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Proceedings of Rocling IV Computational Linguistics Conference IV

O91-1: Entire volume

O91-1001: Wen-Jen Wei; Keh-Jiann Chen
連接詞的語法表達模式-以中文訊息格位語法(ICG)為本的表達形式 (The Grammar Representation of Conjunctions -- a Representation Based on ICG) [In Chinese]

O91-1002: Ching-Long Yeh; Hsi-Jian Lee
Ambiguity Resolution Of Serial Noun Constructions In Chinese Sentences

O91-1003: Ruo-ping Mo; Yao-Jung Yang; Keh-Jiann Chen; Chu-Ren Huang
Determinative-Measure Compounds in Mandarin Chinese Formation Rules and Parser Implementation

O91-1004: Jason S. Chang; Zhi-Da Chen; Shun-Der Chen
限制式滿足及機率最佳化的中文斷詞方法 (Chinese Word Segmentation based on Constraint satisfaction and Statistical Optimization) [In Chinese]

O91-1005: Ren-Rong Xu
自動化中文電話總機輔助系統 (ACTOA: Automatic Chinese Telephone Operator Assistant) [In Chinese]

O91-1006: Chung-Teng Sun; Jyun-Sheng Chang
Lexicon-Driven Transfer In English-Chinese Machine Translation

O91-1007: Hing-Lung Lin; Benjamin K. T'sou; Hing-Cheung Ho; Bong-Yeung Lai; Suen Caesar Lun; Chi-Yuen Choi; Chun-yu Kit
Automatic Chinese Text Generation Based On Inference Trees

O91-1008: Hans Ulrich Block; Ping Peng
A Trace & Unification Grammar For Chinese

O91-1009: Keh-Yih Su; Yu-Ling Hsu; Claire Saillard
Constructing A Phrase Structure Grammar By Incorporating Linguistic Knowledge And Statistical Log-Likelihood Ratio

O91-1010: Hsien-Chin Liou; Hui-Li Hsu; Yong-Chang Huang; Von-Wun Soo
Development of an automatic English Grammar Debugger for Chinese Students: A Progress Report

O91-1011: Ssu-Liang Lin; Von-Wun Soo
Training A Recurrent Neural Network to Parse Syntactically Ambiguous and Ill-Formed Sentences