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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2003

U03-1 [bib]: Entire volume

U03-1000: Front Matter

U03-1001 [bib]: Rolf Schwitter
Incremental chart parsing with predictive hints

U03-1002 [bib]: Robert Dale
’One’-anaphora and the case for discourse-driven referring expression generation

U03-1003 [bib]: Takeshi Matsumoto; David M. W. Powers; Geoff Jarrad
Application of search algorithms to natural language processing

U03-1004 [bib]: Ji-Eun Roh; Jong-Hyeok Lee
An empirical study for generating zero pronoun in Korean based on Cost-based centering model

U03-1005 [bib]: Mi-Young Kim; Jong-Hyeok Lee
S-clause segmentation for efficient syntactic analysis using decision trees

U03-1006 [bib]: Alistair Knott; Peter Vlugter
Syntactic disambiguation using presupposition resolution

U03-1007 [bib]: Timothy Baldwin; Leonoor van der Beek
The Ins and Outs of Dutch noun countability classification

U03-1008 [bib]: Baden Hughes; Steven Bird; Catherine Bow
Encoding and presenting interlinear text using XML technologies

U03-1009 [bib]: Robert Munro
A queueing-theory model of word frequency distributions

U03-1010 [bib]: Jim Yaghi; Mark R. Titchener; Sane Yagi
T-code compression for Arabic computational morphology

U03-1011 [bib]: Trevor Cohn
Performance metrics for word sense disambiguation

U03-1012 [bib]: Stephen Wan; Mark Dras; Cecile Paris; Robert Dale
Straight to the point: Discovering themes for summary generation

U03-1013 [bib]: You-Jin Chung; Jong-Hyeok Lee
Resolving Sense Ambiguity of Korean Nouns Based on Concept Co-occurrence Information

U03-1014 [bib]: Diego Mollá
Towards semantic-based overlap measures for question-answering

U03-1015 [bib]: Tanja Gaustad
The importance of high-quality input for WSD: an application-oriented comparison of part-of-speech taggers

U03-1016 [bib]: In-Su Kang; Seung-Hoon Na; Jong-Hyeok Lee
Conceptual Schema Approach to Natural Language Database Access

U03-1017 [bib]: Oliver Carr; Dominique Estival
Document classification in structured military messages

U03-1018 [bib]: Maria Herke-Couchman; Casey Whitelaw
Identifying interpersonal distance using systemic features