Taku Kudo; Yuji Matsumoto
Japanese Dependency Structure Analysis Based on Support Vector Machines

W00-1304 [bib]: Radu Florian; John C. Henderson; Grace Ngai
Coaxing Confidences from an Old Freind: Probabilistic Classifications from Transformation Rule Lists

W00-1305 [bib]: Hang Li; Kenji Yamanishi
Topic Analysis Using a Finite Mixture Model

W00-1306 [bib]: Rebecca Hwa
Sample Selection for Statistical Grammar Induction

W00-1307 [bib]: Fei Xia; Martha Palmer; Aravind Joshi
A Uniform Method of Grammar Extraction and Its Applications

W00-1308 [bib]: Kristina Toutanvoa; Christopher D. Manning
Enriching the Knowledge Sources Used in a Maximum Entropy Part-of-Speech Tagger

W00-1309 [bib]: GuoDong Zhou; Jian Su
Error-driven HMM-based Chunk Tagger with Context-dependent Lexicon

W00-1310 [bib]: Sadao Kurohashi; Manabu Ori
Nonlocal Language Modeling based on Context Co-occurrence Vectors

W00-1311 [bib]: K.Y. Hung; R.W.P. Luk ; D. Yeung; K.F.L. Chung; W. Shu
Detection of Language (Model) Errors

W00-1312 [bib]: Jinxi Xu; Ralph Weischedel
Cross-lingual Information Retrieval Using Hidden Markov Models

W00-1313 [bib]: Yibo Zhang; Le Sun; Lin Du; Yufang Sun
Query Translation in Chinese-English Cross-Language Information Retrieval

W00-1314 [bib]: Le Sun; Youbing Jin; Lin Du; Yufang Sun
Word Alignment of English-Chinese Bilingual Corpus Based on Chucks

W00-1315 [bib]: Kyoji Umemura; Kenneth W. Church
Empirical Term Weighting and Expansion Frequency

W00-1316 [bib]: Hwee Tou ng; Leong Hwee Teo; Jennifer Lai Pheng Kwan
A Machine Learning Approach to Answering Questions for Reading Comprehension Tests

W00-1317 [bib]: Lappoon R. Tang; Raymond J. Mooney
Automated Construction of Database Interfaces: Intergrating Statistical and Relational Learning for Semantic Parsing

W00-1318 [bib]: Daniel M. Bikel
Automatic WordNet Mapping Using Word Sense Disambiguation

W00-1319 [bib]: Joe F. Zhou; Weiquan Liu
A Real-time Integration Of Concept-based Search and Summarization of Chinese Websites

W00-1320 [bib]: Daniel M. Bikel
A Statistical Model for Parsing and Word-Sense Disambiguation

W00-1321 [bib]: Sung Dong Kim; Byoung-Tak Zhang; Yung Tack Kim
Reducing Parsing Complexity by Intra-Sentence Segmentation based on Maximum Entropy Model

W00-1322 [bib]: Gerard Escudero; Lluis Marquez; German Rigau
An Empirical Study of the Domain Dependence of Supervised Word Disambiguation Systems

W00-1323 [bib]: Christian Jacquemin; Caroline Bush
Combining Lexical and Formatting Cues for Named Entity Acquisition from the Web

W00-1324 [bib]: Laura Kallmeyer
A Query Tool for Syntactically Frame Acquisition

W00-1325 [bib]: Anna Korhonen; Genevieve Gorrell; Diana McCarthy
Statistical Filtering and Subcategorization Frame Acquisition

W00-1326 [bib]: David Martinez; Eneko Agirre
One Sense per Collocation and Genre/Topic Variations

W00-1327 [bib]: Annan Korhonen
Using Semantically Motivated Estimates to Help Subcategorization Acquisition

Author Index

INLG'2000 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Natural Language Generation

W00-1400: Front Matter

W00-1401 [bib]: Srinivas Bangalore; Owen Rambow; Steve Whittaker
Evaluation Metrics for Generation

W00-1402 [bib]: Giuseppe Carenini
A Task-based Framework to Evaluate Evaluative Arguments

W00-1403 [bib]: Daniel Marcu; Lynn Carlson; Maki Watanabe
An empirical study of multilingual natural language generation: What Should a Text Planner Do?

W00-1404 [bib]: Caroline Brun; Marc Dymetman; Veronika Lux
Document structure and multilingual authoring

W00-1405 [bib]: Arantza Casillas; Joseb Abaitua; Requel Martinez
DTD-driven bilingual document generation

W00-1406 [bib]: Nathalie Jitnah; Ingrid Zukerman; Richard McConachy; Sarah George
Towards the Generation of Rebuttals in a Bayesian Argumentation System

W00-1407 [bib]: Giuseppe Carenini; Johanna Moore
A strategy for generating evaluative arguments

W00-1408 [bib]: Ingrid Zukerman; Richard McConachy; Sarah George
Using Argumentation Strategies in Automated Argument Generation

W00-1409 [bib]: Tilman Becker; Anne Kilger; Patrice Lopez; Peter Poller
An extended architecture for robust generation

W00-1410 [bib]: Lynne Cahill; Christy Doran; Roger Evans; Chris Mellish; Daniel Paiva; Mike Reape; Donia Scott; Neil Tipper
Reinterpretation of an Existing NLG System in a Generic Generation Architecture

W00-1411 [bib]: Rodger Kibble; Richard Power
An integrated framework for text planning and pronominalisation

W00-1412 [bib]: Markus Guhe; Christopher Habel; Heike Tappe
Incremental Event Conceptualization and Natural Language Generation in Monitoring Enviroments

W00-1413 [bib]: Manfred Stede
The hyperonym problem revisited: Conceptual and lexical hierarchies in language generation

W00-1414 [bib]: James Shaw; Kathleen McKeown
Generating Referring Quantified Expressions

W00-1415 [bib]: Hua Cheng; Chris Mellish
An Empirical Analysis of Constructing Non-restrictive NP Modifiers to Express Semantic Relations

W00-1416 [bib]: Matthew Stone
On identifying sets

W00-1417 [bib]: Jacques Robin; Eloi L. Favero
Content aggregation in natural language hypertext summarization of OLAP and Data Mining Discoveries

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Optimising text quality in generation from relational databases

W00-1419 [bib]: Laurence Danlos; Guy Lapalme; Veronika Lux
Generating a controlled language

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Multilingual Summary Generation in a Speech-To-Speech Translation System for Multilingual Dialogues

W00-1421 [bib]: Cornelia Endriss; Ralf Klabunde
Planning word-order dependant focus assignments

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Enriching partially-specified representations for text realization using an attribute grammar

W00-1423 [bib]: Justine Cassell; Matthew Stone; Hao Yan
Coordination and context-dependence in the generation of embodied conversation

W00-1424 [bib]: Kees van Deemter
Generating Vague Descriptions

W00-1425 [bib]: Hua Cheng; Chris Mellish
Capturing the Interaction between Aggregation and Text Planning in Two Generation Systems

W00-1426 [bib]: Nadjet Bouayad-Agha; Richard Power; Donia Scott
Can text structure be incompatible with rhetorical structure?

W00-1427 [bib]: Guido Minnen; John Carroll; Darren Pearce
Robust, applied morphological generation

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Integrating a Large-Scale, Reusable Lexicon with a Natural Language Generator

W00-1429 [bib]: Ehud Reiter; Roma Robertson; Liesl Osman
Knowledge Acquisition for Natural Language Generation

W00-1430 [bib]: Sabine Geldof
From Context to Sentence Form

W00-1431 [bib]: Rodrigo Reyes
The CLEF semi-recursive generation algorithm

W00-1432 [bib]: Kathrine Hammervold
Sentence Generation and Neural Networks

W00-1433 [bib]: Amanda Stent
Rhetorical Structure in Dialog

W00-1434 [bib]: Michael O'Donnell
RSTTool 2.4 - A markup Tool for Rhetorical Structure Theory

W00-1435 [bib]: Michael O'Donnell; Alistair Knott; Jon Oberlander; Chris Mellish
Demonstration of ILEX 3.0

W00-1436 [bib]: Bernd Bohnet; Andreas Langjahr; Leo Wanner
A development Environment for an MTT-Based Sentence Generator

W00-1437 [bib]: Susan W. McRoy; Songsak Channarukul; Syed S. Ali
YAG: A Template-Based Generator for Real-Time Systems

W00-1438 [bib]: H. Gregory Silber; Kathleen F. McCoy
An Efficient Text Summarizer using Lexical Chains

W00-1439 [bib]: Nomi Erteschik-Shir; T.R. Rapoport
Invited Talk: From lexica-aspectual components to syntax

W00-1440 [bib]: Inderjeet Mani
Discussion Panel on Evaluation in Generation Research

Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Using Toolsets and Architectures To Build NLP Systems

W00-15 [bib]: Entire volume

W00-1500: Front Matter

W00-1501 [bib]: Hamish Cunningham; Diana Maynard; Kalina Bontcheva; Valentin Tablan; Yorick Wilks
Experience using GATE for NLP R&D

W00-1502 [bib]: Fredrik Olsson; Björn Gambäck
Composing a General-Purpose Toolbox for Swedish

W00-1503 [bib]: Kalina Bontcheva; Hennie Brugman; Hamish Cunningham; Albert Russel; Peter Wittenburg
An Experiment in Unifying Audio-Visual and Textual Infrastructures for Language Processing Research and Development

W00-1504 [bib]: Jan W. Amtrup; Rèmi Zajac
A Modular Toolkit for Machine Translation Based on Layered Charts

W00-1505 [bib]: Jan Daciuk
Finite State Tools for Natural Language Processing

W00-1506 [bib]: Nancy Ide
The XML Framework and Its Implications for the Development of Natural Language Processing Tools

W00-1507 [bib]: Jill Burstein; Daniel Marcu
Benefits of Modularity in an Automated Essay Scoring System

W00-1508 [bib]: Matthias Denecke
An Integrated Development Environment for Spoken Dialogue Systems

W00-1509 [bib]: Vincent Pautret
A Rational Agent for the Modelling of a Semantic Model

W00-1510 [bib]: Anke Kölzer
Diamod - a Tool for Modeling Dialogue Applications

Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Efficiency In Large-Scale Parsing Systems

W00-16 [bib]: Entire volume

W00-1600: Front Matter

W00-1601 [bib]: John Carroll; Stephan Oepen
Efficient Large-Scale Parsing – a Survey

W00-1602 [bib]: John C. Brown; Suresh Manandhar
Precompilation of HPSG in ALE into a CFG for Fast Parsing

W00-1603 [bib]: Robert C. Moore
Time as a Measure of Parsing Efficiency

W00-1604 [bib]: Brian Roark; Eugene Charniak
Measuring Efficiency in High-accuracy, Broad-coverage Statistical Parsing

W00-1605 [bib]: Anoop Sarkar; Fei Xia; Aravind Joshi
Some Experiments on Indicators of Parsing Complexity for Lexicalized Grammars

W00-1606 [bib]: Pavel Smrž; Aleš Horák
Large Scale Parsing of Czech

W00-1607 [bib]: Ulrich Callmeier; Stephan Oepen
Cross-Platform, Cross-Grammar Comparison – Can it be Done?

W00-1608 [bib]: Hisami Suzuki; Jessie Pinkham
Tools for Large-Scale Parser Development

Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Semantic Annotation and Intelligent Content

W00-17 [bib]: Entire volume

W00-1700: Front Matter

W00-1701 [bib]: John Fry; Francis Bond
Semantic Annotation of a Japanese Speech Corpus

W00-1702 [bib]: Eneko Agirre; David Martinez
Exploring Automatic Word Sense Disambiguation with Decision Lists and the Web

W00-1703 [bib]: Hideo Watanabe; Katashi Nagao; Michael McCord; Arendse Bernth
Improving Natural Language Processing by Linguistic Document Annotation

W00-1704 [bib]: Yuka Tateisi; Tomoko Ohta; Nigel Collier; Chikashi Nobata; Jun-ichi Tsujii
Building an Annotated Corpus in the Molecular-Biology Domain

W00-1705 [bib]: Massimo Poesio
Semantic Annotation for Generation: Issues in Annotating a Corpus to Develop and Evaluate Discourse Entity Realization Algorithms

W00-1706 [bib]: Hiromi Nakaiwa
An Environment for Extracting Resolution Rules of Zero Pronouns from Corpora

W00-1707 [bib]: Yasuhiko Watanabe; Yoshihiro Okada; Sadao Kurohashi; Eiichi Iwanari
Discourse Structure Analysis for News Video

W00-1708 [bib]: Seigo Tanimura; Hiroshi Nakagawa
Alignment of Sound Track with Text in a TV Drama

W00-1709 [bib]: Katashi Nagao; Shingo Hosoya; Yoshinari Shirai; Kevin Squire
Semantic Transcoding: Making the WWW More Understandable and Usable with External Annotations

W00-1710 [bib]: Michael Erdmann; Alexander Maedche; Hans-Peter Schnurr; Steffen Staab
From Manual to Semi-Automatic Semantic Annotation: About Ontology-Based Text Annotation Tools

Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology

W00-18 [bib]: Entire volume

W00-1800: Front Matter

W00-1801 [bib]: Kenneth R. Beesley; Lauri Karttunen
Finite-State Non-Concatenative Morphotactics

W00-1802 [bib]: Markus Walther
Temiar Reduplication in One-Level Prosodic Morphology

W00-1803 [bib]: Jason Eisner
Easy and Hard Constraint Ranking in OT: Algorithms and Complexity

W00-1804 [bib]: Dale Gerdemann; Gertjan van Noord
Approximation and Exactness in Finite State Optimality Theory

W00-1805 [bib]: Anja Belz
Multi-Syllable Phonotactic Modelling

W00-1806 [bib]: Daniel M. Albro
Taking Primitive Optimality Theory Beyond the Finite State

Proceedings of the COLING-2000 Workshop on Linguistically Interpreted Corpora

W00-19 [bib]: Entire volume

W00-1900: Front Matter

W00-1901 [bib]: Eric Atwell; George Demetriou; John Hughes; Amanda Schiffrin; Clive Souter; Sean Wilcock
Comparing Linguistic Interpretation Schemes for English Corpora

W00-1902 [bib]: Tom B. Y. Lai; Huang Changning
Dependency-based Syntactic Annotation of a Chiense Corpus

W00-1903 [bib]: S. Montemagni; F. Barsotti; M. Battista; N. Calzolari; O.Corazzari; A. Zampolli; F. Fanciulli; M. Massetani; R. Raffaelli; R. Basili; M. T. Pazienza; D. Saracino; F. Zanzotto; N. Mana; F. Pianesi; R. Delmonte
The Italian Syntactic-Semantic Treebank: Architecture, Annotation, Tools and Evaluation

W00-1904 [bib]: Geoffrey Sampson
Where Should Annotation Stop?

W00-1905 [bib]: Daniela Kurz
A Statistical Account on Word Order Variation in German

W00-1906 [bib]: Pèter Dienes; Csaba Oravecz
Bottom-Up Tagset Design from Maximally Reduced Tagset

W00-1907 [bib]: Hans van Halteren
The Detection of Inconsistency in Manually Tagged Text

W00-1908 [bib]: Stefanie Dipper
Grammar-Based Corpus Annotation

W00-1909 [bib]: Alena Böhmová; Petr Sgall
Automatic Procedures in Tectogrammatical Tagging

W00-1910 [bib]: David Day; Benjamin Wellner
Considering Automatic Aids to Corpus Annotation

Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+5)

W00-20: Entire volume

W00-2000: Front Matter

W00-2001 [bib]: Anne Abeillé; Marie-Hélène Candito; Alexandra Kinyon
The current status of FTAG

W00-2002 [bib]: Miguel A. Alonso; Éric Villemonte de la Clergerie; Manuel Vilares
A redefinition of Embedded Push-Down Automata

W00-2003 [bib]: Miguel A. Alonso; Djamé Seddah; Éric Villemonte de la Clergerie
Practical aspects in compiling tabular TAG parsers

W00-2004 [bib]: Srinivas Bangalore; Owen Rambow
Using TAGs, a Tree Model, and a Language Model for Generation

W00-2005 [bib]: Nicolas Barrier; Sébastien Barrier; Alexandra Kinyon
Lexik: a maintenance tool for FTAG

W00-2006 [bib]: Tilman Becker; Patrice Lopez
Adapting HPSG-to-TAG compilation to wide-coverage grammars

W00-2007 [bib]: John Carroll; Nicolas Nicolov; Olga Shaumyan; Martine Smets; David Weir
Engineering a Wide-Coverage Lexicalized Grammar

W00-2008 [bib]: David Chiang; William Schuler; Mark Dras
Some remarks on an extension of synchronous TAG

W00-2009 [bib]: Víctor J. Díaz; Miguel A. Alonso; Vicente Carrillo
Bidirectional parsing of TAG without heads

W00-2010 [bib]: Christine Doran
Punctuation in a Lexicalized Grammar

W00-2011 [bib]: Jason Eisner; Giorgio Satta
A faster parsing algorithm for Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammars

W00-2012 [bib]: Robert Frank
Economy in TAG

W00-2013 [bib]: Chung-hye Han; Owen Rambow
The Sino-Korean light verb construction and lexical argument structure

W00-2014 [bib]: Karin Harbusch; Gerard Kempen
Complexity of Linear Order Computation in Performance Grammar, TAG and HPSG

W00-2015 [bib]: Aravind K. Joshi
Relationship between strong and weak generative power of formal systems

W00-2016 [bib]: Sylvain Kahane; Marie-Hélène Candito; Yannick de Kercadio
An alternative description of extractions in TAG

W00-2017 [bib]: Sylvain Kahane
How to solve some failures of LTAG

W00-2018 [bib]: Laura Kallmeyer
Scrambling in German and the non-locality of local TDGs

W00-2019 [bib]: Martin Kappes
Contextual Tree Adjoining Grammars

W00-2020 [bib]: Alexandra Kinyon
Even better than Supertags: Introducing Hypertags!

W00-2021 [bib]: Karin Kipper; Hoa Trang Dang; William Schuler; Martha Palmer
Building a class-based verb lexicon using TAGs

W00-2022 [bib]: Patrice Lopez
LTAG Workbench: A general framework for LTAG

W00-2023 [bib]: Jens Michaelis; Uwe Mönnich; Frank Morawietz
Derivational minimalism in two regular and logical steps

W00-2024 [bib]: Adi Palm
A logical approach to structure sharing in TAGs

W00-2025 [bib]: Guy Perrier
From intuitionistic proof nets to Interaction Grammars

W00-2026 [bib]: Manny Rayner; Beth Ann Hockey; Frankie James
A comparison of the XTAG and CLE Grammars for English

W00-2027 [bib]: Anoop Sarkar
Practical experiments in parsing using Tree Adjoining Grammars

W00-2028 [bib]: Matthew Stone; Tonia Bleam; Christine Doran; Martha Palmer
Lexicalized grammar and the description of motion events

W00-2029 [bib]: Christian Wartena
Extending Linear Indexed Grammars

W00-2030 [bib]: Fei Xia; Tonia Bleam
A Corpus-based evaluation of syntactic locality in TAGs

W00-2031 [bib]: Juntae Yoon; Chung-hye Han; Nari Kim; Meesook Kim
Customizing the XTAG system for efficient grammar development for Korean

W00-2032 [bib]: Raffaella Bernardi
Deriving polarity effects

W00-2033 [bib]: Lionel Clément
Un outil pour calculer des arbres de dépendance à partir d'arbres de dérivation

W00-2034 [bib]: Rodolfo Delmonte; Luminita Chiran; Ciprian Bacalu
Elementary trees for syntactic and statistical disambiguation

W00-2035 [bib]: Mark Dras; Tonia Bleam
How problematic are clitics for S-TAG translation?

W00-2036 [bib]: Karin Harbusch; Jens Woch
Reuse of plan-based knowledge sources in a uniform TAG-based generation system

W00-2037 [bib]: Anne Kilger; Peter Poller
CDL-TAGs: A grammar formalism for flexible and efficient syntactic generation

W00-2038 [bib]: Patrice Lopez; David Roussel
Predicative LTAG grammars for Term Analysis

W00-2039 [bib]: Oliver Streiter
Reliability in example-based parsing

W00-2040 [bib]: Andy Way
LFG-DOT: a probabilistic, constraint-based model for machine translation

W00-2041 [bib]: Fei Xia; Martha Palmer
Comparing and integrating Tree Adjoining Grammars