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Proceedings of the 28th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2016)

O16-1: Entire volume

O16-1000: Front Matter

O16-1001: Yao-Chi Hsu; Ming-Han Yang; Hsiao-Tsung Hung; Yi-Ju Lin; Berlin Chen
評估尺度相關最佳化方法於華語錯誤發音檢測之研究(Evaluation Metric-related Optimization Methods for Mandarin Mispronunciation Detection) [In Chinese]

O16-1002: Ming-Han Yang; Yao-Chi Hsu; Hsiao­Tsung Hung; Ying-Wen Chen; Berlin Chen; Kuan-Yu Chen
融合多任務學習類神經網路聲學模型訓練於會議語音辨識之研究(Leveraging Multi-task Learning with Neural Network Based Acoustic Modeling for Improved Meeting Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]

O16-1003: Bi-Cheng Yan; Chin-Hong Shih; Shih-Hung Liu; Berlin Chen
使用字典學習法於強健性語音辨識(The Use of Dictionary Learning Approach for Robustness Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]

O16-1004: Chia-Hsien Chan; Chia-Ping Chen
以多層感知器辨識情緒於國台客語料庫 (Use Multilayer Perceptron To Recognize Emotion in Mandarin,Taiwanese and Hakka Database) [In Chinese]

O16-1005: Shu-Ling Huang; Shi-Min Li; Ming-Hong Bai; Jian-Cheng Wu; Ying-Ni Wang; Qing-Long Lin
「V到」結構的合分詞及語意區分(Word segmentation and sense representation for V-dao structure in Chinese)[In Chinese]

O16-1006: Shiang-Shiun Kung; Cin-Hao Ma; Sin-Fu Shen; Po-Yuan Hsiao; Wei-Ho Tsai
歌詞演唱錯誤偵測(Automatic Sung Lyrics Verification)[In Chinese]

O16-1007: Ming-Hong Bai; Jian-Cheng Wu; Ying-Ni Chien; Shu-Ling Huang; Ching-Lung Lin
基於詞語分布均勻度的核心詞彙選擇之研究(A Study on Dispersion Measures for Core Vocabulary Compilation )[In Chinese]

O16-1008: Pei-Yi Chen; Siaw-Fong Chung
什麼時候「認真就輸了」?——語料庫中「認真」一詞的語意變化(Do We Lose When Being Serious? —Change in Meaning of the Word “Renzen(認真)” in Corpora)

O16-1009: Tzu-Yun Huang; Hsiao-Han Wu; Chia-Chen Lee; Shao-Man Lee; Guan-Wei Li; Shu-Kai Hsieh
Crowdsourcing Experiment Designs for Chinese Word Sense Annotation

O16-1010: Yu-Ming Hsieh; Wei-Yun Ma
基於相依詞向量的剖析結果重估與排序(N-best Parse Rescoring Based on Dependency-Based Word Embeddings)

O16-1011: Guan-Ying Pu; Po-Lin Chen; Shih-Hung Wu
以語言模型評估學習者文句修改前後之流暢度(Using language model to assess the fluency of learners sentences edited by teachers)[In Chinese]

O16-1012: Yu-Lun Hsieh; Shih-Hung Liu; Kuan-Yu Chen; Hsin-Min Wang; Wen-Lian Hsu; Berlin Chen
運用序列到序列生成架構於重寫式自動摘要(Exploiting Sequence-to-Sequence Generation Framework for Automatic Abstractive Summarization)[In Chinese]

O16-1013: Kuan-Hung Chen; Shu-Han Liao; Yuan-Fu Liao; Yih-Ru Wang
基於字元階層之語音合成用文脈訊息擷取(Character-Level Linguistic Features Extraction for Text-to-Speech System) [In Chinese]

O16-1014: Chih Yi Kuan; Li Su; Yu Hao Chin; Jia-Ching Wang
多通道之多重音頻串流方法之研究(Multi-channel Source Clustering of Polyphonic Music) [In Chinese]

O16-1015: Chia-Ying Chen; Chia-Ping Chen
Support Super-Vector Machines in Automatic Speech Emotion Recognition

O16-1016: Chin-Ting Liu; Li-mei Chen; Yu-Ching Lin; Chia-Fang Cheng; Hui-chen Chang
Speech Intelligibility and the Production of Fricative and Affricate among Mandarin-speaking Children with Cerebral Palsy

O16-1017: Hsueh-ying Hu; Siaw-Fong Chung
網路新興語言&耍'之語意辨析:以批踢踢語料庫為本(On the semantic analysis of the verb shua3 in Taiwan Mandarin: The PTT corpus-based study)[In Chinese]

O16-1018: Xu-Xiang Wang; Zhi-Hao Zheng; Yu Tsao; Jhih-Wei Hong
非負矩陣分解法於語音調變頻譜強化之研究(A study of enhancing the modulation spectrum of speech signals via nonnegative matrix factorization)[In Chinese]

O16-1019: Yao-Hui Chen; Jhih-Wei Wang
以多重表示選擇文章分類的樣本(Using Multiple Representations to Select Instances for Text Classification)[In Chinese]

O16-1020: Thien Khai Tran; Tuoi Thi Phan
Computing Sentiment Scores of Verb Phrases for Vietnamese

O16-1021: Kateřina Rysová; Magdaléna Rysová; Jiří Mírovský
Automatic evaluation of surface coherence in L2 texts in Czech

O16-1022: Yuan-Hao Lin; Chia-Hui Chang
Facebook 活動事件擷取系統(Facebook Activity Event Extraction System)[In Chinese]

O16-1023: Tung-Han Wu; Chia-Ping Chen
標記對於類神經語音情緒辨識系統辨識效果之影響(Effects of Label in Neural Speech Emotion Recognition System)[In Chinese]

O16-1024: Hou-Chiang Tseng; Hsiao-Tsung Hung; Yao-Ting Sung; Berlin Chen
基於深層類神經網路及表示學習技術之文件可讀性分類(Classification of Text Readability Based on Deep Neural Network and Representation Learning Techniques)[In Chinese]

O16-1025: Chihli Hung; Jheng-Hua Huang; Rui-Jia Zhong; Liang-Pu Chen; Ping-Che Yang
命名實體識別運用於產品同義詞擴增(Using Named Entity Recognition Increases the Synonym of Products)[In Chinese]

O16-1026: Pierre Magistry
Design of an Input Method for Taiwanese Hokkien using Unsupervized Word Segmentation for Language Modeling

O16-1027: Shih-Kai Lin; Shu-Kai Hsieh
Sarcasm Detection in Chinese Using a Crowdsourced Corpus

O16-1028: Jhih-wei Chen; Chia-Hsin Liu; Yuan-Fu Liao
基於深層類神經網路之音訊事件偵測系統(Deep Neural Networks for Audio Event Detection)[In Chinese]

O16-1029: Yen-Wen Hsiao; Hung-Jui Liu; Yuan-Fu Liao
基於增強式深層類神經網路之語言辨認系統(Reinforcement Training for Deep Neural Networks-based Language Recognition)[In Chinese]

O16-1030: Shih-Min Li; Ming-Hong Bai; Jian-Cheng Wu; Shu-Ling Huang; Ching-Lung Lin
中文近義詞的偵測與判別(Detection and Discrimination of Chinese Near-synonyms)[In Chinese]

O16-1031: Shen-Yun Miao; Su-Chu Lin; Wei-Yun Ma; Keh-Yih Su
構建一個中文國小數學文字問題語料庫(Building a Corpus for Developing the Chinese Elementary School Math Word Problem Solver)[In Chinese]

O16-1032: Hung Huang; Wei-Jung Hung; Yuan-Fu Liao
基於深層遞迴類神經網路之多通道電視回聲消除系統(Multi-Channel Television Echo Cancellation based on Deep Recurrent Neural Networks)[In Chinese]

O16-1033: Hung-Ching Sun; Chi-Chun Lee
基於多模態主動式學習法進行需備標記樣本之挑選用於候用校長評鑑之自動化評分系統建置(A Multimodal Active Learning Approach toward Identifying Samples to Label during the Development of Automatic Oral Presentation Assessment System for Pre-service Principals Certification Program)[In Chinese]

O16-1034: Ying-Chun Lin; Po-An Yang; Yen-Kuan Lee; Kun-Ta Chuang
Generation of Conceptual-Level Text Cloud with Graph Diffusion