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Transactions of the Association of Computational Linguistics – Volume 3, Issue 1

Q15-1001 [bib]: Subhro Roy; Tim Vieira; Dan Rote
Reasoning about Quantities in Natural Language

Q15-1002 [bib]: Sourav Dutta; Gerhard Weikum;
Cross-Document Co-Reference Resolution using Sample-Based Clustering with Knowledge Enrichment

Q15-1003 [bib] [video]: Oscar Täckström; Kuzman Ganchev; Dipanjan Das
Efficient Inference and Structured Learning for Semantic Role Labeling

Q15-1004 [bib]: Michael Paul; Mark Dredze
SPRITE: Generalizing Topic Models with Structured Priors

Q15-1005 [bib]: Jing Wang; Mohit Bansal; Kevin Gimpel; Brian D. Ziebart; Clement T. Yu
A Sense-Topic Model for Word Sense Induction with Unsupervised Data Enrichment

Q15-1006 [bib]: Annie Louis; Mirella Lapata
Which Step Do I Take First? Troubleshooting with Bayesian Models

Q15-1007 [bib]: Hua He; Jimmy Lin; Adam Lopez
Gappy Pattern Matching on GPUs for On-Demand Extraction of Hierarchical Translation Grammars

Q15-1008 [bib]: Brian McMahan; Matthew Stone
A Bayesian Model of Grounded Color Semantics

Q15-1009 [bib]: Congle Zhang; Stephen Soderland; Daniel S. Weld
Exploiting Parallel News Streams for Unsupervised Event Extraction

Q15-1010 [bib]: Yufan Guo; Roi Reichart; Anna Korhonen
Unsupervised Declarative Knowledge Induction for Constraint-Based Learning of Information Structure in Scientific Documents

Q15-1011 [bib]: Andrew Chisholm; Ben Hachey
Entity Disambiguation with Web Links

Q15-1012 [bib] [video]: Karthik Narasimhan; Regina Barzilay; Tommi Jaakkola
An Unsupervised Method for Uncovering Morphological Chains

Q15-1013 [bib]: Rico Sennrich
Modelling and Optimizing on Syntactic N-Grams for Statistical Machine Translation

Q15-1014 [bib]: Angeliki Lazaridou; Georgiana Dinu; Adam Liska; Marco Baroni
From Visual Attributes to Adjectives through Decompositional Distributional Semantics

Q15-1015 [bib] [video]: Daniel Fried; Peter Jansen; Gustave Hahn-Powell; Mihai Surdeanu; Peter Clark
Higher-order Lexical Semantic Models for Non-factoid Answer Reranking

Q15-1016 [bib] [video]: Omer Levy; Yoav Goldberg; Ido Dagan
Improving Distributional Similarity with Lessons Learned from Word Embeddings

Q15-1017 [bib]: Mo Yu; Mark Dredze
Learning Composition Models for Phrase Embeddings

Q15-1018 [bib]: Udo Kruschwitz; Massimo Poesio
Combining Minimally-supervised Methods for Arabic Named Entity Recognition

Q15-1019 [bib] [video]: Jayant Krishnamurthy; Tom M. Mitchell
Learning a Compositional Semantics for Freebase with an Open Predicate Vocabulary

Q15-1020 [bib]: Haitong Yang; Tao Zhuang; Chengqing Zong
Domain Adaptation for Syntactic and Semantic Dependency Parsing Using Deep Belief Networks

Q15-1021 [bib]: Wei Xu; Chris Callison-Burch; Courtney Napoles
Problems in Current Text Simplification Research: New Data Can Help

Q15-1022 [revisions: v2] [errata: e1] [bib]: Dat Quoc Nguyen; Richard Billingsley; Lan Du; Mark Johnson
Improving Topic Models with Latent Feature Word Representations

Q15-1023 [bib] [video]: Xiao Ling; Sameer Singh; Daniel S. Weld
Design Challenges for Entity Linking

Q15-1024 [bib]: Yangfeng Ji; Jacob Eisenstein
One Vector is Not Enough: Entity-Augmented Distributed Semantics for Discourse Relations

Q15-1025 [revisions: v2] [errata: e1] [bib]: John Wieting; Mohit Bansal; Kevin Gimpel; Karen Livescu
From Paraphrase Database to Compositional Paraphrase Model and Back

Q15-1026 [bib]: Wolfgang Seeker; Özlem Çetinoğlu
A Graph-based Lattice Dependency Parser for Joint Morphological Segmentation and Syntactic Analysis

Q15-1027 [bib]: Germán Kruszewski; Denis Paperno; Marco Baroni
Deriving Boolean structures from distributional vectors

Q15-1028 [bib]: Chia-ying Lee; Timothy J. O'Donnell; James Glass
Unsupervised Lexicon Discovery from Acoustic Input

Q15-1029 [bib]: Sebastian Martschat; Michael Strube
Latent Structures for Coreference Resolution

Q15-1030 [bib]: Ella Rabinovich; Shuly Wintner
Unsupervised Identification of Translationese

Q15-1031 [bib] [video]: Ryan Cotterell; Nanyun Peng; Jason Eisner
Modeling Word Forms Using Latent Underlying Morphs and Phonology

Q15-1032 [bib]: Michael Roth; Mirella Lapata
Context-aware Frame-Semantic Role Labeling

Q15-1033 [bib]: Daniel Beck; Trevor Cohn; Christian Hardmeier; Lucia Specia
Learning Structural Kernels for Natural Language Processing

Q15-1034 [bib]: Drew Reisinger; Rachel Rudinger; Francis Ferraro; Craig Harman; Kyle Rawlins; Benjamin Van Durme
Semantic Proto-Roles

Q15-1035 [bib]: Matthew R. Gormley; Mark Dredze; Jason Eisner
Approximation-Aware Dependency Parsing by Belief Propagation

Q15-1036 [bib]: Nevena Lazic; Amarnag Subramanya; Michael Ringgaard; Fernando Pereira
Plato: A Selective Context Model for Entity Resolution

Q15-1037 [bib]: Bishan Yang; Claire Cardie; Peter Frazier
A Hierarchical Distance-dependent Bayesian Model for Event Coreference Resolution

Q15-1038 [bib]: Claudio Delli Bovi; Luca Telesca; Roberto Navigli
Large-Scale Information Extraction from Textual Definitions

Q15-1039 [bib]: Jonathan Berant; Percy Liang;
Imitation Learning of Agenda-based Semantic Parsers

Q15-1040 [bib]: Marco Kuhlmann; Peter Jonsson
Parsing to Noncrossing Dependency Graphs

Q15-1041 [bib]: Philip Arthur; Graham Neubig; Sakriani Sakti; Tomoki Toda; Satoshi Nakamura
Semantic Parsing of Ambiguous Input through Paraphrasing and Verification

Q15-1042 [bib]: Rik Koncel-Kedziorski; Hannaneh Hajishirzi; Ashish Sabharwal; Oren Etzioni; Siena Dumas Ang
Parsing Algebraic Word Problems into Equations