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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2006

U06-1 [bib]: Entire volume

U06-1000: Front Matter

U06-1001 [bib]: Michael Johnston
Robust multimodal understanding for interactive systems

U06-1002 [bib]: Judy Kay
User modelling for language technologists

U06-1003 [bib]: Bojan Djordjevic; James R. Curran
Efficient Combinatory Categorial Grammar Parsing

U06-1004 [bib]: Tobias Hawker; Matthew Honnibal
Improved Default Sense Selection forWord Sense Disambiguation

U06-1005 [bib]: Yuval Marom Anthony Khoo; David Albrecht
Experiments with Sentence Classification

U06-1006 [bib]: Ewan Klein
Computational Semantics in the Natural Language Toolkit

U06-1007 [bib]: Andrew Lampert; Robert Dale; Cecile Paris
Classifying Speech Acts using Verbal Response Modes

U06-1008 [bib]: David Martinez; Eneko Agirre; Xinglong Wang
Word Relatives in Context for Word Sense Disambiguation

U06-1009 [bib]: Diego Molla; Menno van Zaanen; Daniel Smith
Named Entity Recognition for Question Answering

U06-1010 [bib]: Tara Murphy; Tara McIntosh; James R. Curran
Named Entity Recognition for Astronomy Literature

U06-1011 [bib]: Jeremy Nicholson; Timothy Baldwin; Phil Blunsom
Die Morphologie (f): Targeted Lexical Acquisition for Languages other than English

U06-1012 [bib]: Jon Patrick; Yefeng Wang; Peter Budd
Automatic Mapping Clinical Notes to Medical Terminologies

U06-1013 [bib]: Luiz Augusto Pizzato; Diego Molla; Cecile Paris
Pseudo Relevance Feedback Using Named Entities for Question Answering

U06-1014 [bib]: Ralph L. Rose
Evidence for Gradient Salience: What Happens with Competing Non-salient Referents during Pronoun Resolution?

U06-1015 [bib]: Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd
Web Readability and Computer-Assisted Language Learning

U06-1016 [bib]: Willemijn Vermaat
Questions require an answer: A deductive perspective on questions and answers

U06-1017 [bib]: Jette Viethen; Robert Dale
Towards the Evaluation of Referring Expression Generation

U06-1018 [bib]: Peter Vlugter; Edwin van der Ham; Alistair Knott
Error correction using utterance disambiguation techniques

U06-1019 [bib]: Stephen Wan; Mark Dras; Robert Dale; Cecile Paris
Using Dependency-Based Features to Take the ’Para-farce’ out of Paraphrase

U06-1020 [bib]: Patrick Ye; Timothy Baldwin
Verb Sense Disambiguation Using Selectional Preferences Extracted with a State-of-the-art Semantic Role Labeler

U06-1021 [bib]: Simon Zwarts; Mark Dras
This Phrase-Based SMT System is Out of Order: Generalised Word Reordering in Machine Translation

U06-1022 [bib]: Karl Grieser; Timothy Baldwin; Steven Bird
Analysis and Prediction of User Behaviour in a Museum Environment

U06-1023 [bib]: Edward Ivanovic
Using Dialogue Acts to Suggest Responses in Support Services via Instant Messaging

U06-1024 [bib]: Oiwi Parker Jones
Probabilities improve stress-prediction in a CFG of Hawaiian phonology

U06-1025 [bib]: Kenneth Treharne; Darius Pfitzner; David M. W. Powers
Towards Cognitive Optimisation of a Search Engine Interface

U06-1026 [bib]: Alan Woodley; Xavier Tannier; Marcus Hassler; Shlomo Geva
Natural Language Processing and XML Retrieval

U06-1027 [bib]: Yitao Zhang; Jon Patrick
Extracting Patient Clinical Profiles from Case Reports